But Jesus spoke to them at as soon as. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage! I am here!” Mark 6:50b (NLT)

I had actually my arm around my 9-year-old daughter, Cameron, while we watched The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe together. The spunk and transparency of the youngest character, Lucy, reminded me of Cameron, and I squeezed her a little, hoping she noticed the same.

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At one point in the movie, Lucy speaks through Father Christmas, and he asks her if she is prepared for the war that will certainly take area in Narnia. He looks dvery own at her and asks her somberly, “Can you be brave?”

Lucy smiles up at him and also answers, “I think I can be brave sufficient.”

I had actually no principle exactly how essential that minute would certainly become.

The words brave enough kindled a flame in my heart as I began to think about all the methods I wanted to be brave enough: brave sufficient to sheight up, brave enough to be graceful, brave enough to forgive.

I might not be encountering a war of Narnian prosections, but what if my daily life still compelled bravery? “Brave sufficient for today” came to be a sticky expression in my head — an inspiration for the morning and also an individual challenge once I didn’t desire to perform the hard thing.

I uncovered myself wanting to be brave sufficient for my job. Brave enough for my household. Brave enough to mother well and also brave sufficient to make excellent selections in my marital relationship.

When Cameron struggled later on that year via an injury, I wanted to be brave sufficient for her. But what I learned along the method was I would certainly never have actually sufficient courage on my very own to challenge life without fear. I essential a courage that came from exterior myself. My self-manufactured braexceptionally constantly dropped brief.


In the Bible, Jesus provides the word courage in incredibly specific methods. The original word means something choose “be encouraged” or “take heart” . The phrase take courage is used four times in the Gospels, constantly by Jesus Himself. In each instance, Jesus begins through a command: “Take courage!” And then Jesus provides the significance of Himself to the perboy as the method courage will certainly be enacted.

In one account, He says, ‘Take heart!” and then provides forgiveness of sin. In an additional, He states “Be encouraged!” and then supplies healing. And once He walks out on water in the middle of the night, terrifying His disciples, He uses a simple exhortation, “Take courage. It is I!”

No issue what you should be brave enough for this day, Jesus supplies to fulfill you tbelow via what only He can carry out. He provides you forgiveness when you fail and also grace that energizes you to try aget. He offers you healing when you hurt and also toughness that replaces your weakness. He offers you his existence, offering confidence that comes completely from who He is — not who you are.

When you have Jesus, you have all the courage you need, for whatever you might challenge.

Heavenly Father, I desire to think that in You I have all I need. As I begin now, would certainly You aid me be brave sufficient for whatever You have for me? Give me courage to foroffer generously, love fully and shine brightly in the place You’ve inserted me to flourish. In Jesus’ Name, Amen .

TRUTH FOR TODAY: Matthew 9:2b, “Seeing their belief, Jesus shelp to the paralyzed male, “Be encouraged, my child! Your sins are forgiven.” (NLT)

Matthew 9:22, “Jesus turned around, and also once he witnessed her he shelp, “Daughter, be encouraged! Your confidence has actually made you well.” And the woguy was healed at that minute. (NLT)

REFLECT AND RESPOND: What perform you should be brave enough for today? How can you commit that circumstance/person/challenge to God throughout the day?

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Nicole Unice is a counselor, Bible teacher, and also writer. She serves as minisattempt director at Hope Church in Richmond, Viginia, and also speaks at reatreats and also management events nationwide. She and also her husband, Dave, have actually three children.