The Ridonculous Race- Episode 26- A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars. The Finalists Edition.

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Gwen- Do we think we have actually a chance in winning this thing? I’d say we have a pretty equal swarm. What execute you think, O?

Owen- Yeah! I really think we’re gonna win this thing! We didn’t come this much again, to fail currently, right?

Gwen- Absolutely! But execute you know what I’d quite make certain of first?

Owen- What’s that?

Gwen- Making sure The Ice Dancers lose!

Owen- Funny, you shelp the very same point about Heather on the Island also.

Gwen- I recognize, funny just how points revolve up.

(Confessional ends)

(The tree groups arrive to New York and run out of the airplane, The Surfers reach the Don Box first)

Geoff- It’s an All In! Who’s ready to face the traffic?

Gwen- Ugh! I hate web traffic.

(Owen grabs a reminder too)

Owen- Here, let me obtain one of those! For this All In, teams have to take a Ridonculous Taxi Cab and also drive all the means to The Realm State Building. Once arrived, teams should climb a measly 8 flights of stairs to reach the observation deck and grab a suitinstance via a travel guideline attached. Fun fact, last team to arrive is pretty much doomed?

(Everyone realizes what that indicates and also runs off)

Gwen- Ah! Taxi!

(They get in)

(Owen is hyperventilating)

Gwen- Owen, what’s wrong?

Owen- Oh, Nothing! Just that I’m gonna have to race up 85 flights of stairs and am probably gonna price us the race. Maybe Al was best, maybe I am useless.

(He puts his challenge in his hands)

Gwen- Hey, it’s gonna be okay. Just provide it your all! And you are absolutely not useless!

Owen- I’m not?

Gwen- No way! Who brought me via Iceland also while unconscious?

Owen- Me.

Gwen- Who farted us throughout a train car.

Owen- Sigh, me.

Gwen- Who’s my favorite Big Guy?

Owen- Me!?

Gwen- Yes, now have some confidence and win this thing!

Owen- Okay, I’ll try. But if I fail, have the right to we still be friends?

Gwen- Owen, our friendship indicates a lot more to me than the money.

Owen- Seriously?

Gwen- Yes, you carry out the fun side in me that stays in way too a lot.

Owen- Aw, you’re the best!

(He hugs her through one arm, and Gwen smiles and chuckles)

Gwen- I know, I understand. I love your hugs and also all, however have the right to you let me drive?

Owen- Oh, sorry. Okay, currently to watch wbelow we’re going?

(He reads the map)

Owen- Okay, okay! Just store going 3 more blocks and rotate left!

Gwen- 3 blocks and a left, obtained it!

Owen- Oh, I hope we don’t run right into Darth Vader.

Gwen- What?

Owen- Isn’t that where the Realm is?

(She chuckles again)

Gwen- Owen, Star Wars isn’t genuine, you understand that right?

Owen- What? But it says it at the start of the movies.

(She rolls her eyes and smirks)

(They go farther and check out the Ice Dancers’ Cab)

Owen- Look! The Ice Dancers!

Gwen- Oh, ho ho! They are not getting tright here first!

(She slams on the gas)

Owen- GWEN!!!!

(She flies previous them)

Owen- Wbelow did you learn to drive?

Gwen- Dundeserve to wasn’t the ideal influence.

(They capture up to them, Jocheck out blows a raspberry spitting on the window)

Gwen- Oh yeah!?

(She flips them off)

Owen- Wow, you weren’t kidding.

Gwen- Oh no, that’s simply from my mother’s road rage.

(She chuckles)

(She looks in the rearwatch mirror and also sees The Ice Dancers spin The Surfers right into a pole)

Gwen- Gasp! Oh no!

Owen- What!?

Gwen- Geoff and Brody! They crashed. Should we check on them?

Owen- Gwen, you recognize I’d love to more than anyone yet we can’t danger that. We have to obtain there before the Ice Dancers no matter what!

Gwen- Wow, have actually we like, reversed our functions here?

Owen- Maybe?

(They come to a stop)

Owen- Why, why’d we stop?

Gwen- We’re stuck in NEW YORK TRAFFIC! That’s why! ERR! And I was just saying just how much I hate traffic!

Owen- Hey, if we’re stuck, possibly Jacque and Joview are too?

Gwen- We deserve to only hope so.

(Cut to later on, still in traffic)

(Owen is resting and also Gwen is looking bored. She has actually a mischievous smile on her confront and also leans to the side)


(She silently snickers)

Owen- Sniff, sniff. Whoops, did I accidentally toot in my sleep again?

Gwen- certain did, ugh. Open a window.

(She does so, grinning while not looking)

(The website traffic lastly removes and also they reach the end)

(Cut to them running up the stairs, and they pass Geoff and also Brody running back dvery own with their briefcase)

Geoff- Good luck bros! See ya at the finish!

Gwen- Not if we get tbelow first!

Owen- Pant! Pant! Ala lot of tright here Owen.

Gwen- Come on male, kick it into overdrive!

Owen- Okay!

(He provides himself a push releasing a fart in the process)


Gwen- Not what I had in mind, by hey it works too!

(They store running and also reach the peak via the Ice Dancers not much behind)

Gwen- To Central Park! Last team tbelow is Donso!?

Owen- Ah! Let’s move it!

(They reach the bottom and also obtain to their taxi)

Owen- Yes, we made...

(The Ice Dancers push them over and also take their taxi)

Josee- So lengthy suckers! Ah ha ha!

Gwen- NOO!!!

Owen- What perform we do now!? We don’t have actually a car!?

Gwen- I don’t know!? We’ll need to run it!

Owen- Hey, look! A Hot Dog Car!

Gwen- Okay?

Owen- Watch me!

(He goes as much as the car)

Owen- Hey, mister! We’re Owen and Gwen from Total Drama, have you heard of us!

Gwen- Owen, what does that...

Vendor- Gasp! Gwen and Owen? You’re contending again?

Gwen- Not just that, however we’re competing together for the million.

Owen- Yeah, have the right to we borrow your hot dog car?

Vendor- Sure, anything for a celebrity!

(He gets out and Owen drives off)

Owen- Let’s roll!

Gwen- Owen, he called us celebrities. We’re, we’re famous!

Owen- Isn’t it awesome!


Gwen- I haven’t been that happy to view a hot dog in my life!

Owen- I know, what luck.

Gwen- That’s it?

Owen- What?

Gwen- I figured you’d have some story around exactly how you saw the finest warm dog ever or something>

Owen- Nope, that was the finest warm dog.

(Confessional ends)

(They view the Ice Dancers ahead through a flat tire)

Gwen- Owen, action on it! I can view them!

Owen- HUAHHHH!!!!

(He stomps on the gas and also rams them, flipping their cab over)

Gwen- Owen, that might have been a little a lot.

Owen- Gwen, as soon as have they ever hosted off on us?

Gwen- Wait a minute, what am I saying?

(Cut to them running)

Gwen- Yes! We’re gonna make it!

Owen- Yes, I can taste second place!

Gwen- Yeah, it taste choose victor-ahh!

(She trips, her leg is caught in a drain)

Gwen- Gasp! Aw, my leg! It’s stuck in the drain.

Owen- No! Here, I’ll pull you out!

(He pulls on her)

Gwen- OWW!!! Owen, my leg! You’re gonna break it.

(Owen starts to cry)

Owen- Well, I guess this is it. At least we have a nice park to look at.

(He sits on the bench and also tears begin to loss, Gwen looks at her leg, the finish, at Owen, her leg, and Owen aget. She puts on a established challenge. She grabs drain and also pulls on it)

Owen- Gwen, what are you doing!?

Gwen- Winning! HUNNNGH!!!

(She pulls on the drainpipe as difficult as she have the right to and also it comes loose after making use of all her stamina. She looks exhausted)

Owen- Gwen, you did it!

(She falls over, tired)

Owen- Oh no you don’t not now!

(He picks her up and firearms it)

Don- Finalists, you’re in second place!

Owen- Gwen, we made it!

(She wakes up)

Gwen- Yes!

Don- And you’ve finally come true to your name.

(The Ice Dancers display up and also autumn to their knees)

Jacque/Josee- NOOO!!!!

Don- Jacque, Jocheck out, I’m sorry, that it’s taken me so long to say this...

Gwen- Um, Don? Can we say it this time!

Don- Only If I deserve to also.

(They give him a “sure” shrug)

Don/Gwen/Owen- You’ve been reduced from the competition!

(Gwen and Owen begin doing a victory dance and begin jumping approximately, Gwen’s drain grate drops off)

(The Ice Dancers shockingly stand up and also smile)

Don- Huh, you’re taking this strangely well?

Gwen- Yeah, where’s the tears?

Owen- And the tantrum?

(Jowatch then loses it and starts breaking everything in sight, Gwen, Owen, and Don ago ameans in fear)

Owen- Um Don, currently might be a good time to give us our next tip!?

Don- Right! Here you go!

(They run off and read it)

Gwen- Okay, Buoys will certainly be buoys? Okay, we gotta reach the boat house and reach the middle of the lake. Tbelow will be one more brief situation via directions to the last Chill Zone! Come on, we’re almost there!

Owen- Yeah! Hey, at leastern the Ice Dancers are gone, right?

Gwen- Oh, tell me around it! But at leastern it’s us vs The Surfers. A friendly battle!

Owen- Yep, but we’re still gonna fight for it.

Gwen- For sure! Look, the watercraft house!

(They obtain in a watercraft and also sail off)

(The Final two teams all search for the buoy through the correct combination. They all uncover different ones until…)

Gwen- YES! We gained it! Hello Chill Zone map!

Owen- Wahoo!!! Let’s run!

(Cut to both teams running for the Chill Zone. The previously eliminated teams are sitting in bleachers, there’s likewise another collection of bleachers full of familiar encounters. Both groups run each passing the various other earlier and forth till one team arrives first)

(Owen flops on the carpet, through a fart)

Don- The Finalists win!

(Owen shoots up)

Owen/Gwen- No way! We won! Yes!

(Gwen picks up Owen and spins him approximately for once)

Gwen- I can’t believe it! We actually did it!

Owen- The Finalists have actually won again!

Gwen- Whoa! Owen look!

(She points to a set of bleachers which hold the original 3 generations of the Total Drama Cast. Chris and also Chef included)

Owen- Whoa! You males made it!?

Duncan- Of course, I wouldn’t pass the opportunity to check out the Big Guy win again! And you pasty!

(Gwen scoffs however smiles)

Leshawna- Yeah girl, you did it, you won!

Zoey- Congrats Gwen!

DJ- Yeah, you two earned it.

Heather- Good project you two.

Gwen- Heather!? You simply...

Heather- Complimented you? Yeah, I did. And I suppose it. I understand the feeling of being robbed of my money.

Owen- Thanks Heather!

Courtney- Yeah, and also Gwen, I’m sorry for what I did to you.

Gwen- Courtney, we’ll talk later.

Noah- Owen, you made me proud Big Guy!

(Owen elbows Gwen)

Owen- Aw, many thanks Noah! See, told you he has a heart.

Emma- Who’s that guy?

Kitty- Why, you choose him.

Emma- No!

Chris- Yeah, excellent project you 2. Representing your favorite host!

(There’s an awkward pause, till Gwen and also Owen and the others erupt via laughter)

Gwen- You think we gotten in this race to represent you!?

Chris- Well, I was hoping.

Owen- Well, you hoped wrong.

Don- Well, if it isn’t Chris Mclean!?

Chris- Yes I am, and who execute you think you are stealing my actors members!?

Don- I had eincredibly ideal too!

Chris- Yeah, well in my contracts…

Don- Eat the contracts McLean, security!

(They take him away)

Chris- Whatever!

Owen- Well Gwen, what are you gonna execute via the million?

Gwen- Um, don’t you mean 500k?

Owen- You intend you aren’t taking the whole million?

Gwen- What? No, of course not. I couldn’t do that to you. You played equally, if not better than be this seakid.

Owen- Well…

Gwen- You’re gaining your money man, don’t issue. I’m still maintaining my promise to split the money simply like I did all those years back. Now, I can lastly go to art school!

Owen- You should! I think you’d be one of the biggest artists ever!

(She blushes a bit)

Gwen- Thank you. But before that, you understand what would certainly make me also more happy?

Owen- What?

Gwen- Having an awesome yacht party!

Owen- Gasp! You expect you’d come!?

Gwen- Of course I would male, You’re my finest friend.

Owen- I am?

Gwen- Well, maybe not THE ideal.

(She thinks for a minute. She remembers all the fun they had actually on Island. Them beating Heather. Oh, My Izzy. Some funny things from this seaboy. She snaps out of it and smiles)

Gwen- Oh, that am I kidding? Yes you are! You’re my brother that I never before kbrand-new I necessary. If I did this race via anyone else, I’d have actually most likely lost. But through my smarts and also art abilities and your, uh, fart and heart skills made us an unstoppable pressure.

(Owen offers her a mighty huh while everyone cheers. Geoff and also Brody congratulate them and also they hug. Bridgette comes on and hugs Geoff, still happy even though her boyfriend lost)

Geoff- Yo Gwen, Owen. Hit us with some tunes!

(They look at each other and also nod yes)

Owen- Rock, Spud, do the honors?

Rock- You got it!

(I Wanna be Famous starts playing. The cast gets up and cheers them on. Geoff tosses Gwen a mic)

Gwen- “Dear mother and dad, I’m doing fine”

“You men are on my mind”

“You asked me what I wanted to be, and also now I think the answer is plain to see”

“I wanna be famous”

(Gwen tosses Owen the mic)

Owen- “I wanna live close to the sun”

“Well pack your bags, cause I’ve already won”

“Everything to prove, nopoint in my method.”

“I’ll gain tbelow one day”

“Causage I wanna be famous”

Owen- Sing it everyone!

Crowd- “Na-na na na na na na-na na na na!”

(Owen puts Gwen on his shoulder)

Owen- “I wanna be

Gwen- “I wanna be”

Owen- “I wanna be famous”

Gwen- “I wanna be”

Owen- “I wanna be”

Gwen/Owen- “I wanna be famous”

(Everyone cheers for them and they hug in excitement)

Gwen- Nailed it!

Trent- That was awesome guys!

Owen- Thanks Trent!

Heather- I was never a fan of that song, but you someexactly how regulated to make it much better.


(Gwen and Owen are walking into the sunset, holding the check)

Owen- Hey Gwen, you think we have the right to host our own truth show?

Gwen- That would certainly be fun, but it takes most money man.

Owen- Yeah, it might be referred to as “Gwowen!? Or OGwen!.

Gwen- Yeah, let’s not do that. People are gonna think it’s a shipping name.

Owen- You think people ship us?

Gwen- Owen, world ship everything, I’m sure someone does.

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(They continue walking off till they walk over the horizon)



The Finalists- (Gwen and also Owen)- 1st Place (Winners)

Surfer Dudes- (Geoff and also Brody)- 2nd Place (Alternative Winners)

Ice Dancers- (Jaqcue and also Josee)- 3rd Place (Last)

(Alternate Ending)

(Practically the same thing, except Geoff and Brody win instead)

(Gwen and Owen walk into the sunset)

Gwen- Well Owen, even if we didn’t win, I still had an awesome time doing this with you.