Should My Lawyer Be a Member of NAEPC, AAEPA, ACTEC, NAELA, and so on.?

Posted by Harry S. Margolis on September 12, 2017

By Harry S. Margolis

A financial planner recently asked me the following:

Second, because this question comes up from time to time, what company of estate planning attorneys carry out you recommfinish I use as a general resource? I simply googled "estate planning attorney organizations", yet I discovered several:


Which one need to I begin with? Assume the clients have actually assets of $1-$3M - not sufficient to worry about federal estate taxes, however significant enough to be rather complex, and certainly worth updating the will, doing the organization and also health and wellness care POAs, etc.

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First, I"d say that it"s better to gain a referral from someone that has worked through an attorney, or any type of other professional for that issue, rather than ssuggest to hire from a membership directory or Google outcomes. However, if your referral netjob-related doesn"t cause a trusted reference, membership in an estate planning company have the right to be one criteria for choosing an attorney, or arising a brief list to investigate better.


I"m a member of 3 of the establishments this financial planner listed— ACTEC, NAELA, and also the Boston Estate Planning Council. ACTEC represents the American College of Trusts and Esays Counsel. It is the most selective of these teams and many kind of of its members work-related for bigger firms and also reexisting clients through bigger mansions. Given its complex procedure for membership, clients can have a high level of confidence in the abilities of its members. On the various other hand, their members are most likely to charge better fees and also to work primarily with clients through more assets.


NAELA is the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. Any attorney might join, yet membership is expensive. This suggests that its members have actually a keen interemainder in elder regulation and are, on average, going to save up-to-date on brand-new developments and also have more experience in the field than non-members. NAELA offers accreditation as an elder regulation specialist.


NAECOMPUTER stands for the National Association of Estate Planning Councils. Tbelow are 268 local councils roughly the nation. Membership in the local councils has attorneys, financial planners, accountants, and insurance brokers. While vetting for membership is not practically as considerable as that for ACTEC, new members have to be funded by existing members and also apshowed by the regional council. NAEPC also provides accreditation in estate planning for members who pass certain tests.


The Amerihave the right to Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys is fundamentally a marketing and practice administration company for estate planning attorneys. Members receive solutions to assist them run their techniques, consisting of a forms device for generating estate planning papers. AAEPA calls for that members get involved in 36 hrs of continuing legal education each year. To the level that a national agency can create better creates and devices than individual practitioners, membership deserve to intend that clients will get a greater level of company and much better drafted papers than clients of nonmembers. But nonmembers might likewise carry out just too or much better making use of other resources.


I was not familiar through the National Netoccupational of Estate Planning Attorneys and also, frankly, uncovered it difficult to number out what it supplies from its website. While its members may be excellent estate planning attorneys, it does not show up to be an excellent resource for selecting an attorney.

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I was additionally unfamiliar via the Amerihave the right to Association of Trusts, Estate and Elder Law Attorneys. It appears to have actually 19 members roughly the nation, a variety of whom I happen to know and think very of. So, it might be a source for finding an attorney, yet it"s reach is limited.

Other organizations that have the right to be good resources for producing an initial list of potential attorneys to be vetted include:

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