Discover just how to complete the week 6 challenges and also visit the 5 highest elevations on the island also in Fortnite.

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If you’re looking to finish all of the week 6 obstacles in Fortnite Seaboy 8, then you’ve acquired your work cut out for you. On peak of the other challenges, players will also should visit the 5 greatest elevations on the island in Fortnite. We’ve outlined whatever you must recognize in the guide below, so let’s start climbing.

Visit the 5 highest possible elevations on the island

If you’re going to pull off this challenge, then you’re going to should be all set to job-related. Not just will you should visit the areas, however you’ll periodically need to climb up to the peak of each area. The good news is, you can easily perform this throughout a lot of matches (as the points are spreview out pretty well roughly the island also, making it straightforward to jump to them from the Battle Bus.)

Here are all the locailoads for the five highest possible points of elevation on the island in Fortnite Seachild 8.

The first allude on the map that you’ll must visit for this challenge is the height of the Volcano. Added in Season 8, this is the absolute tallest suggest on the island also, and gaining tbelow should be easy. There’s likewise the majority of places to loot adjacent, which should make it easy to acquire ideal ago into the game while you’re completing this challenge.

The second greatest area you have the right to visit in Polar Peak. You’ll must climb aheight the castle below, however you have to check out the sign that reads 170m via an up-pointing arrowhead next to it. Wait for the obstacle alert not pop prior to you jump dvery own.

Polar Peak is the 3rd greatest elevation point on the island.

Just east of Frosty Flights, players can come throughout a submarine, frozen and also sticking out of the hills. You’ll want to climb aoptimal this monstrosity to case the 3rd highest possible point of elevation on the island also.

Finally, the last two places you will certainly desire to visit on your journey to visit the 5 highest possible elevations on the island also are Stunt Mountain, and also its twin hill. These two areas are practically smack dab in between Titled Towers and also Snobby Shores, and you’ll find them marked on the map over. They both remainder at the same elevation and shouldn’t be also tough to grab and also add to your list of success. While you"re at it, make certain you additionally visit a wood rablittle bit, a stone pig, and also a metal llama.

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Now that you’ve completed the challenge to visit the 5 highest possible elevations on the island, be sure to head ago over to our Fortnite guides for more aid completing all the week 6 challenges in Fortnite Seaboy 8.