41) An assessment that specifies tasks and also the actions crucial to perdevelop them is known as a ________.

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A) task description

B) project specification

C) job preview

D) job analysis


42) Steve, a humale sources manager, desires to let potential candidates recognize about the minimum qualifications that they have to possess in order to efficiently percreate the tasks they have used for. What need to he do?

A) He must structure a job description.

B) He must framework a job specification.

C) He must execute a task analysis.

D) He need to carry out a job satisfactivity survey.


43) A composed statement that explains the job content, atmosphere, and conditions of employment is called a ________.

A) task specification

B) task preview

C) project manual

D) task description


44) A ________ claims the minimum qualifications that a perkid have to possess to properly percreate a offered project.

A) project description

B) project preview

C) job manual

D) project specification


45) Recruitment is the process of ________.

A) moving employees laterally to reduce intrabusiness supply–demand also imbalances

B) locating, identifying, and attracting capable applicants

C) screening project applicants to recognize who is the best

D) reducing the surplus employees from the workforce


46) If humale resource planning shows a excess of employees, administration have the right to minimize the organization's workforce via ________.

A) recruitment

B) decruitment

C) enhanced workweeks

D) reduced task sharing


47) ________ as a source of recruitment is restricted to entry-level positions.

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A) The firm Internet site

B) The Internet

C) College recruiting

D) Professional recruiting organizations


48) Gareth has been advocated as the HR manager. He is now in charge of recruiting at Eowin Solution, and also is meant to boost the diversity of the workpressure. Which of the adhering to recruiting sources have to Gareth avoid if he is to achieve the proclaimed aim of an extra varied workforce?

A) college recruiting

B) company Net site

C) employee referrals

D) experienced recruiting organizations


49) A disadvantage of using experienced recruiting organizations is ________.

A) that they geneprice many kind of unqualified candidates

B) their limited commitment to certain companies

C) that they have the right to only be provided for entry-level positions

D) that they do not rise the diversity and mix of employees


50) ________ are temporary involuntary termicountry that can last from a few weeks to several years.