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I understand I dream about her all dayI think around her with her apparel offI"m ridin" "round via my system pumpin" LSDI look for ways to say, "I love you"But I ain"t into makin" love songsBaby, I"m simply rappin" to this LSDShe ain"t a stranger to the city lifeI introduce her to this hippy lifeWe make love under pretty lights, LSD (Acid)I gain a feelin" it"s a trippy nightThem other drugs just don"t fit me rightGirl, I really fuckin" want love, sex, dreamAnvarious other quarter to the face systemMake no mistakes, it"s all a leap of faith for loveIt takes a area in feelin" that you crave doin" love, sex, dreamsIt started in HollywoodDreamin" of sharin" loveMy tongue at a loss for wordsCause my feelings just shelp it allParty simply started upDreamin" of sharin" worldsHeld this feeling for means also longSassist, "I really wanna let it go"I"ve been gettin" fly bereason the gimmick"s so dopeI"ve been acquiring high cause I figured Lord told meI"ve been drinking, driving, now we"ll never go homeI gon" stay in doubt because the weather"s so coldFeeling low occasionally as soon as the light shines downMakes me highCan you feel it?Can you feel it?Feeling low periodically as soon as the light shines downMakes me highCan you feel it?Can you feel it?For all them hoes that was frontin" on niggas ago in the day (this for my damaged jiggy niggas) excuse me, fuck out my face. They say riches is in the mind, not the pocket, I learned that from a really wise man<"Excuse Me" Snippet>Okay, excusage me, Mr. Bill Collector, I gained problemsMy cheque arrive mañana, Imma pay my debt, I promiseI spent 20 thousand also dollars through my partners in BahamasAnvarious other 20 thousand dollars on Rick Owens out in BarneysI sassist, "Excuse me, why the fuck you looking, what"s your problem?"I swear we gon" have drama if you touch my tailored garmentsAll you view is niggas right here, so that intend it"s triggers thereWhat you mean? We got weed, and also codeine and also bricks for saleI bet the majority of niggas plottin", so you recognize I gained that heater, bruhDrive my side in Harlem, capture me ridin" with my nina, bruhShe acquired a apple bottom that remind you of Bonita, bruhOh, you suppose prefer Q-Tip? Now that girl my new bitch(Excusage me) No, I believe the correct term"s "Excuse you"I can switch up on you niggas and begin shittin" if I pick toThat’s as soon as the new you becomin" various given that they knew youI guess the new me is just gon" take some gettin" used toIt started in HollywoodDreamin" of sharin" loveMy tongue had actually a loss for wordsCausage my feelings just said it allI look for means to say, "I love you"But I ain"t into makin" love songsBaby I"m simply rappin" to this LSD