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This is many likely an example of recognition. Brand also acknowledgement or acknowledgment is the degree to which customers deserve to accurately recognise a details item or administration just by survey the item or administration"s logo, slogan, or marketing campaign. One of the kids just observed a authorize up and also insistently had the ability to recognised the brand also.

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Suppose the manager agrees to pay each employee a​ $50 bonus if they satisfy a certain goal. on a typical​ saturday, the​ oil-chang


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First element of the question is typed below.

The shape of the distribution of the time forced to acquire an oil adjust at a 20-minute oil-readjust facility

is unknown. However, documents suggest that the expect time is 2l.2-minutes, and also the standard deviation 3.5 minutes.


Employees bonus $50

35 oil alters between 10:00 am to 12:00pm

n = 35

10% transforms

So, the z - score can be calculated using

z-score = InvNorm(0.10)

z-score = -1.28

So, provided that,

Standard deviation is 3.5minutes

σ = 3.5 minutes

Mean time is 21.2 minutes

μx = 21.2 minutes


σx = σ / √n

σx = 3.5 / √35

σx = 0.5916 minutes

Then, Z score can be created as

Z = (x - μx) / σx

-1.28 = (x - 21.2) / 0.5916

Cross multiply

-1.28 × 0.5916 = x - 21.2

-0.7573 = x - 21.2

x = 21.2 - 0.7573

x = 20.443 minutes

Tbelow is a 10% opportunity of being at or listed below a suppose oil-adjust time of 20.44 minutes


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the definition of money,and the other one consists of some indevelopment about federal system


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Leon has attended several seminars about regulating a diverse workpressure. After completing a survey, he determines that he is able
Nesterboy <21>


Leon has completed the adaptation stage of Personal diversity awareness.


Personal diversity awareness consists of 5 steras which are; defense, minimizing differences, acceptance, adaptation and also integration.

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At the adaptation stage, an individual has actually involved accept that people behave in a different way as a result of their various social orientations, and also deserve to therefore empathize with world from various other cultures different from his or her own.

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