With “Amerideserve to Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson” illustration to a cshed Tuesday night, Robert Kardashian has actually emerged as a ethical compass in the drama that depicts the murder trial of the previous NFL footsphere player accsupplied of killing ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpkid and frifinish Ron Goldguy on June 12, 1994.

The late attorney and also ex-husband of truth TV mogul Kris Jenner struggled through his loyalty for the Juice, as he affectionately dubbed his ideal frifinish, and the perception of his disloyalty to Nicole Brown Simpson. The trial of the century additionally strained his partnership via Jenner and also brought about fatality risks versus his household.

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But through it all, Kardashian stayed a loving father and a great friend. For those who haven’t kept up via this Kardashian prior to now, below are 11 things to understand about the guy who never left O.J."s side.


Kardashian and Simpson were ideal friends

Robert and O.J. met on a tennis court in 1969 and stayed friends for years, sharing service interests as well as a love of the jet-set way of living and the College of Southern California, where the previous earned his bachelor’s level and the last earned his Heisman Trophy. Simpchild was an usher at Kardashian’s 1978 wedding to Kris Houghton — now better well-known as Kris Jenner — and Kardashian was there in 1977 as soon as Simpchild met Nicole Brown, his future wife. The couples would spfinish most time together, via Kris and Nicole coming to be cshed friends too.

Kris eventually cheated on Kardashian — and also he captured her in the act

“I constantly lied to Robert” during her affair, Jenner created in her 2011 autobiography “Kris Jenner … And All Things Kardashian.” “I can not control myself.” He caught her and her lover meeting for breakfast — she assumed he had her adhered to by a private detective — which led to a substantial fight. The cat-and-mouse would go on for three months, through him capturing them together three times. He eventually filed for a divorce, which was final in March 1991.


Robert Kardashian, left, with attorney Gerald Uelmale, appropriate, and also an undetermined third party in O.J. Simpson’s backyard the day after authorities searched it. (Los Angeles Times file photo)

Kardashian was incredibly associated in the events resulting in Simpson’s arrest

Kardashian brought the infamous bulging Louis Vuitton bag after Simpson’s rerevolve from Chicago on June 13, 1994, and also shelp he was rebuffed by police once he tried to give it to them at the home. Prosecutors suspected it could have had bloody clothing or perhaps also a murder weapon and also later wanted to quiz him on its contents, but Kardashian sassist he’d never looked inside.

The night prior to Simpboy led authorities on a slow-speed chase in the white Ford Bronco on June 17, 1994, Simpchild invested the night at Kardashian’s Encino house. That morning, Kardashian sassist, he discovered his friend in Khloe’s room contemplating self-destruction. He encouraged Simpson to go exterior and look for a much more suitable location to shoot himself than a child’s bedroom and inevitably talked him out of pulling the cause.

As police were arriving to arremainder him, Simpboy then gained into the Bronco via A.C. Cowlings, who’d taken over the suicide watch, and Kardashian tried to talk to his friend by cellphone in the time of the 60-mile search that captivated the nation. That evening, Kardashian check out Simpson’s rambling goodbye letter aloud to reporters and in turn to a nationwide TV audience and also in doing so came to be a public figure.

Kardashian checked out Simpboy consistently in jail

“I’ve never before been in a jail prior to. It’s exceptionally depushing,” Kardashian told The Times in October 1994. “It makes me sick eexceptionally time I go down tbelow. We can’t have actually any kind of physical call. I want to hug him, I desire to present him that I care. It’s exceptionally challenging.”

Kardashian said that while the defense team was “going 20 hrs a day on this,” Simpboy had actually it much worse. “I can’t comordinary. I sleep in a genuine bed at night. Look where he’s sleeping ... he’s in a cage.”


Robert Shapiro, left, through Robert Kardashian. (Los Angeles Times file photo)

Kardashian reactivated his regulation license to help protect his ideal friend

Kardashian hadn’t practiced law for twenty years before Simpchild went on trial, however at the repursuit of lead attorney Robert Shapiro he recaused his license. “I recognize O.J. better than anyone on the legal team,” he told The Times in 1994. “There are so many things I understand about his personality. My job is really strategy and also liaichild in between the lawyers and also O.J.”


In June 1995, O.J. Simpson’s legal team contained, from left, Carl Douglas, Robert Kardashian and Johnnie Cochran. (Reuters file photo)

Tright here was a factor Kardashian sat next to Simpchild once the bloodiest proof was presented

Simpson’s lawyers were came to around exactly how their client would certainly conduct himself as soon as grisly photographs of his dead ex-wife and also Goldguy were shown to the jury, sources cshed to the defense told The Times in June 1995, and also the defense team believed Kardashian was the best pick to store his friend steady while the courtroom camera was trained on the defendant’s face.

Kardashian, whose usual seat in the time of the trial was at the rail separating the audience from the action, was moved to sit at the table, wright here he additionally shifted forward slightly to block the camera’s see.

The trial drove a wedge in between him and Kris and their children

“I think that the division in our family between guilty and also innocence is extremely sad. I do not desire our family torn acomponent by this situation. Please understand that I am trapped in the position I am in and also can’t obtain out. I must view this situation with. I truly think in O.J."s innocence and also unless they find him guilty, I will certainly continue to assistance him. I realize, Kris, that you additionally strongly think in his guilt. You are entitresulted in your ideas — simply as I am ... ,” Kardashian wrote in a letter addressed to his ex and their children Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob on the eve of the trial and also republished in Jenner’s autobiography.

“The previous 7 months have taken such an emotional toll on my life -- you have actually no principle,” he ongoing. “The various other day, someone asked me a basic question around something that occurred during the week of June 12 and for no reason, I started to cry. My life will never before be the very same. I’m sorry for what has actually taken place yet I was just helping my frifinish — simply as any kind of of you would certainly perform. Please don’t let whatever is going to happen in this situation influence our family.” He went on to apologize in advancement if he was rude or harsh in any type of method in the coming months, explaining that it would be a really stressful time.

The first day of the trial, the scene in downtown L.A. was such a madhome that he and also one more attorney had to take a bus to get earlier to the courtresidence after lunch. He would certainly inevitably need to hire private security to protect Jenner and their youngsters, after harassment by the media and also others, and fatality risks.

Kardashian pretty much hated Nicole’s friend Faye Resnick

“It’s disgusting that she would certainly compose this form of book about her ideal friend,” Kardashian shelp external the courthouse after Resnick’s “Nicole Brvery own Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted” was publimelted in October 1994. “It serves no function. The poor womale is brutally murdered. She can’t defend herself. Everything is hearsay in the book. I’m just glad I’m not her finest friend.”

And why did he think she composed her tell-all? “Money, my frifinish,” he told The Times. “Money.”

By 1996, Kardashian doubted O.J."s innocence

“I have actually doubts,” Kardashian told Barbara Walters in a “20/20" interwatch that October. “The blood proof is the best thorn in my side; that causes me the biggest troubles. So I — I battle via the blood evidence. "

Kardashian died of esophageal cancer in 2003, eight weeks after being diagnosed

“The understanding that he had actually cancer was one point, but to think it would actually take his life. I never in a million years assumed that would happen to him,” Jenner told E!"s Giuliana Rancic in October 2004, tearing up as she spoke. “It still stings so bad, choose it’s so fresh.” She and Kardashian had actually stayed friends after their break-up, through joint custody of their children.


Kourtney, left, Kim and also Khloe Kardashian, with mommy Kris Jenner -- the epitome of private-turned-public — in 2007. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)

Whether Kardashian knew it or not, he predicted the future

After the verdict, Kardashian’s suggest of watch was among those solicited by The Times for a roundup of perspectives on the trial. In it, he bemoaned his loss of privacy, and in doing so predicted the present media environment, in which eincredibly little bit tidbit is offered approximately an audience hungry for details. The “trial of the century” practically developed fact TV, and the personal-turned-public would be an art mastered by his ex and also their youngsters, whose stays would certainly be turned right into an inescapable empire.

“O.J. Simpkid never lied to me. He has told me that he did not commit these horrible crimes and also I have no factor not to believe him. It was from that perspective that I concerned stand also by his side throughout his trial,” Kardashian composed in 1995.

“For me, the question was: What would certainly you do for a friend? Would you offer up your organization, put your individual life on hold and devote a year and also a half of your life to a friend? I did, without realizing what an awful journey I was about to take.

“Who desires their life and whatever they have actually done for the previous 25 years dragged in front of the American public? Within a week, the attack started. I was completely unprepared for the avalanche of reporters, camages and gawking members of the public that besieged my house and also got into my life. Overnight, I was the topic of hate letters and also phone calls at all hours of the day and also night. I was threatened; my children were intimidated.

So excellent is society’s demand also for indevelopment that we have the right to no much longer say that all the news gathered is worthy of airing. Much of it is not.

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Robert Kardashian, 1995

“Why need to reporters and photographers camp outside our homes? Why must the personal life of a exclusive citizen be torn acomponent just to provide one more meaningless detail to feed the mass hysteria?

“I identify that the First Amendment protects free speech and freedom of the push. But the recent trfinish of the push to intrude right into the private lives of innocent individuals in the name of ‘acquiring the story’ demonstrates the dwindling interemainder in the equally valid constitutional ideal to privacy. So good is society’s demand also for information that we deserve to no much longer say that all the news gathered is worthy of airing. Much of it is not.

“In such an setting, it’s not hard to view why old household worths prefer trust and also friendship are progressively rare. The price is as well high in a culture that tears acomponent anyone who dares to take a public stand also in the midst of controversy.”