The Trojans and Crimson Tide have actually plenty of hurdles to clear prior to meeting at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas in September.

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To play or not to play? Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire using Getty Imperiods
The Alabama Crimson Tide and also Southern Cal Trojans are 2 of the most storied programs in the background of college football. They are equivalent in many kind of ways: iconic unidevelops, double digit National Championships, multiple Hall of Fame inductees, a rabid fan base that expects perfection... But right here this day in 2020, the 2 groups can not be even more different.

The evident distinction is the state of the programs. Alabama is in the middle of maybe the biggest era of college footsphere under already legendary Nick Saban. The Men of Troy have been struggling considering that Pete Carroll skipped town in 2009 and their present coach, Clay Helton, is on the hottest of warm seats.

And then tright here is that various other situation: The C-word. No, not cancer. That other illness that starts through a “C” that has taken over the civilization.

Alabama and a lot of of the SEC are totally planning to have actually students ago on campus in the loss. In revolve, they suppose to have some semblance of college football. A few claims in the SEC footprint have actually also lifted some stay-at-home restrictions. At the same time, the state of The golden state is almost in a police state of lockdvery own. It is rather understandable. The Golden State is the the majority of populated UNITED STATE state with major ports and also Los Angeles is the second largest of UNITED STATE cities. The University of Southern The golden state is smack dab in the middle of the city. Whether you think authorities have actually gone overboard or not, it is what it is and also the Pac-12 and Southern Cal administrators will certainly strategy their decisions in different ways than their counterparts in other components of the country.

New So Cal athletic director Mike Bohn has actually been on the job every one of six months and has actually yet to make any kind of extensive comments. However before, emfought Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott knows which side the conference’s bread is buttered. He freshly told a reporter “the problem going into the next fiscal year is the upcoming footround seachild, which by the majority of steps is responsible for 85% of in its entirety revenue in a league choose ours. Most people assume it’s more well balanced, but football is the engine that is driving the revenue that comes in.”

While that statement is encouraging, it might be out of Scott’s hands need to state authorities action in. He likewise declared “at the moment we’re still anticipating football season will begin on time, but we’ll likewise be ready for setup B, C, D and also E.” Plan A sounds great. It’s those other 4 plans that must problem fans.

The Pac-12 is a a lot various pet than the other four Power-5 conferences. Whereas a lot of P5 colleges are located in smaller sized “college towns”, the Pac has actually seven member schools in or abut to major UNITED STATE populations.

College of The golden state, Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California University of Southern California - Los Angeles, The golden state Arizona State University - Tempe, Arizona (Phoenix) Stanford College - Stanford, California (San Jose) University of California, Berkeley - Berkeley, The golden state (San Francisco) College of Washington - Seattle, Washington University of Utah - Salt Lake City, Utah College of Arizona - Tuckid, Arizona University of Oregon - Eugene, Oregon Oregon State University - Corvallis, Oregon College of Colorado Boulder - Boulder, Colorado Washington State University - Pullman, Washington

Should both Alabama and Southern Cal clear all their hurdles and also open up campuses for the loss on time, tbelow is still the issue of the two teams traveling to Arlington, Texas for the neutral site game. That situation indicates boffers, airports, hotels, and an excellent deal of shuffling people approximately. It additionally amounts to an additional state, another set of rules. To complicate matters even more, the JerryWorld stadium is an NFL stadium that is not under NCAA guidelines. Although organizers will certainly carry out whatever they can to appease their guests, it is simply that many kind of even more hoops to jump via.

Optimistically, the majority of games will certainly get played, but problematic games prefer Bama-SoCal could be a casualty.


Many scenarios for the 2020 college footround seaboy have been floated about. Amongst the even more debated options are spring footround (ain’t gonna happen), conference just periods, or 10-games game seasons. The last seems more acceptable because the SEC and also ACC don’t desire to shed conventional crossover games such as Clemson-South Carolina or Florida-FSU at the finish of the season.

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For Alabama, they carry out not have actually such a game. The Tide and Trojans perform not share a prevalent bye week. Both groups have house cupcake games in Week 2, but will certainly waiting one week make that a lot of a difference? Scheduling to play at the finish of the season (after Conference Championship Games) in December is less than optimal.

SaturdaySep. 5vs USC TrojansSaturdaySep. 5vs Alabama Crimkid Tide
SaturdaySep. 12Georgia State PanthersSaturdaySep. 12New Mexico Lobos
SaturdaySep. 19Georgia BulldogsSaturdaySep. 19at Stanford Cardinal
SaturdaySep. 26Kent State Golden FlashesSaturdaySep. 26Arizona State Sun Devils
SaturdayOct. 3at Ole Miss RebelsFridayOct. 2at Utah Utes
SaturdayOct. 10at Arkansas RazorbacksSaturdayOct. 10The golden state Golden Bears
SaturdayOct. 17Mississippi State BulldogsSaturdayOct. 17at Arizona Wildcats
SaturdayOct. 24at Tennescheck out VolunteersSaturdayOct. 24OFF
SaturdayOct. 31OFFSaturdayOct. 31Colorado Buffaloes
SaturdayNov. 7at LSU TigersSaturdayNov. 7at Oregon Ducks
SaturdayNov. 14UT Martin SkyhawksSaturdayNov. 14Washington Huskies
SaturdayNov. 21Texas A&M AggiesSaturdayNov. 21at UCLA Bruins
SaturdayNov. 28Auburn TigersSaturdayNov. 28Notre Dame Fighting Irish
SaturdayDec. 5SEC ChampionshipFridayDec. 4Pac-12 Championship


Alabama needs to obtain this game played (and win of course) for national implications. The Crimboy Tide’s other three out-of-conference games (Georgia State, Kent State, UT-Martin) are not going to win them any brownie points through the playoff committee. It might be presumptuous to declare shenanigans versus the CFPC, yet a specific feel of hostility in the direction of the success of the Tide is in the air.


The Crimkid Tide have 6 million factor to obtain this game played. According to the contract, 6 million dollars is the guaranteed amount they will certainly be phelp for participating in the game. The Trojans’ take has not been released yet remainder assured it is a substantial amount they won’t want to pass up. If the game is played, it will certainly likely be in front of a limited live audience. Some talking heads have actually guesstimated early games might be attfinished by roughly 20,000 spectators if any at all. Unless Jerry Jones and the City of Arlington have actually some dynamite lawyers that deserve to negotiate those purses to the 2 institutions down a couple of million, they will certainly take quite a hit in the wallet.