10 Best Episodes Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold (According To IMDb) Lasting 4 years, Batman: Brave And The Bold had actually some really great memorable episodes that brought the Silver Age of DC to life beauticompletely.

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While it wasn"t the groundbreaker that Batman: The Animated Series was, Brave And The Bold has come to be a cult timeless. It"s bright, colorful, and perfectly brings the Silver Era of DC to life. For those unmindful, Batman: The Brave And The Bold is an episodic Batman series, in which Batman pairs up with a brand-new DC hero (or villain) every episode.

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The show made such an impression that it obtained a quick rebirth crossover with Scooby-Doo. The actor illustrating Batmale went on to play the character in the brand-new Harley Quinn animated series. Lasting 4 years, Batman: Brave And The Bold had some really good memorable episodes.

Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure
Aquaman was a show-stealer so fitting that he would certainly literally steal the spotlight from Batman. Aquaman and his household are on vacation and also Arthur demands to withstand the urge to fight crime. It"s silly and also hilarious in the finest methods possible.

It also showcases the true love Aquamale has actually for his wife and also boy. Passed the comedy, it"s also a really heartwarming episode.

Battle Of The Superheroes
Superman"s been impacted by red kryptonite hence turning him into a jerk. It"s up to Batmale to team up with Krypto to fend off Supermale prior to points gain worse.

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This was Superman"s initially significant appearance in the show so it was a hyped-up occasion, specifically given that the World"s Ficolony wregarding fight. Like many times, it was a spectacle to see Batguy and also Superman together. It"s absolutely worth checking out the episode.

The Super-Batmale Of Planet X
After a fight via Kanjar Ro and his area pirates, Batman ends up on another Earth; on this Planet, he meets his counterpart played by Kevin Conroy from Batman: The Animated Series. Batman establishes powers much to the dismay of Batman of Zur-En-Arrh.

Diedaffluent Bader and also Kevin Conroy"s banter is perfect and is a huge factor why the episode functions. Two iconic voices bouncing off each other makes for most entertaining scenes. The episode also attributes Clancy Brown as the villainous Rohtul.

7 The Mask Of Matches Malone - 8.1

The Mask Of Matches Malone
Batmale is afflicted through amnesia leading to him to think he"s actually Matches Malone: his go-to criminal disguise. So Catwoman, Black Canary, and Huntress work together to try and also snap Batguy ago to truth.

Batmale takes a step back in this episode and also for great reason because the ladies shine bright. They even obtain a musical number called "Birds Of Prey" which is a really catchy song.

In the future, Bruce Wayne retires, marries Catwoguy, and has actually a child called Damian Wayne. When the Joker and also his protege begin wreaking havoc across the city, Damian becomes the new Robin to help Batmale defend Gotham.

A solid "What If" variation of Batman"s future. Damian is most likely at his most likable right here due to a substantially different backstory than in the comics. Tbelow is a twist ending that we dare not spoil yet it will certainly gain an annoyed but entertained smirk out of any fan.

5 Deep Cover For Batmale - 8.6

In part among two episodes, Batman travels to an alternative Earth. Tright here, the heroes are currently the villains and also the villains are the heroes. Batman"s counterpart, Owlman, leads a team known as the Crime Syndicate and so Batguy must team up with The Red Hood.

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Heavily motivated by Dilemma On Two Earths, this episode is more epic in scope. Sure it still features that modern Silver Period feel that the present is recognized for; it also takes the story a little bit even more seriously which is refreshing.

Owlmale escapes to Batman"s Earth. Disguised as Batman, he frames the real Batmale as a fugitive. This forces the real Batguy to ally himself with the one perchild that knows the truth: the Joker. This was Joker"s first huge appearance in the show and also making him the companion was a stroke of genius.

Batguy and also Joker"s banter through the totality episode is comedic gold. It makes one wish that tright here were more episodes wright here these 2 teamed up. The episode is likewise a great finale to what was set up in Deep Cover For Batman!

3 Mitefall! - 8.6

The final episode of the entire series. In it, the show-stealing Batmite is determined to make it the worst episode possible. As an outcome, Batmite creates one of the finest episodes that provides closure to fans of the series. It"s a fun adventure all approximately.

The finishing, but, leaves viewers sad that it"s over yet happy to experience somepoint so distinct for a few years. Batman"s final words to the audience are the perfect means to end the series.

It"s difficult to talk about Batman: Brave And The Bold without stating Mayhem Of The Music Meister. Guest-starring Neil Patrick Harris as the Music Meister, this episode is a musical via some of the catchiest earworms one will certainly ever hear.

While Batman and Babsence Canary are a great duo, it"s Music Meister that renders the episode. It"s bereason of such a great villain the display was nominated for an Emmy. For many fans, it is still the ideal episode of the series.

1 Chill Of The Night! - 8.9

The various other finest episode brings on the darkness Batguy is recognized for. Batmale is on the hunt for Joe Chill, the man that fired that gun and murdered Thomas and also Martha Wayne. At the same time, the Spectre and also the Phantom Stranger watch.

What provides this episode so great is how a lot it commits to the dark tone. Due to this, Diedwell-off Bader really reflects his array and proves he is an excellent Batmale. Also, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill (that played the Joker) carry out the voices of Phantom Stranger and the Spectre. It offers the present authenticity prefer they offer their stamp of approval.

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