I was exceptionally doubtful about trying the shampoo that Bath and Body Works provides. I always just bought the skin treatment assets and also the clerk talked me into trying the shampoo when it was on sale. I was pleasantly surprised.I bought the volume shampoo and I might really view a distinction in my hair. It had a bounce that it didn"t have from my prior shampoo. I did not have to usage a lot and it lathered really well. I felt choose my hair was clean from the minute I put it on my head. The shampoo rinsed out really well and also did not cause my hair to feel hefty or over processed. The scent was remarkable, it was so fraprovide that my bathroom smelled wonderful. I might likewise smell it in my hair throughout the day.I would certainly recommend providing this product a shot, I perform not think you will be disappointed.EffectivenessIt functions good, and also leaves your hair feeling exceptionally clean and refreshed.ScentThe scent is perfect. I bought the mandarin oarray one, and it smelled heavenly!




Great Shampoo!

Bath and also Body Works Signature Collection Moisturizing Shampoo is an excellent product. Bath and Body Works renders wonderful, high high quality commodities and also this is no exception. Their moisturizing shampoo is gentle, nourishing, and also effective! It leaves hair looking and also feeling soft, smooth, silky, fresh, and shiny. I really prefer to use this shampoo to rejuvenate my hair after I have actually a offered many tools favor blow dryers and hot curling irons that leave my hair dry, brittle, and also absupplied. A little of this shampoo goes a lengthy way-which is excellent for us girls on a budget! These shampoos come in a range of the wonderful scents that Bath and Body Works are recognized for prefer Warm Vanilla Sugar, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Sweet Pea, and also more. Mango Mandarin is a favorite of mine. It smells like delicious fresh fruit.EffectivenessLeaves hair moisturized! Makes it look fresh, shiny, clean, and rejuvenated.ScentSmells great-not too harsh, and comes in the majority of of the fabulous scents that Bath and also Body Works is well-known for!




Bath & Body Works Shampoo smells wonderful and works great!

I have actually lengthy hair, so I am always on the lookout for shampoo and also conditioner that will not only smell good, but likewise hopefully make my hair soft and manageable! I am VERY pleased through the quality of Bath and also Body works" shampoos and conditioners. I initially bought one bottle of each (shampoo and conditioner) just to try it, and also I was really pleased with just how straightforward it wregarding comb my hair after I got out of the shower. Also, the scent lingered in my hair for about a day after that, which I love! (It"s always nice to offer your boyfrifinish a hug and also gain complimented on how excellent your hair smells.) I have given that gone back and bought the shampoos and conditioners in several various other scents, including Mango Mandarin, Coconut Lime Verbena, and Warm Vanilla Sugar. I never thought of Bath & Body Works as being a good area to get hair products, but I have not been disappointed yet! I will certainly continue to repurchase these, although I have a feeling the bottles I currently have will last me a while!


Upland also, IN


Love the scent of these shampoos and my hair looks great!

Currently, I am making use of the Fresh Pineapple Moisturizing Shampoo by Bath and also Body Works and also I love it! This line of shampoos is a treat in the shower once I am washing my hair because they smell so great and also once my hair is styled it looks excellent too! I favor too that it is okay for color-treated hair as well so that I don"t spilgrimage out my highlights once washing! I likewise enjoy that I deserve to layer my scents with a shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion, and also body spray all in one scent so that I smell good from head to toe! I execute tfinish to be fussy around my shampoo and also do not buy anypoint that is "cheap" or that issues me it could not be good for my hair so I was hesitant when this line initially came out, but a number of years later on I am still buying it because it is so good to my hair. It is a tiny on the expensive side in my opinion so I execute try to buy it as soon as it is on sale and I have a coupone to make the expense even more reasonable for me!


Carlisle, PA


Bath & Body Works Shampoo is awesome

This is my favorite shampoo and normally the just one I use. I love the citrus fragrances it comes in and also usage either the grapefruit or a tangerine scented shampoo. I choose the moisturizing shampoo specifically in the winter as soon as my hair is staticky and my hair starts to feel dry from the winter winds. This shampoo helps save my right hair smooth while not taking out the volume from it. It looks healthy and also shiny also though I usage a level iron on it practically day-to-day. The shampoo lathers really well and also functions well through my oily hair form that I have to wash my hair day-to-day. I haven"t noticed any type of build up from using this product. You can typically get the shampoo once it goes on sale and also be able to stock up on it till the following sale and acquire an excellent deal. I acquire the take a trip sizes once possible for take a trip or even to go overnight to the in-legislations since I prefer my brand also to what they might have in their shower.


Bella Vista, AR


i like it i love it....

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I really favor the shampoos that bath and also body has to offer, bereason I love understanding that all of my prduct enhance. I think my 2 favorite that come in the shampoo is moonligh tcourse in the time of the winter, and coconut lime verbena for the summer.I love teh means that my hair feels after i use this product, it washes out well, and also as soon as all is shelp and also done my hair is silky smooth.There are incredibly feew poor points that i have the right to say about the shampoo at bath and also body works. The initially is that I wish that I might get in butterfly flower bereason that is my top scent for the summer, and also also though i love coconut lime verbena, i would certainly prefer the butterfly freduced.another point is that i have to stock up on it twice a year bereason the only time that i can find it in stores is during the semi annual sales in january and june. I"m pretty certain taht you can gain it digital year round, however i dont choose shopping digital for bath and body works.ultimately i just with they electronic camera in bigger bottles so that they would certainly last a small bit longer.... however all in all i guess that i do really choose this product a totality lot.


Brankid, MO


The Warm Vanilla Sugar shampoo smells excellent and also relaxing

Warm Vanilla Sugar is my favorite Bath and also Body Works fragrance, and also the shampoo and conditioner execute a wonderful job of making you feel and also smell great. Although I find that I don"t notice the scent as a lot as soon as I acquire out of the shower, it absolutely functions well via the steam to wrap a blanket of fragrance about your body. The shampoo itself lathers excellently, however you have to make certain to wash it all out or else it will not make your hair as shiny. Overall, I really love Bath and Body Works hair products, even though they are a little expensive for the amount that you acquire. I really prefer utilizing it in conjunction via all the various other corresponding commodities of the same scent--it feels really great to use the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion in its entirety. The scent is noticeable, however the majority of certainly not overpowering in the leastern. I would absolutely recommend the shampoo and also conditioner to anyone.


Elon, NC


Doesn"t moisturize well. I have to usage alot of conditioner.

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The shampoo smells excellent but does not moisturize well at all and I noticed it has actually alot of alcohol in it which does not do well for my curls at all. The factor I bought it is because it smell choose sweet pea which is my favorite scent from bath and body works!


Carlton, GA


Wonderful. Love it!

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar moisturizing shampoo & conditioner is great. My hair is soft & smells great for days. Love the entire line of Warm Vanilla Sugar assets. One of the good points around about the shampoo & conditioner is exactly how bit it takes so a bottle last around twice as long compared to various other shampoos & conditioners.


Gravette, AR


Stock up on B&BW shampoo at the next semi-yearly sale!

I am J, and I am a Bath & Body Works addict. I can"t even tell you exactly how many kind of shelves and also drawers in my home are filled specifically with products from this store. So once B&BW began marketing shampoo a couple of years earlier in their signature fragrances, of course I had to try it. I"m pretty specific around my hair care products for 2 factors. First, I have hair that has a tendency to tangle as soon as it"s as well squeaky-clean, so I need somepoint moisturizing and also smoothing; yet my hair additionally gets conveniently weighed down via too much moisture from a hair care product, so it has to have a delicate balance. Second, I desire the fragrance of my shampoo and also conditioner to match my body wash and other body treatment products--fruity with fruity, flowery with flowery, and so on This shampoo (and its coordinating conditioner) absolutely fits the bill for me. There"s just one problem: they discontinued it! But, thankfully, B&BW brings it ago for the semi-yearly sales in January and also June. Stock up--I bought about 12 bottles at the last sale!