Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and also Body Works is a Amber Vanilla fragrance for women. Top notes are Vanilla and also Fldental Notes; middle notes are Vanilla, Rice and Coconut; base notes are Vanilla, Sandaltimber, Musk and Heliotrope.

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I suppose it’s an absolute timeless what more is tright here to say? That being shelp my memories of the old scent from when I was a kid still linger (utterly heartbreaking lol). Both scents are great, that I’m sure of, it’s really difficult to acquire mad at a lightly sugared heat cozy feeling vanilla.As with any (or at least most) of the B&BW scents they instantly job an unecessarily solid alcohol smell which while it goes amethod after a pair secs, does dampen the experience a little.But MAN execute I wish I might acquire my hands on the one I remember smelling so frequently as a kid.
This stuff smells much better than you would mean. It is heat and sweet, and also the rice note provides it a marshmallow vibe. i sprayed it on the back of my hand simply to test it and once i woke up in the morning i could still smell it
This testimonial is for the shower gel. A straightforward vanilla, inoffensive however does the trick if you desire a sweet resolve. It is not as decadent and also indulgent as Laura Mercier or Lavanila. It’s not as classy as the Black Currant Vanilla that B&B offered to market in their Aromatherapy line. They readjusted this scent from the method it smelled 10 years back. It provided to smell overly sweet favor a birthday cake. Now it’s simply vanilla- slightly fabricated however not offensively so.
Warm, light, timeless... I love Warm Vanilla Sugar, yet wish the Eau De Parfum was still easily accessible. The fragrance mists are a cshed skin scent and hardly ever project. I had excellent luck with the Eau De Toilette a few years ago (my boyfriend still reminisces on the scent this left in his car), yet it was discontinued. eBay bottles don"t reduced it and also are acquiring stale. We must band together to bring the parfum back!
It"s basic yet reliable in what it"s expected to execute. Warm vanilla and also fldental notes in the opening, a little of rice and also heliotrope right after, which provide it a powdery residential or commercial property and also sandaltimber through musk on the base. Not considerably sophisticated but neither juvenile. Good for layering via other perfumes to rotate up the sweetness.
Dear B&BW: Please lug the old Warm Vanilla Sugar back... the one you marketed in around early on 2000s along with the skinny tube lip balm that tasted so amazing every time I used - lots of brvery own sugar, vanilla, and also caramel flavoring. They changed the original formulation after 2004-2006. I remember even though the old label remained the very same (the photo via brown sugar cubes), the scent totally adjusted to somepoint artificial... prefer a Warm Vanilla Sugar changeling. The true Warm Vanilla Sugar died a long time earlier, and also I can never situate the very same scent given that. There was somepoint in it that made it extremely edible, extremely comforting, addicting, and you wanted to wrap yourself around it favor a light cashmere shawl made out of actual Kashmiri goat hair.
Hmmm, I offered to HATE this with my entire being and currently that I"ve learned to reap sweeter gourmand also kind scents, I do not mind this at all. I bought the old lacey looking bottle rather of the more recent design as I heard the older one is better.Is it simple? Absolutely. But it was maybe $7.50CAD when I bought it and for the price and the amount you obtain, I really cannot complain. It would certainly be perfect to layer with nearly any type of scent. It"s greatly just slightly sugared musk anyway! It doesn"t smell favor a $100+ fragrance of course, but it does not also smell negative or like a kid"s body mist (at least in my opinion). I think it"s definitely all periods proper although I"d say it seems choose somepoint that best fits the age variety of 17-27. If you bought it for the name and as a B&BW body mist nonethemuch less, I seriously cannot imagine how you wouldn"t choose it.
A continuous staple in my fragrance wardrobe. Simple... yet heat, sweet, sexy, & cozy. Familiar and pleasant, flirty and attractive. That goes-with-almost-every little thing kind of fragrance.
Based on the notes noted, I believed I might reap this fragrance for loss or winter... however it’s pretty a lot my nightmare scent. Overly synthetic and also sickly sweet.
I have the body mist through the 2019 design, and also I really love it! It"s a very comforting vanilla sugary scent. It"s really lovely and also I never obtain worn down of it. My favorite product from the line was the sugar scrub, it was magical. I love it! I don"t smell the coconut, possibly simply a hint of sandallumber however really a tiny little bit.
Disspanned this a few years earlier at eighteen and also immediately dropped in love via it. It was like someone had bottled my personality right into a body mist. Warm. Sweet. Comforting. I loved to layer it via B&BW"s Snowflakes in Cashmere when the winter months rolled about and had more than a few civilization soptimal and ask me what I was wearing or tell me that I smelled excellent. It is a tiny juvenile though, however if you"re a teenager and also right into sweeter scents, this is ideal up your alley. Only downside is that it doesn"t last that long on your skin because it"s a body mist :(.
Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath and Body Works has a little of a cult following in the fragrance neighborhood. It is an easily available and also affordable vanilla fragrance that smells surprisingly pleasant on the skin.As one would suppose, Warm Vanilla Sugar is a sweet vanilla fragrance. It is a gourmand through fluffy vanilla on a bed of soft cinnamon notes, heliotrope and also coconut rice. The composition is straight, through extremely little intricacy throughout its development. Warm Vanilla Sugar lasts about five hours on my skin through strong projection, slowly becoming softer after a couple of hrs of wear.Many type of individuals wear Warm Vanilla Sugar as a comforting bed-time scent. I have the right to absolutely understand its appeal as a "relaxing" fragrance as the sweet vanilla accord evokes a sense of coziness. In enhancement to being a pleasant scent to wear on the skin, Warm Vanilla Sugar is also accessible as a residence fragrance to scent your home through its deliciousness.I still gain a sugary gourmand from time to time, but I don"t reach for them as frequently anyeven more. Warm Vanilla Sugar, although lovely, is not full bottle worthy for me. I will certainly enjoy the rest of my decant however will more than likely never revisit. I will, yet, continue to recommfinish it.
This smells rather dated to me. (which is not a bad thing)Everybody and also they mama offered to wear this, at least from where I"m from. Warm Vanilla Sugar and also VS"s Vanilla Lace was what everybody always wore. To me this smells so acquainted and also incredibly comforting.I reap this so much.When I was younger I"ve always thought the scent is ssuggest vanilla and also sugar but then I never before thought this has alot of notes and also currently I have the right to really pick up the rice and also coconut.
This fragrance has been a favorite of mine for many years. Sadly I don’t understand why they readjusted the formula. The original formula was a beautiful toasted brown sugar and also vanilla cake scent .It had actually ideas of coconut and was reminiscent of white rice. A bit floral and also powdery dry down as well. 5 out of 5 to the old one.
Love it! I recognize it"s for women however I love vanilla scents so I wear this layered with Bath and also Body Works Twilight Woods Signature Collection for guys and the two mingling via one another smell amazing! This is specifically the type of vanilla scent I favor. It"s not as well sweet or chemically smelling but quite warm, soothing, cozy and also comfy. When I wear it and obtain a whiff of myself now and then, it almost makes me hungry, that"s exactly how good it is! I hope they never discontinue this fragrance. Super yummy. Try it, you could just like it!
I have ultimately got it yesterday and l really prefer it It continues to be me of Laura Marcier vanilla perfume but it"s weeker variation.I do get a flowery notes and also also a rice notes, something like a rice pudding yet still l wouldn"t discribe it as a typical foody vanilla perfume.I have previously got a toaster sugar by bodycology as someone stated to me that this one is similar to bbw vanilla and l think it it yet l still choose this one much better. I think that toasted sugar have actually some even more sharp notes and also bbw vanilla is even more soft, even more creamy vanilla with some flowery notes and rice notes little it blends beautifully.I wish it last much longer however this is just a body mist, l think bbw must begin producing it in a perfume create again.I am going to buy it again anymethod after finishing this one.
I smelled this from a colleague of mine and also found it in a very interesting way. There"s a location somewhat a hallmethod that I typically passed by typically because I love the means it smells. I thought hmmm. someone"s right into Le Male by Gaultier. The scent lingers all throughout the hallmethod. One day, a colleague of mine happens to passed by the exact same hallway, simply choose a robot, unknowingly, I followed her. I"m enamored by her smell. I sassist to her suggest blank which I"m surprised myself uttering those words. "Gee, you smelled terrific!" (80s shampoo brand recall my gosh.) Then, I uncovered out it was Warm Vanilla Sugar. I didn"t recognize that even a body mist can job that lengthy and lingered for hrs. I bought a complete body mist bottle following day for myself.
This fragrance smells simply favor vanilla and also sugar. It"s a really pleasant perfume, and it"s not also strong.
Sometimes nostalgia type of takes over in location of excellent taste. I"m not ashamed to admit it! I do love this regardmuch less of the bad high quality. It is warmth, yet there is a pretty distinctive artificiality to it all. Definitely. It"s rich, warmth and syrupy, however it does not smell *corn syrupy* to me, it"s simply dense. I completely get the rice note and also always have, even as a kid! I respeak to sniffing the lotion on my arms and thinking it smelled like rice pudding (or slightly tapioca). I uncover this to be good once in a blue moon if I"m feeling favor a major gourmand also bomb, because that"s what it is. It"s excellent to layer under certain amber perfumes or even wintry fruity perfumes.On it"s own, as an adult, I would only price this a 5/10. With emotional attachments and also nostalgia, I"d offer it a 7/10. So it"s basically a 6 at finest. Worth 2 or 3 bucks in the time of SAS for a take a trip spray though! No doubt around it :)
Firstly, I love vanilla. It"s autumn/winter now, and also I am giddy with vanilla joy because all my sweet and also cake-influenced scents deserve to be used through abandon. I love vanilla. And I hate this so a lot - aget, to be fair, I understand also that my nose and also my chemisattempt play a component in this. It more than likely smells amazing on various other civilization and/or to other human being. I have yet to find someone who wants it, however this will one day discover its forever before residence with someone who loves it... but I love vanilla and I hate this.This smells like: harsh alcohol base, burning sugar, burning plastic, old rubber/plastic youngsters toys, sundisplay screen squirted into a sugar jar, synthetic sweetener, and also incredibly sweet, fake vanilla air freshener. It radiates this plastic, chemical feel. It gives me an instant ice-pike-to-the-temples headache.I wish I smelled what others perform here. For me, this is just so fake and also heachachey and also chemical. Hopefully I"ll find my significant bottle a new house, yet for me this is a vast "no" through a side of skull-splitting migraines and also sugar-coated unease. Not one for non-gourmand fans - I love my sugar, sweetness, vanilla, so as soon as I say it"s as well much, I"m not saying that lightly. Gourmand also fans - I really do not choose this, however that does not expect you shouldn"t attempt this if it catches your eye.
I prefer Warm Vanilla Sugar as it is a more soft-and-warm sweet vanilla scent in compariboy to Vanilla Bean Noel yet the smell of alcohol is detectable. The drydown on my skin smells prefer soured vanilla because of that. Still searching for the perfect vanilla-based fragrance, preferably an EDP.
This used to smell excellent, but the recent formulations just smell prefer directly up plastic via a twist of artificial vanilla extract. The lotion is also worse! I"m not a fragrance snob and also I mostly prefer BBW scents, yet this one is simply awful. Disappointing.
This is my initially Vanilla fragrance.I always wear somepoint citrus and also wanted something brand-new and tried this while looking around in a recently opened Bath and Body Works keep. I love the toasted sugar scent yet it"s extremely light and also fades quickly and I believed perhaps if I spray even more it would certainly last longer but nah. I do smell some vanilla and also sugar and also nothing else compared to the other notes discussed right here. Good point I only bought a small bottle. I"m just gonna use it when staying at house and also layer through vanilla lotion to increase longevity a little bit. Nothing distinct, still searching for an awesome Vanilla perfume.
I love gourmands and also I was incredibly excited to get a whiff of this. So once I had actually the opportunity, it was a meh. It smells favor a melted sugar and incredibly linear. It will certainly start through a millisecond of alcohol once you first spray and also simply syrupy sweet sugar following.
I disagree via all these negative reviews. This smells extremely warmth and also delightful! I gained the lotion of it for my birthday, along with a bath sponge and also a B&BW gift card. If you layer the lotion via the Japanese Cherry Blossom spray, you"ll gain a woody floral scent.Update: I currently have a entirety BOATLOAD of this stuff! Time to smell prefer a vanilla cake in front of everyone!!
Warm Vanilla Sugar is horrid. Smells like cigarettes and also garbage, hefty on the alcohol also. Anyone else obtaining this or it"s just me? Used to love the old formula. It adjusted...Too bad, considering that vanilla is my go-to, my fav...

Cheap, disposable, no dry-down. Pointmuch less.

I"ve never before been sadder about a scent! I adore the smell of this, it"s the perfect vanilla aside from Hypnotic Poison! But sadly, this has no silage after 10 minutes. I have the right to still smell it on my apparel before I wash them however I need to shove the pieces in my confront. I choose my scents to not be overwhelming, yes, yet I choose human being to understand I"m wearing them without having to basically be on peak of me. Maybe I need to buy the equivalent body wash and also lotion too?This smells mostly of creamy vanilla and also rice through a light jasmine undertone. I don"t notice the coconut at all. Silage is awful and also longevity is durable. It"s a very sexy scent if you can smell it.
Warmth in a bottle. Smells yummy. Great for day-to-day usage or as a base for other scents, specifically in cool weather.
Almethods a classic! This is one that I obtain consistently told “you smell so good!” It’s warm and cozy and also reminds me of Fall.It’s exceptionally sweet however dries down clean.It’s prefer the comfort food of fragrances.I specifically love the body butter and eau de parfum version~ very wealthy and decadent.
Rice is very noticeable! I bought this frag partly because of that rice note, yet it faicaused impress me… raw, unrinsed and screechy Uncle Ben"s rice (which technically, is not per se a rice genus)I swear there"s some shea in the mix, it reminds me drugsave body lotion.Vanilla is floral, actually, I feel even more flowery notes would certainly balance that juice out.Definitely not foody - I do not associate florals via blankety comfort scents.UPDATE second MARCH 2019:I sprayed it over Al Rehab Full, a jasmine-magnolia scented attar. Although the initially 30mins aren"t outstanding, the dry down is oh, so lovely!Full is the flowery lacking attach I was craving.
Warm Vanilla Sugar will constantly be a staple in my collection. Warm, cozy, sweet, and also sexy. Definitely a comfort scent.
This is a weird one. Sometimes I favor it, then various other times it simply smells plasticy. I have actually the lotion and also the body spray, however haven"t tried the EDT. It"s an inoffensive, warmth vanilla that would be basic to layer.
Is it me, or did earlier in the day did this smell different? When I say "back in the day" I"m certain many civilization will know what I suppose... as in, at an early stage 2000s? Or it is my nose simply becoming mature?I freshly got the body wash and lotion, sampled the spray and also they all just had actually this vibe that I couldn"t pinallude. It was a plasticky smell, but didn"t make me sick to my stomach. It"s choose the difference in between a room spray and also a perfume... You understand the difference simply by what need to and need to not be put on people...Warm Vanilla Sugar provided to be THE vanilla scent. It was anywhere, along with Cucumber Melon, Victoria"s Secret Dream Angels Heavenly, and Victoria"s Secret Love Spell.So it"s 2018. I bought Warm Vanilla Sugar, and it had that "French vanilla" top quality (a richer vanilla), yet it was more choose a French vanilla that had turned rancid. I couldn"t wear it. It didn"t offered to have actually any sort of alcohol stench or plastic vibe, but now it"s in the same class as a vanilla Glade spray that went on clearance due to low sales.Sensual Amber had actually the very same impact. I provided to LOVE Sensual Amber. You have to remember that you can"t take Bath & Body Works too seriously (anymore). They are supposed to be fun purchases currently. Their products used to be unique and greater high quality. The save had course, the labels weren"t so loud. I think the formulas have actually readjusted over the years, more than likely to cheapen them dvery own. They don"t have that unique, sparkling quality prefer they offered to have actually. I store reviewing old favorites and also I always seem to say the same point... "The formula is adjusted, it"s for the worse". If civilization read my reviews they"d think I was an eternal Negative Nancy. But I guess nopoint continues to be the same!So I just scrolled down simply a tiny and tbelow it is... I"m not the just one! Sad!
I really favor this! It is sugary and also powdery soft favor icing on a cake. Smell is subtle which is to be meant of a body spray. I"m going to usage this to layer most likely. It"s certainly a comforting, gourmand vanilla. Initial spray reeks of alcohol yet that dissipates conveniently.
I frequently hate B&BW commodities. I suppose /hate/. Someone on the forums wrote that this smells favor vanilla lip smackers and also they were spot. fucking. on. It"s a delightful cheapie. I personally really like it bereason it"s so easy so I deserve to wear it eincredibly day and remind myself of being around ten begging my parents for their vanilla lip gloss. I"m covertly a boy though, so it"s no surpincrease. Tbelow are little things that I do to make me happy and this is just one of them (in addition to waiting until the holidays and also buying frosting fragranced drugsave cheapies, particularly chapstick.) I do not feel prefer a boy wearing it though, it"s just pleasant. It"s not like wearing Prada"s candy gloss r anypoint else that yells "YOUTH! I AM REVELING IN NOSTALGIA FOR CHILDHOOD!" thank god. I have the right to just sniff throughout the day and be comforted by the idea of my christmases once I"d get my lip smacker in my stocking. Oh bona bell, you"ve shed so many excellent spices throughout your years! I wish that their cookie dough didn"t obtain disongoing, it"s all soda pop spices currently. :(
I have actually Warm Vanilla Sugar in the Shea body cream (which is a fairly good & sturdy body moisturizer and my go to for dry winter skin). It is a light vanilla/amber/sweet scent with moderate longevity and also silage. Nopoint groundbreaking, yet fairly pleasant. It is wonderful for layering under various fragrances. I am a nurse, and also find it perfect to wear alone as a job-related scent (florals/heavy scents/silage monsters are no-go as they can bvarious other patients)It layers under all my Chanel perfumes wondertotally (Coco Mademoiselle, Coco, Coromandel, No 5 extrait)........I know Bath & Body Works + Chanel = sacrilege. But a little slumming is excellent for the soul.
Hmmmmm....not too poor. Typical Bath and Body Works formulation...generic..???....kinda. However before, I favor it!I carry out obtain coconut...but not pina colada/suntan lotion coconut...more "toasted nutty-ish coconut, which is much better IMO.Underneath I am gaining a tad of "dirty" dry vanilla woody as well....aobtain, IMO.I gained an older 1 oz edt on eBay so possibly it"s vintage...lol. I check out various other reviewers saying the newer one is water/alcohol-ish. I did acquire that typical alcohol zap at initially,yet it goes amethod fast.It is an easy to wear, "simple" vanilla scent IMO. I have actually tried some other vanilla scents that are means better priced and this one smells much better than some of those.Nice scent to have actually approximately once you are justhaving a lazy day at residence...ect...ect...lol. Not negative at all...happy.EDIT: I also reap the bodywash in this scent....!!
Rice pudding. Vanilla. Whipped cream.Makes you feel prefer a tease, walking roughly smelling edible. One of those "I wear it for me" fragrances because I do not spray enough to make a huge sugar cloud approximately myself, although the temptation is occasionally tbelow :)Also, I am specific that this would certainly beat Vanilla Lace in a steel cage complement, simply sayin"!

Very watery and also alcohol .... ago in the day it was stronger.

I own both the body cream and also the perfume and as others have actually said it smells rather like vanilla baked goods. This is my go-to vanilla for layering. I hardly ever wear this by itself, yet it"s great for layering under other scents once I desire to add or improve a vanilla note.
A exceptionally straightforward, no fuss or frills, Gourmand vanilla. It smells a bit choose freshly baked sugar cookies. I obtained it as a gift and also while it isn"t my favorite of its "type" it is nice. I actually use it often for layering because it works perfectly to include vanilla and sweetness to fragrances I feel are doing not have that element! Overall, I"m happy to have actually it also if I don"t commonly wear it by itself.
This is so yummy! My favourite from BBW so far. It is a lot like Victoria"s Secret vanilla lace however actually much better, it isn"t that sort of sticky vanilla it"s just edible and really appealing. Very nice
Really wish I acquired all those cookies, warmth sweetness and also cozy sugar... Nope. The front runner for me is rice and somepoint green. It"s favor once you"re eating a vanilla cookie, and somejust how a chunk of celery gets in your mouth. And you finish up chewing them together. Alas. So make certain you try it on prior to purchasing. Turned out not being that "your unmistakable vanilla" kind of scent for me.
this smell is such a classic! if you have another vanilla smell that simply needs a kick additional of warmth, pick this up for layering! i love the shower assets for winter becuse it is so so warm
Smells choose there"s been a reformulation. I obtained this as soon as I was 13 and I remember a richer smelling vanilla. It was certainly a "warm" scent, also. Now at 24, I can smell the plastic a couple of various other members mentioned, equivalent to BBW"s Riceflower and Shea. Like play dough or baby doll heads (lol). Also I find that once 2-3 note fragrances contain coconut and vanilla, they sort of complete via each various other and cause that plasticky note (such as Victoria"s Secret Coconut Passion). So the bottle I had of this came to be a room spray rather of a body spray. Not my sort of vanilla, test this one out for yourself.
This is my favorite go to vanilla fragrance! easy once i do not recognize which fragrance i desire to wear. This perfume is perfect for eextremely periods. Day or night. Can additionally be layered with various other perfumes. cozy and sweet.
I am a substantial fan of vanilla and also this is my all time favorite. I have tried Vanilla Lace by Victoria Secret, Vanilla by Body Fantasies and also they are nice yet this should be the conventional for a soft, sexy adult vanilla. I have it in the body mist, lotion, cream, and also shower gel and have actually been using it for years. It is distinctive and also difficult to explain. To my nose, it smells choose a warm, cozy vanilla surrounded by toasted coconut and brown sugar. The coconut note makes it stand out from so many kind of various other vanilla fragrances on the sector. It is marketed as a fall/winter scent yet I use it all year roughly and obtain many compliments. It smells like a mix in between a bakery scent and a delicious suntan lotion. There is a factor this has actually been a number one seller for years. It is a classical.
I"m not a large fan of vanilla, yet this is fine. I gained it as a white elephant gift, so it might have actually been worse. I don"t ever before really usage this other than for perhaps Thanksproviding. It"s type of bland also. Tright here isn"t a wow element or anypoint.

The most plastic vanilla you deserve to imagine. :( Ugh

My favorite vanilla... a childhood blanket, a worn-in pair of jeans, the softest knitted sweater, an old robe through holes in it that you still wear anymeans. Warm Vanilla Sugar is very true to its name. A kitchen scent, several powdered sugar, and I agree via the reviewer below that shelp it smells prefer coffee cake. It does indeed have cavital aspect to it - but while I"m nearly invariably nauseated by "buttercream" scents, this one is all soft, toasty whispers - the creamy nuttiness of steamed basmati rice (a little coconutty, yes!), a hint of musk, dusty sandalwood. Overall it"s a little bit doughy, through its glutinous rice accord, yet retains the "sparkle" of crystallized sugar. What really provides this fragrance stand out for me is just how beautifully and harmoniously it envelopes you in that soft, warmth, sweet aura of scent. It never feels overwhelming - simply comfortable and also relaxing and it makes me smile.As others have actually stated, longevity is below average, yet I uncover it does well on garments - and I think the body cream may even have much better sillage alone, a lot less layered. I"d tend to think of it as a cold weather scent, except a couple of summers back when my fiance and also I were packing up our old apartment - via its malfunctioning air conditioning! - in the 100-degree Carolina warmth, this was all I wanted to wear. I think it was the nostalgia of happy memories watching the winter scurrently from our upstairs home windows while wearing this. Even so, it organized up surprisingly well in the warmth, as well, and now for me it has actually especially systematic memories attached. The EDT is definitely a fine alternative at its low price, yet considering that B&BW constantly has actually testers out, I could imply trying the body cream and body mist layered, and seeing if that provides you a comparable or much better effect. Best of all is the body cream layered via the EDT, of course - all the warmth and comfort and also sweetness, plus the assurance it will certainly stick around for a while.

Burnt plastic :(

Warm is rightThis is a suitable December winter time fragrance to cozy up via. It smells prefer delicious sugar cookies the type kids leave on a table by the firelocation for Santa Claus!It"s sweet and also powdery, milky, vanilla, creamy, delicious and edible. It smells just choose they extracted all the yummy sugar and also vanilla out of some dessert in a bakery shop. This is also similar to coffee cake. A sweet however subtle scent, unisex, youthful, girlish, teenager-ish however mature and also so simple to wear. It"s not offensive to anyone that will certainly smell it on you. You deserve to wear this as soon as you"re at the office or at occupational and also co employees will certainly not mind. This is such a yummy perfume. Eextremely note is developed about that vanilla cookie scent. I detect just a small coconut yet it never before gets tropical. Oh no it"s wintery. Such a beautiful warm vanilla perfumeEnjoy!
Beautiful, warm, cozy and sweet vanilla through a subtle touch of sandaltimber. Reminds me of Vanilla&Sandalhardwood body spray from Avon, yet that one is more sandalwoody and since I"m even more of a sucker for vanilla, I definitely prefer WVS. It"s perfect for the very cold wintertime that I"m now surrounded by, yet honestly, I"m going to wear the heck out of it no issue the season :~)
This smells simply prefer Sugar Vanilla by Body Fantasies. Sugar Vanilla has a lot more alcohol on the initial spray, and they smell nearly the same on the dry dvery own, however Sugar Vanilla lasts longer IMO. I own and choose them both and usage them interchangeably. Sweet creamy vanilla through milky undertones.
Anytime I smell this I"m reminded of being a boy and also chasing vanilla body sprays so I might smell choose cookies all day. I also remember being a rowdy teenager domaking use of myself (and also my clothes) with this juice to cover up the smell of cigarette smoke. Such an easy memory of such a weird, tumultuous time. And also though the vanilla itself smells totally fake (as always), it"s still comforting. My taste in fragrance has actually advanced rather a bit given that then, so I haven"t owned this in a lengthy time, but a recent whiff of it brought me earlier to that memory. As for the scent itself - it"s straight and super-sweet, choose an artificially flavored cupcake. And while on the surconfront that might sound bad, I think for what this is, it percreates exceptionally well. Long-lasting and strong - and oddly not overwhelming - this is just a blast of sugar and also man-made gourmand vanilla - nopoint more, nopoint less. It was perfect for me when I was young and also I hated floral scents, and I didn"t mind walking around smelling choose donuts all day. If you"re searching for an inexpensive gift-set-fragrance for a young girl, this would be an excellent buy. It"s just basic to wear, also through it being so sweet. On the other hand also, if you"re even more mature and trying to find a luxurious, genuine, sophisticated vanilla, then I"d indicate you keep looking.
This is my initially BBW purchase. I bought it because second year college, and I have actually used up 2 full size body mists and 2 minis given that then. I"m presently on my 3rd full dimension mist. My boyfriend loves it still on me, and we consider it my signature scent for nearly my entire college life because my friends and classmates automatically identify this scent as mine. No one else that I knew in the univ has used it except for me. This scent acquired my bf hooked on me haha xD I collect perfumes and body mists so a repurchase from me indicates a lot.

It appears favor somepoint that would certainly have actually global appeal, yet it smells prefer chemicals to me.

Super sweet for my taste. I favored it at first yet I provided it ameans to my sister because she likes it more.
I love this as soon as I want something straightforward and also sweet, however a little darker. This isn"t a light vanilla scent, but more of a charred brown sugar/coconut scent. Very lovely :)
Sweet and rather sugary. Smells prefer baked products through whipped frosting.. delicious, heat, cozy. I wore this scent in high institution. I still have actually a nostalgic appreciation for it, but I think it"s a little bit too sweet/gourmand for me, now. For me the coconut is solid, which gives it a little more intrigue than you"d otherwise expect. Not poor, not poor at all!
My younger sister passed this onto me, presumably bereason she didn"t favor it that much.I likewise wasn"t thrilresulted in have actually it. It didn"t really enhance my fragrance profile, however what the heck, it"s already through me, and also it"s from my sister through love, so I wore it anymethod.What a pleasant surpclimb it has been. I have to admit that the initially few times I tried it, the cloying vanilla assaulted my senses. But I still wore it. Why? Since it made me feel clean and fresh well into the day. It settled peacefully on me. The vanilla notes were rounded exceptionally nicely by the sandalhardwood and floral notes, so it didn"t really smell fabricated. It"s dependable because its soft, sweet, muted, and has exceptionally nice longevity -- enough to obtain you with the day.It definitely is warm vanilla. I probably will not buy one more bottle after it runs out, but it has actually piqued my interemainder in the location of fldental / vanilla / creamy notes.
Im from Australia and I simply carried the body mist version of this perfume for $25 and I think its incredibly over rated. It definitely does smell vanilla-ery. But it does not remind me of "cupcakes" or a "bakery" scent. At initially it has a really overpowering alcohol smell till it warms dvery own. Then it smells choose a vanilla cleaning product or toilet spray. I would certainly not take into consideration this an top class scent. It"s incredibly cheap (smelling) and is likewise incredibly weak. It lasts up to around 10 minutes before you have to apply one more twenty sprays for it to even have any type of impact.
Body Mist Pairing With Body Lotion Rewatch.The body lotion is great, it doesn"t leaves you through that sticky feeling. It absorbs well into the skin. This scent really hit the spot of my craving for vanilla scent. Previously been wearing vanilla lace by VS, forcing myself to prefer it even though the plasticky smells killing me eincredibly time I wear it. But after I uncovered this, oh forget the vanilla lace by VS. This heat vanilla sugar is favor 3 times better than the vanilla lace. More much better without the plasticky smells that screech my nose every time. In my opinion it"s incredibly creamy, delicious & sexy and it additionally has a pinch of similarities via Hypnotic Poikid by Dior the creaminess and Amber romance by VS the dark sweet scent. Better to be apply on the skin, the lotion & the mist. It renders your body smells sexy when you sweat.Trust me on this. Its really true,what the legend states of exactly how vanilla is truly a magical aphrodisiac. I have actually been wearing it 2 days currently and it"s true guys react even more on vanilla scent comparing to women. On the first day wearing this, i heard 2 guys few steps behind me saying that my perfume smells really excellent and also funny they don"t point out or saying anypoint around me wearing women"s perfume. Due to the fact that in my country many men"s are not brave enough to experimenting through women"s perfume. So I guess men also have the right to obtain amethod conveniently with this.On the 2nd day,it"s the mail delivery boy. Commenting, mmm what is that wonderful smells ? Smells prefer the vanilla ice cream. He like it. So yeah, guys are even more responsive to Vanilla scent. That"s the result. Longevity is pretty excellent 4-5 hrs on garments and also sillage is average. But I don"t mind reusing. I simply can not gain sufficient of this, hopefully sooner or later the BBW would certainly release the Eau De Parfume version. Since I just love this scent.
I own the "fragrance mist" version of Warm Vanilla Sugar. It needs a little of overspraying to accomplish a decent sillage and longevity. Other than that complaint, this is a lovely day-to-day scent.I initially obtain a true "vanilla with melted brown sugar" aroma, which is joined what I deserve to only describe as a "warmth rice pudding accord" and a touch of coconut.The sandalhardwood, musk and flowery notes show up in the drydown however do not overpower the gourmand nature of this delightful fragrance.Warm Vanilla Sugar is a wonderful, basic perfume, not anypoint sophisticated or pretentious, however it is sensual in a comforting way.
This is simply awesome for the females. To me, this smells much better on a woman than any various other women"s fragrance I"ve ever smelled.It"s exactly as defined - sweet, warmth and vanilla. Perfect!
I love this and I have always worn the body spray. I newly purchased the EDT and also I love it much better, it stronger. Amazing fragrance. Just as it"s dubbed, it smells choose vanilla.
Some time back, I review about the development of Warm Vanilla Sugar. I can not find the post currently. It was created by looking at famous notes in perfume at the time, fads in Europe and also America. They were merged, and also Warm Vanilla Sugar was born. I think it"s interesting that such a seemingly easy perfume, has actually a much more facility story behind it.
For a long time, i don"t know why however I assumed this smelled choose Pink Sugar...? *shrugs* I guess the sugary facet was pretty comparable.It"s warmth, favor the name claims. It smells a lot choose a cinnamon bun, fresh out of the range. It smells favor..... warm cuddles through a spiced latte by the fire... It"s sugary sweet, however i feel as though it has a little of depth. It"s not simply right up sugary vanilla. It has a character that kinda grows on you. It"s powdery, yet prefer a confectioner"s sugar kind of powdery..I love this.

So sweet! I think the scent of EDT is means much better than body spray and lotion.

Back in my at an early stage high college days, a family friend"s daughter offered me warm vanilla sugar together with the matching lotion in a tiny transparent bag as a Christmas existing, automatically the smell reminded me of sugar cookies, mmm...delicious. Unfortunately, the brand-new reformulated version is worse. The silage was wonderful on the original, the new one, not as much, and the smell is synthetic. The top quality went dvery own on heat vanilla sugar together with others.
I"m a male and I love vanilla scents so I bought this. I favor it and will certainly definitely give it some wear. It does not smell feminine on my skin at all. It isn"t overly sweet which I was concerned about. Smells choose Sugar cookies to me. Very nice and also comforting.It will not be an day-to-day scent however something I"ll just wear from time to time thru the autumn and also winter. Not sure yet around the longevity on my skin as I"ve just tested it for a little while on my wrist. I know it"s not gonna job extremely a lot as it"s an extremely light fragrance on me.I think this is even more for the people who prefer simpler fragrances. It"s not complicated and also from what I can tell is pretty direct, which is fine. As lengthy as you know that going in and prefer these form of scents, which I do.
I love this perfume- as soon as the weather starts to turn chillier, I switch from my floral/fruity perfumes to this! It smells wonderful, and I"ve had actually many type of human being compliment me on it. The only complaint I have is that it is not strong or resilient enough to last with the day. I have the tiny body spray variation on me almost 24/7 though, so I reapply eexceptionally couple of hrs. Also, the brand-new perfume smells different than the old version, and I favor the old much better, I must say.

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This perfume will certainly remind you of baking on a chilly snow day. I constantly am reminded of Christmas Eve, once it"s legacy to bake a plate of cookies to leave out for Santa Claus. Sure, it"s rather uninnovative, yet I love just how the sugary sweet vanilla never before stops working to make me smile.