Study Questions 1.What execute you think accounts for Beneatha’s deep pessimism at the beginning of the act? Do you think it is all bereason of the shed money?


2. What attributes do we watch in Joseph Asagai which permit him to break through Beneatha’s mood to consider her very own self-pity?

3. Reading between the lines, so to stop, what does it say around whether or not Beneatha has really provided up on clinical college, as soon as she refers, also mockingly, to curing “the excellent sore of Colonialism…with the Penicillin of Independence”?

4. Why execute you think the word, “end” appears 4 times in the top fifty percent of page 134? What does this signify?

5. Do you watch any type of symbolism in Asagai asking Beneatha to “come home with” him to Africa in the future? Do you watch any type of interpretation various other than the literal one of her going to Nigeria?

6. Why do you think the word “dreams” show up so many type of times throughout this act? What template is reiterated?

7. Do you think life have the right to be damaged dvery own right into the takers and also the “tooken”? Is it a matter of “getting over” prior to one gets “gained over on”? Why or why not?

8. What perform you think Mrs. Younger is referring to as soon as she states to Wtransform, “You making somepoint inside me cry, kid. Some awful pain inside me”? What is the resource of that pain, in your opinion?

9. What resolution of problem is apparent as soon as Beneatha claims to Lindner “That’s what the guy said” on page 148? What brand-new mindset does this convey?

10. In your opinion, what accounts for Walter’s transformation of character? From what source or resources did he get whatever it took for him to build the courage he shows at the finish of the play?

Answers 1. Although Beneatha is understandably upcollection about the shed money, her comments to Asagai about just how the money was lost have actually as a lot to execute through her frustration at her brother’s bad judgment as they need to carry out with the money itself. It would certainly seem Beneatha is doubting herself because a member of her family members could have been so gullible. That can reason her to wonder if she has additionally been gullible in regards to her idealism, her wishes, and her dreams.

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2. What we view below is that Asagai has actually quite a little of idealism himself. When Beneatha is many dejected, he insists she reobtain her previous values by giving her a little dose of fact, reminding her that some people are much worse off than she.

3. Even in her despairing state, Beneatha uses medical terms in her sarcastic analysis of the world’s ills. This tells us that on some level, also though upcollection, she has not completely given up on her dream of being a medical professional.

4. Whenever you check out a word repetitive over and over again in a very short room, the writer is trying to say somepoint instraight, trying to offer the reader or audience an impression. What is conveyed right here is both the truth that the play is finishing, and that at this point in the work-related, the characters feel their aspirations are likewise at an finish.

5. Tbelow have the right to be many kind of interpretations of the expression “come house.” What Asagai appears to imply here, as he did with his gifts to Beneatha of a Nigerian dress and records, is that Africa is the original house to Beneatha and also various other babsence Americans, and that for them to “come home” suggests to gain in touch literally, as in the situation of her going there through him.

6. Aobtain, the writer is trying to relate something through the repetition of the word “dreams” so typically in this act. We are reminded of the Langston Hughes poem (“Montage of a Dream Deferred”), and also the warning at the end: “Or does it explode?” So much of the mood in the last act is of extreme frustration that we remember the question about what happens to desires which are deferred.

7. This is a matter of your very own personal opinion. Whatever before your answer, ago up what you say through examples and also illustrations.

8. Mrs. Younger has described her deceased husband, and also the life they tried to provide for their household, all through the play. One would imagine that her memories of and feelings for Mr. Younger are the resource of her pain now.

9. The perspective Beneatha mirrors in the direction of her brother for the first time in the play, through these words of hers, is respect. We check out that the misery Beneatha felt at the beginning of the act has actually been reinserted by a new respect for her brother’s courage.

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10. There is no one correct answer for this question. You can desire to describe his steps in the direction of transdevelopment as mentioned in this study overview, or you could notice another source. In any instance, whatever you think are the reasons for Walter’s new-found strength of character, support your opinion via particular illustrations and lines of dialogue.