16 and also Pregnant is back, baby (see what we did there) and MTV"s Teen Mom precursor didn"t disappoint in its fifth seaboy premiere Monday night.

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Fans were introduced to 16-year-old Madikid Godsey on 16 and Pregnant Seachild 5 Episode 1. Maddy obtained pregnant after a having a one night stand also.

The father? Her rebound man, Cody.

Drama unfolded as the 2 teens attempt to navigate an altering, parenting civilization while acquiring to understand one an additional at the same time. This is major.


Having just finished her sophoeven more year in high institution (!) this is going to be fairly something for Maddy Godsey to go through. So many kind of complications.

Maddy’s mommy, Jen, offered birth to a baby just 3 months earlier (!) and also is running a family of salso civilization. She provides Maddy difficult love.

Baby daddy Cody and also his parents, Penny and also Chad actually, are tright here to conserve the day as far as living arrangements and also open their home to the young couple.

Both family members decide it is okay for the two to live via Cody and also his paleas so Maddy deserve to go to school and also work, while Penny will babysit bit Aubrey.

It"s a really mature, grounded and collaborative effort and the begin between the teens and their families, yet that doesn"t intend it"ll last, or be basic.

First of all, she brings her very own bed once she moves. Awkward for Cody, that has actually feelings for her and would simply as soon they share one and also be "together."

Maddy, yet, is not sure if she has romantic feelings towards Cody despite moving his baby inside her. Equally emotional is her go back to institution.

People stare as she walks the halls and she deserve to barely fit in the chairs throughout course. It"s jarring to watch. Luckily, she has actually a nice core team of friends.

Maddy welcomed baby girl Aubrey in October 2013. Cody was by her side for the entire birth to welcome the little one, who additionally has loving grandpaleas.

The parents" initially fight comes shortly thereafter, but, as Maddy is unwavering in her decision to give the baby her last name and also not the father"s.

Cody is not happy with this, and also goes off the grid in an astonishing fit of immaturity; Aubrey transforms three weeks old without one more visit from her father.

The Teen Mom gets super nervous (ya think?!) around moving in via her Penny and also Chad bereason she has not been connecting through Cody.

Because of the lack of knowledge, Maddy claims she will certainly go live through her dad in Indiana rather of living in a residence in which she would be uncomfortable.

Maddy breaks the news to Cody by means of message (!) and also throughout his second visit in two months, Cody travels to Indiana and also confronts Maddy around matters.

"I didn’t desire to be miserable tbelow,” she claims, while acknowledging that she let Penny and also Chad dvery own and also expense them money as an outcome of the relocate.

In Maddy"s episode-ending monologue, she claims she realizes that she is "on my own" (cue Farrah Abraham singing!) and that contains her friends.

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She feels isolated and alone, lost and also perplexed. She regrets having actually undefended sex, and realizes just exactly how life transforming a lapse in judgment can be.

So, what did you think of the 16 & Pregnant seakid premiere? What do you think around brand-new mommy Maddy Godsey and her trials and tribulations?