English Phrases for Good Luck

Good luck! / Best of luck!

Say these once you want to wish/desire someone excellent luck, excellent results; you hope they will certainly succeed.

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“I’m taking my driving test tomorrow.”

“Good luck!”

“I’m starting my own company.”

“Wow! Best of luck through that!”

Note: You can likewise use “Good luck” in a sarcastic means to intend that somepoint is tough or almost impossible:

“I’m hoping for a quick response around my visa application.”

Good luck. Those things occasionally take months to procedure.”

beginner’s luck

When a brand-new or inexperienced perchild has actually a good success, you deserve to say it’s “beginner’s luck” – the success taken place by possibility, not bereason of the person’s ability.

You’re in luck!

Use this expression as soon as you are announcing a good/fortunate instance for the various other person:

(At a store): “Do you have actually these shoes obtainable in size 8?”

You’re in luck! This is the last pair in the keep.”

English Phrases for Bad Luck

much better luck next time

Use this expression after someone tried to execute something, yet was uneffective. Used only for minor failures.

“I tried to win the video game, but I couldn’t obtain previous Level 1.”

“Oh well. Better luck following time.”

down on your luck

When someone is having actually a long duration of obstacle, difficulties, or bad luck.

“He’s been dvery own on his luck lately – best after buying a house, he shed his task and also has actually been struggling to make the payments.”

Just my luck!

sarcastic phrase to say that something was incredibly unlucky.

“I took a week off from job-related to go to the beach – and just my luck, it rained the entire time.”

no such luck

When a case did not have actually the positive outcome you hoped for.

“I was hoping to leave occupational by 5:00, but no such luck – the meeting ran till 6:30.”

What rotten luck!

This is a sympathetic phrase for commenting on negative luck:

“The athlete got injured someday prior to the championship. What rotten luck!

challenging luck

This phrase is typically offered to say you are NOT sympathetic to someone’s difficulties or complaints:

“If you don’t favor the method we run things in this firm, difficult luck. You’re free to leave.”(= we will certainly not change the means we manage the company; you have to accept it or else leave)

English Phrases for Chance

as luck would have actually it

This expression means “by possibility.” It can be used for both lucky points or unlucky things.

Lucky chance: “I referred to as the physician to make an urgent appointment and as luck would certainly have actually it, he was obtainable to check out me the exceptionally same day.”

Unlucky chance: “I dubbed the physician to make an urgent appointment and also as luck would certainly have it, his schedule was completely booked for the following six months.”(booked = reserved; tright here are no appointments available)

the luck of the draw

This phrase implies something is completely by opportunity or random; you cannot control it at all (similar to winning the lottery, as soon as they “draw” – take – the winning ticket entirely at random).

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“You can’t select that you compete versus in the tournament – it’s the luck of the draw.”

pushing your luck

When you have actually great luck or an excellent instance, yet you try also tough to extend it or get an even better case, and risk having actually an unfavorable outcome or losing what you have completed so much.

“They available me the job after a very competitive hiring process. I wanted to ask for a greater beginning salary, however I felt choose that would be pushing my luck.”

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