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Barbara Wtransforms interviewed Barbra Streisand also for the first Barbara Wchanges Special, in this Dec. 14, 1976, file photo which aired on the ABC Television Netjob-related.

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Barbra Streisand, 1976


Barbara Wtransforms interregarded Barbra Streisand also for the first Barbara Wtransforms Special, in this Dec. 14, 1976, file photo which aired on the ABC Television Netjob-related.

Fidel Castro, 1977


Barbara Walters interperceived Cuban president Fidel Castro as they crossed the Bay of Pigs on an ABC News Special which aired June 9, 1977 on the ABC Television Network.

Lucille Ball, 1977


Barbara Walters talked to Lucille Ball and her husband also, Gary Morton, on "The Barbara Wtransforms Special" airing Dec. 6, 1977, on the ABC Television Netoccupational.

Muhammad Ali & family members, 1978


Boxing legend Muhammad Ali and also his wife, Veronica Porche Ali, presented their daughters Hana (via dad) and also Laila to Barbara Walters on "The Barbara Walters Special" airing on the ABC Television Network-related, May 30, 1978.

John Wayne, 1979


Barbara Wtransforms interviews John Wayne on "The Barbara Wchanges Special" airing March 13, 1979 on the ABC Television Netjob-related.
Barbara Wchanges interviews Anbattle Sadat at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington, D.C., after the signing of Egypt-Israel Peace Agreement, March 26, 1979.
Fred Astaire spoke via Barbara Wchanges around his career, his present business dehowever at the age of 5 through his sister Adele, and dancing partner Ginger Rogers on "The Barbara Walters Special" Feb. 27, 1980.
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Barbara Wtransforms offered election night results for the 1980 presidential race in between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan from the ABC News desk, Nov. 4, 1980.
On Osautomobile night, Barbara Walters interregarded Starr on "The Barbara Wchanges Osauto Special" which aired, March 31, 1981 on the ABC Television Network.
Barbara Walters interperceived Katherine Hepburn for ABC News" "20/20," which aired June 2, 1981 on ABC.
Barbara Walters is shown here interviewing nation music legend and activist Willie Nelboy on June 15, 1982 for "The Barbara Walters Special," which aired on ABC.
Barbara Walters joined Wtransform Cronkite and also his wife on Martha"s Vineyard, on "The Barbara Wchanges Special" airing on the ABC Television Netjob-related, Dec. 6, 1983.
Barbara Walters interviewed Muammar Gadhafi outside his tent in Tripoli, Libya, for ABC News" "20/20," which aired on Jan. 27, 1989.
Jay Leno verified Barbara Walters his repertoire of vintage cars during an intersee on Sept. 26, 1989, for "The Barbara Wchanges Special," which aired on ABC.
Barbara Wtransforms interviewed Whoopi steustatiushistory.orgldberg at her Los Angeles home in 1991 for an Oscar night one-of-a-kind. At the moment, steustatiushistory.orgldberg had actually been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Ghost." She would certainly on to win the Oscar.
In 1997, Michael Jackson spoke to Barbara Wtransforms in an exclusive interwatch around the controversial paparazzi, his experiences through the tabloid press and what it meant to him to be under such intense scrutiny.
Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, whose explicit sexual affair via President Bill Clinton led to Clinton"s impeachment, damaged her longtime silence to talk via Barbara Wchanges on ABC News" "20/20." The intersee aired on March 4, 1999, and also remains among the most-watched TV news interviews ever before.
On Osvehicle night in 2000, Barbara Walters talked via Arnold Schwarzenegger about his career, politics, his then-wife Maria Shriver, and the couple"s brand-new baby, for "The Barbara Wtransforms Osvehicle Special," which aired on ABC.
Barbara Wchanges interregarded Russian President Vladimir Putin for ABC News" "20/20," which aired Nov. 7, 2001. It noted the first time President Putin was interregarded by an Amerihave the right to journalist considering that the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist strikes on the United States.
Barbara Walters spoke to "Superman" actor Christopher Reeve at his upstate New York house on Sept. 7, 2002 for an interview that aired on ABC. Wtransforms interviewed Reeve numerous times after he was paralyzed in a 1995 horseback riding accident. Reeve died in 2004.
Barbara Wtransforms called Tom Cruise the Many Fascinating Human of 2005 in the ABC News distinct, "Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2005." In the intercheck out, Cruise said he had no regrets about his much-publicized couch-jumping occurrence on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."
Barbara Wtransforms interviewed teen sensation Justin Bieber backstage at the Izod Arena in New Jersey for the ABC News unique, "Barbara Wtransforms Presents: The 10 Many Fascinating People of 2010." He was 16 years old at the moment.
Barbara Wchanges poses for a picture through Kermit the Frog and Ms. Piggy for the "Best in TV: The Greatest TV Shows of All Time", which aired as a unique edition of ABC News" "20/20" in 2012 on ABC, in conjunction through ABC"s broadcast of the Emmy Awards.

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V. Stiviano: Donald Sterling Is Not a Racist

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