Want more Geralt while you wait for the next seaboy of the show? Here"s exactly how to dive into the Witcher books.

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The Witcher season 2 is nearly here: It will release on Netflix on December 17, 2021. While you wait, why not check out the resource material? There are loads of Witcher publications to read, and aside from being fun to review for their own sake, it"s always fun to check out how a TV or film adaptation functions with product you"re acquainted with.

It"s not fairly as easy as one, two, three, though. The series started as a set of brief stories in the "80s for a Polish fantasy magazine, and the initial tale came 3rd in their competition to find brand-new concepts and authors. The stories were so famous they then went on to spawn full-length novels, which were then publiburned in Polish in 1993. The books were released in English a little late, from 2007, through Danusia Stok translating the first two and David French taking over duties for the 3rd book. The publications then ultimately came to be the games (and currently Netflix show) we recognize and love.

The book series is composed by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski and also complies with a man called Geralt who happens to be a Witcher—someone attuned via superorganic abilities and also trained from childhood to fight beasts that thrconsumed the public. Of course, the publications are around even more than that: The main arc complies with Geralt as he protects Ciri, a princess whose nation has been conquered.

If you want sword-wielding activity and also grotesque monsters, you"re in the right location.

Wbelow to start via The Witcher books

You’ll want to start with The Last Wish. While it was publiburned later, it functions stories set before the first full-size book and establishes the Continent as a backdrop. It likewise introduces the reader to Geralt and the basics of what a witcher is and what one does. You’ll review about Geralt fighting beasts, indulging in bar room fights, and his bedroom escapades.

This set of stories introduces whatever you’ll see in the games. Sapkowski tells of Geralt"s silver sword with which he kills the monsters of magic, he depicts the often-corrupt governments that reside throughout the people, and we accomplish an ensemble of characters. These incorporate Dandelion (aka Jaskier), a poet friend of Geralt that is hearing these tales we’re enduring, Yennifer, a sorceress through whom Geralt begins a troubled connection, and also Triss, also a sorceress, a friend of Geralt yet additionally the 3rd allude of the Geralt, Yennifer and Triss love triangle.

The second brief story arsenal, Sword of Destiny, need to follow because it’s right here we satisfy Ciri, and also each story takes area directly prior to the major novels.

What"s the reading order of The Witcher books?

Following the brief stories, you would think it"s ideal to check out the rest of the publications in the order they were published, but a recent release, Seakid of Storms, actually takes area within the stories of The Last Wish. To be hoswarm, it’s only worth reading Season of Storms if you desire to experience every little thing The Witcher hregarding sell, as the events that take area are not integral to the main arc—but it does sow some seeds of what’s to come in the rest of the series.

Otherwise, read the books in the order they were released: Blood of Elves, Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire, The Tower of the Swenable and The Lady of the Lake.

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Below are the ideal prices for these publications individually, but they perform get marketed together on Amazon—the initially 6 books altogether on Amazon US and the initially seven bundled together on Amazon UK.