“13 Reasons Why” is among the a lot of talked-around reflects within the psychological health area. This seachild, we’re breaking dvery own each episode to view how the show’s coverage of psychological health worries has developed.

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If you experience suicidal thoughts, the following write-up can be possibly triggering. You can call the Situation Text Line by texting “START” to 741741.

This short article is a evaluation of seakid 3, episode four of “13 Reasons Why” and has spoilers. 


Tyler says that he wants to eliminate his gun bereason he is “done through it,” which causes suspicion. Is Tyler’s gun the murder weapon? The group spends all day stating and also watching Tyler. Things gain heated among the group as they debate around what is ideal to perform next.

What Happens in Episode Four

This episode is titled “Angry, Young & Man” which is just how the narrator, Ani, describes Tyler. The incredibly initially line of the episode asks the viewer to take into consideration what a killer looks like, a question which haunts the characters the whole episode. Ani claims Tyler has “killer characteristics” such as being weird, having actually a lack of social abilities, having a “fascicountry via fatality,” being unpredictable, “primed to snap all over aobtain,” and feeling rejected.

He apparently has actually “all the ingredients of that killer cocktail” which begs the question: Did Tyler adjust after the Spring Fling or did he pull the trigger? If it turns out that Tyler did kill Bryce, that is responsible? Is just Tyler responsible for Bryce’s death? Are the students that hid the Spring Fling occurrence indirectly responsible? What about the human being who missed the red flags? What around the bullies, such as Monty? This episode provides the viewer question whether or not world are truly qualified of adjust, such as Bryce and also Tyler.

The news states that Bryce was shot. That very same morning, Tyler claims he has actually a gun that he no much longer requirements. This puts the team on high-alert as they watch him all day and also comment on what requirements to be done next. What’s up via them monitoring him 24/7? Will they proceed protecting Tyler, and also, if so, at what cost? Will someone end up calling the police?

A suspicious-looking object in a file bag is watched in Tyler’s backload. They think Tyler is transporting a gun but it turns out to be a video camera. The setup was for Tyler to give the gun to Clay at the finish of the day. Clay complies with Tyler around institution and also catches him outside. Tyler states that he stays clear of using the college toilets. This is maybe due to the sexual attack which took location in among the bathrooms. Does he have PTSD from this traumatic incident? Is he exhibiting avoidant behaviors?

Flashbacks display Zach told Tyler that Bryce kbrand-new about the Spring Fling (the nearly college shooting) event. Zach states that might be Tyler’s motive for killing Bryce.

A discussion between Tyler and therapist Dr. Singh offers understanding into Tyler’s despair and hopelessness. Tyler clintends “no one thinks I deserve to adjust,” and states he is friendless.

At an after school club meeting, Casey says a protest at Bryce’s funeral.

In the locker room, Monty angers Zach and also Justin, saying they are either romantically connected through Tyler or Tyler eliminated Bryce and they are covering it up. Zach punches Monty in the face, causing a fight.

After school, Clay snoops in Tyler’s room, bring about the discovery of images of Bryce’s dead body on Tyler’s laptop. Clay confronts Tyler, asking if he swarm Bryce. Tyler admits he might have actually shot Bryce as soon as he faced Bryce around the sex-related assault, yet he did not. Rather, Tyler came across Bryce’s body and anonymously dialed 911 to report it. He was by the river bereason he was suicidal. Seeing Bryce’s body adjusted his mind. He no much longer wishes to die, which is why he is offering up the gun.

Turns out the news was wrong. Bryce wasn’t shot. He passed away as a result of blunt force trauma. It is officially a homicide instance. The team is pertained to the police will find Tyler’s guns by the river.

Anvarious other issue is anger administration. As part of Tyler’s recoexceptionally process, Tony introduces Tyler to boxing to usage as a healthy and balanced coping mechanism. In a flashago, Jessica tells Tyler “you need to take earlier their power to make you hurt,” arguing that Tyler requirements to discover healthy ways to cope with his pain. Hopetotally, he is recovering.

A significant concern for me was about Tyler is that he might hurt himself. Ever considering that the Spring Fling, the characters have monitored Tyler 24/7. However before, Tyler tells Clay he has actually been suicidal for months. The Spring Fling was indirectly a “self-destruction mission,” as Ani puts it. How can someone who is constantly monitored have suicidal indicators go unnoticed? What need to occur next? He appears even more hopeful currently, but that could conveniently backslide. He likely demands experienced assist to address his suicidal thoughts. He would advantage from developing a suicide/safety plan.


Discussion Questions

What are some “red flags” or indicators that someone may be suicidal?If you are involved about someone’s safety, what is the correct course of action?What is a self-destruction safety and security plan? How deserve to it be beneficial for someone experiencing a crisis?

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Need a refresher? Check out what happens in seaboy one and also seakid 2. 


Suicidal Ideation

If you or someone you recognize demands assist, visit our suicide prevention resources web page. If you need assistance ideal now, speak to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, the Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386 or reach the Crisis Text Line by texting “START” to 741741.

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Suicide Loss

Life After Loss: Resources That May Help Suicide Loss Survivors

Sexual Assault

If you or a loved one is impacted by sex-related abuse or attack and need aid, speak to the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 to be associated with a trained staff member from a sexual assault company provider in your location.