VIEQUES, Puerto Rico (AP) – Environmental lawyer Robert F.Kennedy Jr. was freed from prison Wednesday and immediatelywent back to the Puerto Rihave the right to island of Vieques, wright here he lambastedthe U.S. Navy for its insistence on starting another round ofbombing exercises.

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Kennedy served 30 days for trespassing on Navy land also in a bid tospeak the Navy exercises in late April and also early on May. His incursionwith other protesters on a fishing watercraft caused hrs of delays inship-to-shore shelling, the Navy sassist.

Back on Vieques on Wednesday, accompanied by his 7-year-old sonConor, Kennedy urged protesters planning on invading the rangethis week.

“I would say the civil disobedience here not just has actually beenreliable yet at this allude it’s been the only thing that’s beeneffective,” he said.

The Navy plans to resume exercises on Vieques on Thursday,ignoring the outcomes of a nonbinding referendum this weekend inwhich 68 percent of voters decided an immediate finish to thebattle.

“I’m disappointed that they chose to go ahead with theexercise once they must respect the will certainly of the people ofVieques,” Kennedy sassist, speaking partially in the Spanish he learnedin prichild via 50 various other mainly Puerto Rican-inmates. “It is anexercise in bullying.”

This round of exercises, which might last until Aug. 10, willinvolve ship-to-shore shelling, air-to-ground shelling andamphibious landings, the Navy said.

“We’re not below to execute anypoint other than to be a great neighborand train our seafarers and Marines, and we attempt to do that with aslittle bit impact on the neighborhood area as feasible, shelp Navy Lt.Cmdr. Katherine Goode.

The House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday backedcancelling a November referendum by the residents of Vieques onwhether the Navy must continue bombing on the Puerto Ricanisland. The Pentagon wants Congress to cancel the referendum sincethe Navy has actually determined to sheight bombing training on the island also by 2003and also uncover another more suitable website.

New York labor leader Dennis Rivera, that also served a 30 daysentence for trespassing, shelp if President Shrub refsupplies to stopthe bombing, he will certainly be perceived as a “bully.”

“We are going to proceed putting on the press,” promisedRivera, a Puerto Rihave the right to that heads New York City’s 210,000-memberhealth and wellness treatment union.

Thirty percent supported the Navy continuing to be indefinitely andresuming bombing with live munitions – a protest vote versus thealleged anti-Amerihave the right to plans of Gov. Sila Calderon, that calledthe referendum.

Only 1.7 percent of Vieques voters in Sunday’s referendum backedBush’s plan for the Navy to withdraw in 2003 and also proceed exercisesvia dummy bombs until then. The island also has actually 9,400 occupants.

Years of resentment over the Navy’s appropriation of two-thirdsof the 18-mile-lengthy island in 1941 and the adhering to years ofexercises exploded in anger and protests once 2 500-pound bombsdropped off targain on the range and eliminated a civilian guard in1999.

The protesters have ongoing a campaign of breaking into Navyland to attempt to stop bombing runs. Hundreds have been arrested andconvicted. The cause has drawn celebrities including New York civilcivil liberties leader the Rev. Al Sharpton, who is serving a 90-daysentence in New York City.

Protesters say the battle has actually fouled the atmosphere anddamaged the health of islanders, charges the Navy stronglydenies.

Last week, Kennedy’s wife Mary decided to name their newborn sonAidan Caohguy Vieques Kennedy. He was born while his father was inpriboy.


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