Jean Jackets an Ageless Wardrobe Staple.

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Denim jackets or jean jackets, whatever before you call them, they’re somepoint many type of of us have actually had in our wardrobes because we were kids. Back in the day, I had one embroidered with “Do The Hustle” Total 70’s kid, right? Maybe colors and washes have readjusted a tiny over the years however denim jackets have actually been a continuous workequine in eexceptionally decade. On top of that, they’re agemuch less. I have actually clients from age 13 to age 83 that can vouch, it’s a tried and true item. A wardrobe must-have for womales (and yes, also men) of any age. 

But here’s the point, simply choose the silhouette of denim on the bottom, aka jeans, alters over time, so does denim on the optimal, aka the jean jacket. To keep up via the times, the denim jacket have the right to become long, short, frayed, dark, light, stitched, or embellimelted. But an excellent old fashioned tool wash jean jacket ain’t goin’ nowright here.  It’s a piece that constantly functions no issue the year, month, or day. 

The Jean Jacket Questions

A few weeks ago, I posted a question on Instagram, asking for jean jacket styling inquiries. And btw, if you’re not complying with me tbelow, you really need to. I’m posting detailed jean jacket styling videos this week.

Tright here were so many type of good concerns, let’s begin by answering some.

What Style Jean Jacket Should I Have? What are the Differences, Styles, Lengths?

Tright here are 4 standard layouts of denim jackets. And IMHO there’s a pecking order in terms of which need to be part of your wardrobe first (ie many useful and versatile) and then which deserve to be included later if you discover yourself to be a jean jacket addict, like me. I go into the particulars of each style below…

Can I wear a Jean Jacket via Jeans?

Good question. It deserve to be done however it’s challenging to acquire ideal. The washes need to completely complement or be entirely different (confmaking use of right?) Really, even for me, it’s tough. The foolproof means to obtain a jean on jean vibe, and understand it will certainly look good, is to pair your blue denim jacket ago to either white, babsence or grey jeans. That method you don’t need to problem about the washes harmonizing.

Can you wear it multiple days in a row via different outfits? Or does it need to be rotated?

This type of goes back to the power structure of formats. A fundamental denim jacket can be worn multiple days in a row. That’s a large factor my jean jacket comes on eincredibly vacation with me. But more styled jackets (think, holes, fringe, appliques, color) are more memorable and also therefore worn much less often.

What’s in or out? Distressed? Denim in Color? Washes?

Both distressed and also denim in shade are still “in”. But they autumn right into the overstyled denim category. So they are less flexible and even more memorable, yet absolutely can still be worn. A tool wash is the many all-function bereason it goes via everything.

What Are Your Favorite Brands?

To me the brands are second. It’s the style and also washes that matters the majority of. Then I think about stretch/comfort. For a classic denim jacket, I favor Void, Levi’s, and J Crew. If you desire a little stretch in a classic style AG makes a great alternative. And for a highly styled, more distinct iteration the Retrofete puffed sleeve jacket is fabulous.

Tbelow are a few kinds of denim jackets that will certainly provide you maximum versatility in your outfit pairings... I have 8 jean jackets in my rotation (don’t judge me) yet they fall into 4 primary categories…Different layouts get more action depending upon the seakid, style, or vibe. 


The 4 Best Denim Jacket Styles

1. Classic Medium Wash Jean Jacket

This is the style to start via as it is timeless. Consider it a basic building block to a functional wardrobe.

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2. Cropped Denim Jacket

Perfect to wear through skirts and dresses. This is the next a lot of vital style to have. I uncovered mine in the boy’s department. What is necessary is where the jacket hits. As with a dress cardigan, where the jean jacket hits through a dress or skirt is what makes or breaks the outfit. It demands to hit in between the lowest rib and the hip and be slightly cropped to look stylish and also not frumpy.

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3. Overstyled Denim Jacket.

Once you have actually the classic and cropped you can begin adding layouts that are “even more fun”. With shearling, sleeve detail, or applique.

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4. Longer Layout jacket. 

This deserve to be the much longer trucker style or an oversized jacket. In the last few seasons, we’ve checked out jackets (including jean jackets) acquiring much longer. These prosections look good through skinny pants and also likewise great over a slim slip dress.

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If I Was Going to Add a New Style to My Collection…

As an aside, if I was going to add a brand-new jean jacket to my repertoire for Fall 2020 it would be one via a puff sleeve. The femininity of the shape juxtaposed with the roughness of denim feels brand-new and also one-of-a-kind. Technically this drops under the over-styled heading, so it’s not vital, consider it even more of a frosting item. But frosting is excellent occasionally. Funny, as I’m searching, it appears these jackets are easily accessible either for $30 or $230 and not much in between. However, Stella, from THD Shoppe is stocking an excellent one for $74, I’m linking it here. And usage code HALLIETHD15 to conserve 15% on your order!

Here are some other great puff-sleeved denim jackets that captured my eye, at miscellaneous price points. 

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I can most likely do a entirety other post on how to style jean jackets – tright here really are so many kind of means. But rather, I’m going to present you. I made a video styling the miscellaneous forms of jean jackets. Check it out right here. And if tbelow are any type of jean jacket concerns that didn’t gain answered, pop them in the comments listed below.

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