ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Two-Room Tent is an extremely nicely built 6-person 2-room completely freestanding cabin style family members camping tent for mild weather conditions.

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ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Two-Room Tent.

Key features

What is this about

This Camp Creek Two-Room tent is the largest in the Camp Creek series that additionally contains single room 4-perboy and also 6-person tents, so this is the only 2-room tent in the series.

The tentis a cabin type in the true sense, through directly and tall steep wall surfaces, and also with a height height of 84 inches (213 cm). This is also a completely freestanding tent and this holds evenas soon as you put the fly on; also then you have the right to revolve it and also relocate roughly to get the ideal place in the camp. This is because the fly is attached to the tent base and you execute not have to stake it to the ground. But you have multipleguy-out points on each side, 6 in complete, so you have the right to resolve it effectively and put the mind at remainder.

This tentis for auto camping, you see this from its weight which is 31.5 lb (14.3 kg).

Who is it for

Size-wise, the tent is with the declared capacity of 6 civilization. Now, the floor location is 120 ft² (11.16 m²) and also this gives 20 ft² (1.86 m²) per perboy which is not so negative really. If you compare it through their single-room 6-person variation you will certainly realize that here you have actually 20 square feet (1.9 m²) more.

But I still think it is finest suited for 2 couples or for paleas through a maximum of 2 kids, or just for a couple who need some even more space in the tent. See the floor arrangement and exactly how they imply using it:

The argued use of the floor location.

Obviously, each of the two rooms is big sufficient to accommoday a queen-size bedand you would certainly still have plenty of area underneath the beds to store your equipment. Though such a tall tent via vertical wall surfaces is best suited for bunk-cots for adults and for kids.

Seasons-wise, they describe it as a 3-seakid tent and the waterproof rating is such that this deserve to be taken as a fact. But there is lots of mesh below and also the fly is not full coverage (hence so many kind of excellent windows), so I think it is much better suited for summer camping and also maximum for 2 seasons, which implies late spring, summer, and also at an early stage fall. As mentioned over, this is a really tall structure and not specifically aerodynamic so I would not use it in a really windy setting.

Climate-wise, via so a lot mesh the tent will not maintain the warmth and it is best suited for a warmer setting. Also, select somepoint more enclosed if you arrangement to camp in a dusty location. Check these Vango Avington 600XL and Vango 600 Odyssey Air tents for such a function.

Materials & construction

The fabric

They usage very great materials below. The fly and the panels on the walls are a long lasting 75D 185T polyester and also the floor is far more sturdy with 150D polyester oxford. The waterproof rating is also good enough, so you have actually 1500 mm anywhere. All seams are factory-sealed. The image below mirrors its pleasant internal through the divider and also large windows.

View inside, the divider through the zipper.The doors & windows

The 2 doors are on the opposite sides, extremely big and also double-layer type, through mesh and through waterproof panels, so you have full security from insects and also from the rain.

Each of the two rooms has actually 2 large windows, and here as well you have the very same double-layer building.

The poles

Tright here are 6 vertical steel poles through a diameter of 19 mm, and also the exact same variety of fiberglass roof poles through 12.7 mm, you have the right to check out them in the image listed below. As you view there is no height hub aspect below, the roof poles are retained in location with sleeves.

This is the tent without the fly, through the steel and also fiberglass frame.


Type: cabin style freestanding tent.Capacity: 6 human being.Weight: 31 lb 8 oz (31.5 lb; 14.3 kg) – this is straight from the manufacturer.Dimensions: 12 x 10 ft (3.66 x 3.05 m).Area: 120 ft² (11.16 m²).Area per person: 20 ft² (1.86 m²).Peak height: 84 in (213 cm).Packed size: 27 x 11 in (69 x 28 cm).

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ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 2 room tent vs Competitors

In the table below you have the Camp Creek 2 room tent via two other cabin style tents, you might want to compare their fundamental functions. As you realize, it gives more space than the various other two tents and also its packed size is much better. Please follow the links in the table to read more.