Tempting cords, wobbly TV displays, light-up devices dubbed remote controls—follow these actions to babyproof the concealed dangers in your living room.

To you, your entertainment center implies downtime: a chance to plop down and catch up on your favorite mirrors, movies or video games. But to baby, it’s a life-dimension version of an ExerSaucer via lots of butloads, cords and devices to touch—and also if it’s not properly babyproofed, that TV stand also deserve to pose some serious risk. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a boy dies eexceptionally two weeks because of furniture or appliance tip-overs—and televisions and connected furniture are responsible for 70 percent of the crashes. Here’s a quick babyproofing checklist to help make your media cabinet totally kid-safe.

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Tie down your TV. Mounting your flat display onto the wall is the safest option, but if you can’t carry out that, secure your television via a strap or anchor, says Howard Appelbaum, a certified childproofing professional and owner of Baby Proofers Plus in New York City. To prevent the TV from toppling over as soon as baby grabs it, afdeal with one end of the strap to the back of the appliance and also mount the various other end to the wall or cabinet behind it.

Keep it on lockdvery own. If your TV stand also has doors, keep cable boxes, DVD players and also game consoles behind them and also then secure the doors via childproof locks—preferably those that screw right into the inside of the cabinet. If your cabinet doors aren’t glass, buy a remote control extender, a tiny device that sits next to the TV, that can send signals to electronics hidden from see.

Protect your players. If your cable boxes and also consoles can’t be hidden behind doors, Appelbaum recommends securing them via electronic equipment safety straps that usage strong adhesive to anchor small electronic devices to the surchallenge of your cabinet. You deserve to also retrofit Apple TVs, Roku players, cable boxes and also DVD players via tiny Plexiglass strips that’ll cover the fronts and proccasion bit fingers from pushing buttons—or inserting any kind of weird objects into the DVD slot.

Control your cords. If feasible, save any wires for your electronics in the back of your entertainment stand. Invest in cord covers, which bundle the wires together and have the right to adright here to the wall or floor to save them out of reach.

Cover corners. Once baby is mobile, sharp corners on furniture become even more of a hazard than a design facet. If your entertainment facility falls right into this category, cover the corners via padding. (Just be cautious that the adhesive that regularly comes through these products won’t damages the complete.) While you’re at it, Appelbaum also recommends padding any handles or knobs that jut out at baby’s eye level.

Rerelocate your remotes.

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Many type of remote controls don’t have battery covers that screw in place to keep out prying little fingers. To prevent a potential choking peril, save all remotes away and out of children’s reach.




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