Kuvira began to take power in The Legend of Korra seakid 4, episode 3, “The Coronation.”

A grand coronation

Prince Wu explains to Mako the wonders of the upcoming coronation. Mako tells President Raiko he doesn’t think Wu’s ready for the Earth throne.

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Tenzin tells Raiko there’s reason to be pertained to for Kuvira’s rising power. Kuvira’s opposition is shelp to be put right into prikid camps as soon as they don’t agree via her.

Toph in full form

Toph tells Korra that the human being doesn’t necessarily need her, and also tells the Avatar that she’ll aid her bereason Toph can’t stand also just how pathetic Korra is.

Bolin’s brand-new girlfriend

Eska mistakes Kuvira for Bolin’s love interest. “Boss. Girlfirfinish. Same thing.” Varrick’s crimes have been forgiven by Raiko. The Fire Ferret brothers greet each other, via Bolin singing the praises of the power hungry “peacekeeper.”

Batar tells Su of his engagement to Kuvira, yet the metalbending leader reflects her distaste. Wu starts to freak out that the imperial jewels aren’t in order for the occasion.

The original Beifong

Korra doesn’t stand also a chance against Toph. The two duel, through Toph dodging the Avatar via ease. Toph claims that she’s more associated to the people using the swamp than she would be in world.

The Coronation?The Fire Lord, Zuko"s daughter, renders an appearance at Wu"s occasion. After being honored, Kuvira gives a speech wbelow she states Wu"s political power is nothing compared to hers. "The Planet Kingdom is no more," she asserts. The crowd receives her surprisingly well.Making history

Bolin confides in Varrick that Kuvira’s takeover is rubbing Bolin all wrong. Kuvira then asks Bolin to stick via him through their upcoming opposition. Su confronts Kuvira on befifty percent of the people leaders. Su begs Kuvira to action down, yet the dictator denies their research and also replies through a hazard toward Zaofu.

Wu whines to Mako around the day’s occasions, and also Bolin involves try to transform Mako. Bolin offends Mako, accomplishing the specific oppowebsite of his intfinished job.

Tormenting the AvatarToph is elated at her power versus the Avatar. Korra is shocked to learn she still has actually metal poiboy in her blood. Toph attempts to rerelocate the remains, however Korra can not relax to let that take place. Toph figures that Korra subconsciously wants to save the metal in her to prevent going ago to her task as Avatar.Rising action

While shopping, Wu meets angry opplace, however Mako fends off the mob with ease. At the Earth Kingdom palace, Wu breaks dvery own, and Mako brings him ago down with some real talk.

Tenzin asks his three eldest kids to situate the Avatar. Varrick is emerging a sinister brand-new technology for Kuvira utilizing some spirit vines.

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