Commodity glutTax burdon on consumerShortage of the commodity and black marketingExport of commodity
The correct answer is A price ceiling below the equilibrium price frequently leads to aShortage of commodity and babsence marketing.

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Whena price ceilingis setlisted below the equilibrium price, amount demanded will certainly exceed amount supplied, and excess demand also or shorteras will result. Whena price flooris setover the equilibrium price, the quantity provided will exceed the amount demanded, and excess supply or surplsupplies will outcome.TheShortage of the commodity and babsence marketingeconomydrives out legitimate markets that can't complete via the reduced prices ofillegaloperations. Someblack marketplayers deliberately createshorteras in legal goodsto pressure people to purchase from them. The tax-complimentary nature of thebabsence marketimplies thefederal government loses revenue.


Commodity Glut an too much quantity i.e.oversupply aglutof the commodity on the market.Theincidence, orburden, of ataxes,falls both on theconsumersand producers of the taxed goods. If demand is more inelastic than supply,consumersbear a lot of of thetaxes burden. But, if supply is more inelastic than demand, sellers bear many of thetax burden.

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Exportsare goods and solutions that are developed in one nation and sold to buyers in another.Exports, along with imports, make up worldwide trade.