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This meme originates from the 2016 film: "Suicide squad", in which Will Smith"s character Deadswarm is quoted as saying "So that"s it, huh? We"re some sort of Suicide squad?" This meme was developed after the film "Suicide Squad" premiered in early on August, 2016. The line started a life of infamy as it is related to as an incredibly poorly composed attempt at a fourth wall break.

This specific line"s jump to popularity is due in component to a YouTube video by Jacksfilms dubbed "ROSES ARE RED 4 (YIAY #283)" in which one commentator mentions the line.


The video has over 1.3 million views as of November 28, 2016.

Thus, many kind of civilization have taken to making use of this formula for many type of various other movies too, being: So that"s it, huh? We"re some sort of (insert complete title of movie)? The outcomes regularly perform not make feeling grammatically.

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