Can we usage "As far as I"m concerned" in place of "As far as I know"? Or, are tright here some certain scenarios where in we perform not have to usage one in place of the other phrase?


I do not think it have to be used as a replacement.

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"As far as I know" would certainly suggest that you have actually partial (i.e. not complete) expertise of the issue being discussed.

"As much as I"m concerned" would indicate you"re expressing your opinion around the issue being debated.


They do not intend the very same point."As far as I"m concerned" is around identical to "in my opinion" or "as it relates to me"."As much as I know" implies what it says, something favor "according to my knowledge".


Both of them can"t be as a replacements.

"As far as I"m concerned" : is when you feel to express the limit to which you really bvarious other about a case. Beyond that valid parameter actually you don"t treatment to pay heed even if you understand somepoint.

Eg: As far as I"m concerned, my project for this module is done and anypoint extra would certainly be done just after a lengthy thought procedure.

"As far as I know" : is when you feel to expush the degree till which you are conscious or knowledgeable about the entity.

Eg: As far as I know, winters in North India are terribly cold and also would certainly range between 0 degrees to 2 degrees centigrade.

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