Angel In The Making is a Hong Kong television series developed by TVB released in 2015. Also known as Intern Nurses, this series is under the genre of clinical and modern drama. Having 25 episodes in total, this drama stars Tony Hung, Eliza Sam, Pal Sinn, Alice Chan, Moon Lau and also Jinny Ng.

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Given that this song is BOTH the template song and also the interlude, it might acquire too overplayed after some times, however considering that I’m watching this series 3 years later on, online, I am able to quickly skip via the layout song which is why I personally prefer this song. I choose the truth that the lyrics are primarily rather relevant to the layout of clinical. One thing that I choose around this song is that truth that various sections of this song has actually various dynamics which provides this song really flexible for more light-hearted scenes and more major and also dynamic scenes. The scene which this song really made an affect was the fatality of Patrick, this was the scene where the song hits harder than the scene and also provides this scene so impactful given that the lyrics were so heart-wrenchingly `cshed to heart`.
Overall I thought that this drama was really well-written amongst every one of the TVB dramas that has actually been out considering that then. This drama kind of `stands out` amongst the rest as a result of the `lackluster` cast as compared to other TVB dramas, in a sense that namong the casts weren"t climbing siu sangs or fa dans whom they wouldn"t typically do without. The plot was well-composed and also had actually a reasonable pace to it in order to keep the audience involved.

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Honestly, I went into this series reasoning that this was just going to be a ‘The Hippocratic Crush’ rip-off.