Document Window
A percent of a document on the display screen.

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Publish Layout ViewShows the document on a mock sheet of paper in the document home window.
Insertion PointA blinking vertical bar that shows wbelow text, graphics, and various other items will be put.
Mousage PointerBecomes different forms relying on the job you are percreating in Word and its area on the screen.
Scroll BarUsed to display various parts of a file in the document window.
Scroll BoxIts position reflects the place of the percentage of the record that is shown in the document window.
Scroll ArrowLocated at each finish of a scroll bar. Click to scroll via, or display different sections of the record in the document home window.
Status BarLocated at the bottom of the document home window above the taskbar, presents information around the document, the progress of existing jobs, and the status of certain commands and tricks. It likewise gives controls for viewing the record.
RibbonLocated near the top of the Word window, is the regulate center in Word. It gives easy, main accessibility to the work you perdevelop while producing a record. It consists of tabs, teams, and commands. Each tab surrounds a arsenal of teams, and also each group consists of associated regulates.
TabSurrounds a repertoire of groups, and also each group includes connected regulates.
Home tabContains the more frequently used regulates.
Active TabThe tab presently displayed
Contextual tabsWord display screens other tabs once you percreate specific jobs or work-related via objects such as images or tables.
GalleryA collection of selections, frequently graphical, arranged in a grid or in a list.
Live PreviewA function that allows you to point to a gallery choice and check out its impact in the record without actually choosing the option.
Enhanced Display TipAn on-screen note that offers the name of the command, easily accessible keyboard shortcuts, a description of the command also, and also sometimes instructions for just how to achieve assist around the command also.
Dialog Box LauncherA small arrowhead that once clicked, screens a dialog box or a job pane via added options for the teams.
Task PaneA home window that can remajor open and also visible while you occupational in the document.
Mini toolbarAppears immediately based on work you percreate, has commands concerned altering the appearance of message in a record.
Shortcut MenuAppears once you right-click an object.
Quick Access ToolbarLocated by default over the Ribbon, gives simple accessibility to frequently provided commands.
Office ButtonA main location for managing and sharing papers.
MenuContains a list of commands.
SubmenuA list of added commands linked through the selected command.
Key Tip BadgePress ALT vital on key-board to screen. Used for specific commands.
Key TipDisplayed code letter. Used to select a command making use of the keyboard.
Formatting MarkA character that Word displays on the display screen but is not visible on a published document.
WordwrapAllows you to form words in a paragraph continually without pressing the ENTER essential at the end of each line.
FileA conserved document
File NameThe name assigned to a record once it is saved.
Paragraph FormattingThe procedure of transforming the appearance of a paragraph.
Character FormattingThe process of changing the means characters appear on the screen and also in print.
FontTypechallenge specifies the appearance and shape of the letters, numbers, and also special characters.
Font SizeThe dimension of the personalities and is determined by a measurement system dubbed points.
PointAbout 1/72 of one inch in elevation.
StyleA named group of formatting qualities, including develop and font six.
Normal StyleDefault style in Word (11-allude Calibri)
ThemeA collection of combined formats for fonts, colors, and graphics.
CenteredPositioned horizontally between the left and appropriate margins on the web page.
Bulleted ListA series of paragraphs, each beginning through a bullet character.
BoldCharacters that display somewhat thicker and darker
UnderlinedText prints with an underscore listed below each character.
ItalicizedText that has actually a slanted appearance.
Rapid StylePrespecifies formats in the Styles gallery.
Layout SetA collection that is composed of a team of generally provided styles formatted so they look pleasing once offered together.
Color SchemeA design template that identifies 12 complementary colors for message, background, accents, and web links in a document.
Font SetDefines formats for two fonts - one for headings and an additional for body text.
ScrollTo move to the height or bottom percentage of the document off the display screen.
ResizingIncludes both enlarging and also reducing the dimension of a graphic.
Document PropertiesHelps you organize and recognize your files; details about a file.
MetadataDocument Properties that encompass project writer, title, or subject.
KeywordsWords or phrases that further describe the record.
Standard PropertiesAssociated via all Microsoft Office Documents and incorporate author, title, and topic.
Automatically updated PropertiesData system properties such as the date you create or readjust a document, and statistics such as the file dimension.
Document Information PanelContains areas where you have the right to view and enter document properties.
Hard CopyPrinted version of the document.

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