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The protagonist is sucked in to a weird whirlpool in a river and also somehow ends up in a island in one more human being via indigenous elves that wear leaf clothes, have actually the expertise of an new born, and also have sex choose rabbits. That also have actually a body as weak as butter. He decides to become the king of the place and dominance with an iron fist and teach the naive elves cruelty, evil and also watch as they kill each various other. Original Webtoon
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mc psychopathic asshole, mean some ntr feeling bereason of companion sharing, some gore on few last chapter included with prostitution because of goddamn MC.IT'S SIMPLY FRUSTRATING TO READVERTISEMENT.

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It will certainly make you feel very distressed. The story is horrible and the MC is a total psychoroute. Heroes end up being anti-heroes yet there's always a create. There's no logical explanation for why he ended up being a such a mess or what triggered it. Last however not the leastern, the ending is SUPER LAME.
Regardless of what you think about this comic, it really provides you think. It made me extremely sad all at once. The island is a paradise, the just point that I would certainly not choose about it is sharing your sex-related companion.
First of all, people are so unfair for offering this a low rating just bereason the MC is an antihero.At first I believed it was choose Sweet Guy wherein the MC just have actually a lot of sex however no, it reflects the level of what human greed can carry out.
Overall, I liked the plot, art, and theme. Not the MC (till the finish tho)Thought the exact same as many world here, I believed this would be the normal "ecchi-harem" design template, however it ended up being rather even more than that, and also I constantly loved a great plot twist. Especially an unintended one, prefer this. The MC learned his lesboy, power have the right to destroy. We all know that. The major reason why most human being hate this series was probably because of the MC-- but trust me, the story got amazing via a crazy ass MC. If you focus on the moral of the story, you'll most likely appreciate it more, rather than focusing on the MC. I likewise simply learned karma is a bitch.
The white fluffy points got their revenge on the MC by killing him by the finish of the second arc, and also the third arc starts through his kid trying to dominance over all mankind (the genuine world)
That ending was super lame. Wright here did his son also come from? How did he endure the anarchy after the woodland burned down? And how did those fluffballs also obtain mutated? Seems prefer a ruburned finishing.
Sex and violence. But add in the theme of the Garden of Eden and also Lucifer. Overall the story is well done. The low score is not because the story is negative yet becuse the MC is EVIL.Warning - this story WILL make you feel bad.
You really shouldn't vote low simply for exactly how trashy the MC is. This is NOT a wish fulfillment story, and also I think human being who begin reading this are expecting it and also then feel betrayed. If our MC was really smart, honest, and lacked character fregulations, the story would literally finish by chapter 3 through him figuring out just how to cope with his selfish desires and live in that utopia, playing and sexing roughly choose an pet similarly uncovered in healthy Bonobo societies.
hmm... wright here should i start.I feel that the majority of world offering it a negative score because of the MC. However the story informing, pace, art and also everything else is actually good, specifically the art. So i don't think it's fair to price it so low just bereason of the MC. I like the principle of having a villain as the MC. My actual price was 7.5 yet because of the low score i will give it 10 to boost it up.Anyway, if you're trying to find a Villainous MC attempt review this one, however if you are in search of some redemption story you probably will not uncover it below. The MC the majority of most likely will certainly die in excessive means.
When I first check out the synopsis I believed this is just one of those manga collection wbelow a lucky male gets transported to another people and also gets himself a harem. While it may not be so far-fetched, this series transforms into a various monster
The MC is an asshole. Totally. He offered to be a high college bully via an alpha male feeling wbelow the thought that he can ascendancy over those approximately him. Little did he kbrand-new that as an adult all that meant nopoint and he easily became the trash of society. Frustrated that those who when he bullied currently need to power to ascendancy over him, he gets in one of those mysterious accidents and also wakes up on an island in a parallel world. On this island he meets the inhabitants which seem to be tranquility loving human being, not knowing what terms favor 'possession' or 'violence' intend, and also which all their demands are met - which is the reason why erratic behaviors so prevalent in our culture perform not exist in their society. Basically, if stuff prefer residential property, money and management carry out not exist, nobody deserve to take advantage of yourself, whatever easily accessible is totally free for everyone to use and share, consisting of their own selves. They eat as soon as they are hungry, they sleep as soon as they are sleepy and also they have actually sex as soon as they are horny. And because possessiveness is international for them, they execute not care how many partners they have actually in their sex-related intercourse.The MC originates from a human being wright here social power structure, residential or commercial property possession, violence and also all sorts of erratic behaviors are embraced and thought about normal. A side-result of the society they developed. So naturally, he might not fit in the brand-new setting without imposing his own views and concepts over the natives. First, he dameras the harmony those elves had through the animals from the island also. By slaughtering them for their meat, both him and also the elves pretty a lot begin to rebellion against nature itself. Nature gave them food without the need to hunt. The temptation of meat lures them into the MC's schemes, permitting him to impose problems on the elves such as the women not having actually other partners than him or convincing males to revolve against each other. In the initially chapter he also kills a male that took his revolve to the MC's initially sex-related partner and then killing a girl that saw his dead body. Talk around being sick.As the story progresses, the MC becomes a sort of tribe leader. The brutal killing of a man that tried to kill him (for great reason) yet instead eliminated his considerable other instilled are afraid right into the natives, making some of them join him, others ignoring him yet accepting him and others that tried to go versus him. He provided residential or commercial property to those loyal to him, while turning into slaves those that 'stole' from their property. And the the majority of barbaric thing of all, he made them fight each other and play death games via them.

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Tbelow is clearly something philosophical going on in this series. It shows how a foreigner via different values deserve to damage a perfect culture. In a way it uses to our fact as well, although no society in our civilization is a perfect one. Newcomers from different components of this civilization infusage new worths and new behavior fads upon the natives which in most cases dameras the well being of the natives and their social connections. Europe is the best example of how international people via vastly various worths and culture can affect a society. As they grow in number and they influence even more world with their actions, their lifestyle becomes welcomed as somepoint normal and the natives are forced to adjust their means of living. In the case of this series, you view just how an utopia have the right to turn into a tyranny. The only difficulty is that a society governed by individualism, violence, are afraid and also oppression does not guarantee the safety of even the one who rules it. You will certainly never before know as soon as someone will certainly use the very same means as he offered to relocation him, to be the one who rules over the others. And this cycle is perpetuated.From a technical point of view, the art is gorgeous and although the character breakthrough is exciting, I cannot hide the truth that I hate where this series is going. Despotism is not something that I admire particularly as soon as it ruins a society ruled by worths that we involved think they are utopias (in our very own paradigm, who dares to think that this civilization have the right to be turned right into a peace-loving one through no violence and no impulses such as money or property that causes a lot of of the corruption and criminal cases?). Now, I am not a commie, however even those that formulated the rules of capitalism knew that residential property and also money are the root reason of humale erratic habits. Most of the criminal instances in this civilization are money related and that is a straight consequence of inehigh quality, which ideas like financial worth and also residential property straight reasons.I was enthusiastic after reading the first couple of chapters. I believed that this would certainly be a collection wbelow a loser gets his harem, live in harmony and bla bla, but how it turned out is somepoint I totally disprefer. Trampling over the will and well being of other human being is somepoint I condone in genuine life and I surely carry out not want it to be portrayed in its greatest splendor in a manga series. After all, I think we all look for in these fictional human being stuff that cannot be acquired in the real one. The fantasy of a perfect civilization, of our desired civilization which we cannot attain. So yeah, my rating is 4.