At the begin of the new week, precisely 16th August, I had actually the privilege to be in a fireside chat via the intelligent minds of the Startup Grind community in Jos, Plateau State stating exactly how to be Fearmuch less and Passionate in the Pursuit of Your Dreams making use of my story and also experiences.

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Fear has been one significant reason why so many type of desires do not view the light of day . Most world only live these dreams in their heads through wild imaginations of a fanciful human being.

There are those who are willing to live their desires yet no passion for it not necessarily bereason they do not want to yet bereason they don"t recognize how to construct the passion for it.

These and many even more were what was discussed in the fireside chat of the Jos branch Startup Grind area.

Read on to get inspired and also learn just how to seek your dreams fearlessly and passionately however prior to we execute that, let"s have an idea of what a dream is.

A absence of expertise of what a dream is can prevent one from actually living his/her dream. Like they say, "as soon as the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable". Same point uses to living our desires.


According to the Success Magazine, " a dream is an motivating psychological image of your future energizing your mind, will and emovements, enabling you to go after and achieve it". I totally agree with this definition.

The dream you so a lot desire to live, inspires you to go after it other than you lack the passion to carry out so. The picture you see in your head concerning your future spurs you right into action inspiring you to seek and also attain it.

Your dream serves as a propeller spurring you into activity to go after it as well as serving like a blueprint for you to follow in living your life"s purpose and potentials.

Below are the miscellaneous discussions held in the fireside chat. So, check out on.



Passion is a great driving pressure in the direction of the search of our dreams. Having passion is being completely involved in the quest and realization of your desires.

In your passion is your determination, perseverance, persistence, resilience and also emphasis however just how carry out you possess these attributes if you don"t know how to build your passion?

To develop your passion in the direction of the realization of your dream(s), you have to start working on your desires.

Start examining, reading and also learning more around your area of interemainder. You are not the initially and also will not be the last person to go after such a dream, the only distinction would be you doing it your distinct method, so tright here are civilization who have lived this dream of yours, learn how they did itStudy these civilization, watch their video clips and also listen to tright here audio tapes. In their stories are motivating and also motivating lessons for you take residence with.You deserve to take classes either basically (online) or physically concerning that dream you have actually in mind. We learn everyday and this never stops. Never before feel you have actually well-known it all. As lengthy as you are still alive, you will certainly save discovering.Set objectives and make your purposes component of your daily regime. The trick behind the success of eexceptionally dream is in our everyday program. Your purposes should be part of your everyday regimen irparticular of exactly how insignificant what you do everyday could seem. One point I do everyday is to work-related towards my dream. It could be reading or listening but somepoint must be done in the direction of the realization of my dream.

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Start taking actions in the direction of your set objectives. It"s one point to have a dream, write down your goals yet another to start putting them right into activity. Take eincredibly little action as you deserve to and also never before see any kind of action as inconsiderable. It"s from the bit steps you begin taking bigger actions towards the realization of your dream.