During the Spring Fling dance in the final episode of season 2 13 Reasons Why, the electronic camera zooms in on the DJ's hand also as he switches the document to the "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron. Pay attention, this 13 Reasons Why electronic camera angle appears to say. This is a crucial minute.

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Once the chdental coos of the song's introduction start, Clay's (Dylan Minnette) confront falls. He stumbles ameans from the jubilant team photo, and also walks right into the middle of the dance floor. This song takes him back to one more time, one more dance floor — a minute he's invested the last seakid (and also 5 months) handling. The song have to sound as acquainted to us as it does to Clay: "The Night We Met" played as Hannah (Katherine Langford) and Clay danced.
As we all understand, specific songs are vehicles for distinct moments in our lives. For Clay, "The Night We Met" is a time machine to him and Hannah at their happiest. Tony (Christian Navarro) knows this, and also so as soon as "The Night We Met" starts playing, he runs in the direction of his friend. By that allude, Clay is walking toward the middle of the dance floor prefer he's a shell of himself.
The lyrics of "The Night We Met" adright here perfectly to the scene's sentiment. As the chorus goes, "I had all and then many of you / Some and also now namong you / Take me earlier to the night we met / I don't know what I'm expected to do / Haunted by the ghold of you / Oh, take me earlier to the night we met." This is the inner landscape of Clay's mind. He had "some and now none" of Hannah Baker. Now he's "haunted by the ghost" of Hannah Baker. By hearing this song, Clay is taken "earlier to the night met." The song is a reminder for Clay – and for the viewers — about just how much has actually changed since he initially heard it.
Naturally, considering that the song functions so well in describing their partnership, "The Night We Met" has actually become the song of option for many Hannah/Clay fan video compilations.
Clay doesn't need to suffer this moment alone. The ordeal of Hannah's trial has only cemented his friendships. With time, he's joined by Tony, Jessica (Alisha Boe), Zach (Ross Butler), and Ryan (Tommy Dorfman), the other Liberty High students that have actually made it through the show's many traumas alongside him. As the remainder of the couples slow dance, this mass of friends dances together in the center. The results of Hannah's death has actually lugged them all closer together. This is a moment of shared remembrance, certain — but it's likewise proof that they've gained each other.

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This scene is tinged through an aura of dread and dramatic irony. We know what the swaying friends at the facility of the circle perform not: Tyler (Devin Druid) is on his way to the institution gym in a automobile loaded with guns and ammunition. He inhas a tendency to perpetprice a massacre. For eextremely joy in 13 Reasons Why, a dramatic rotate is just about the corner.
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