Osauto winner Common trades hip hop for harmonies through an award-winning performance of "I Want You Back" by The Jackkid 5.

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Dwayne Johnson taps into his girly side with this poptastic performance of Taylor Swift"s "Shake It Off."

British bombshell Emily Blunt takes us backstage and spills the beans on how she all set to square off against Anne Hathameans for the title of ‘Lip Sync Champion’.

Anne Hathamethod concerned wreck the competition, and also wreck it she did, through Miley Cyrus" "Wrecking Ball."

Anna Kendrick gets a little aid from her "ends" with a buttastic performance of Jennifer Lopez" "Booty."
Our Prepresent hosts, Greg and Elliott, scour the comments area to find the funniest and also the majority of outrageous reactions to Anne Hathameans and also Emily Blunt"s epic battle.
Greg Miller and also Elliott Morgan respond to your comments on performances from The Rock, Terry Crews, Stephen Merchant, Usual, Anna Kendrick, and even more.
Greg Miller and also Elliott Morgan dig via the comments section and also uncover some absurd, starray, and funny monitorings from fans of Lip Sync Battle.
Greg Miller and Elliott Morgan obtain you psyched for the sync! Alichild Brie and Will Arnett make an appearance and also boy, perform points escalate quickly. Plus, advantageous lip syncing tips from Tom Environment-friendly.
Greg and Elliott ptestimonial a Lip Sync Battle for the ages between Justin Bieber vs. Deion Sanders. Special guest Tom Green offers his tips.
Greg Miller sits dvery own through Andy Cohen and Willie Geist to talk to them about their experience preparing for the display and what the audience can expect. Jeff Dye is in the studio to offer his picks.
Expect more activity, drama, humor, side hustles, steamy hookups and also keys from the previous on the dehowever season of 68 Whisessential.
A clinical unit in the UNITED STATE Military uses unorthodox approaches in its mission to store soldiers alive on the original series 68 Whiskey, created by Brian Grazer and also Ron Howard.

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Past Ink Master competitors obtain a opportunity to work out the score against old rivals on the all-new series Ink Master: Grudge Match.