Vincent Keller and Catherine Chandler wonder if they’ll have to go on the run in Beauty and the Beast season 4 episode 11. For a refresher on what happened last time, read my recap of episode 10.

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Beauty and the Beast season 4 episode 11 opens with J.T. Forbes giving Vincent a fake ID. J.T. reminds him that it’s almost impossible to create a fake identity these days.

Vincent tells Cat about the new identities, but Cat is skeptical about going on the run. She hopes that finding Lars Ecklund will solve their problem, but when they track him down, they find his dead body instead.

Vincent and Cat tell Tess Vargas about Ecklund’s death. Vincent says that he sensed the beast who killed him, but it was like they were using camouflage.

Cat warns Garris that he may be in danger. Garris sets off a device that emits a high-pitched noise that only hurts beasts, then he runs away and gets on a boat before Cat and Vincent can stop him.

Vincent and Cat wonder how Garris knew a beast was after him. J.T. tells them that he’s working on finding fake identities for them, but it will be difficult unless he can find real people who are recently deceased to steal the identities of.

Vincent and J.T. sneak into Garris’ lab, but while they’re there, Cat calls them to warn them that Garris is in the building. Right after this warning, the lights go out and the doors lock. Garris attacks Vincent, who knocks him out.

When Garris wakes up, Vincent and Cat tell him that he’s in danger and that they’ll protect him if he answers their questions about the other beast.

Cat tells Vincent that the only way they’ll be able to exonerate Vincent is if they protect Garris and bring in the new beast. Vincent claws Garris and tells him that he’s going to use him as bait.

Vincent spreads Garris’ blood around the lab to help the other beast track him. Cat worries about them facing a beast who was designed to be better than Vincent.

Vincent realizes that the beast must’ve sensed they had a trapped set up. They find Garris’ dead body. Vincent says, “And now we’re out of options.”

Cat hopes that maybe they can still make a deal with DHS. Tess tells them that she found out DHS has orders to never make a deal with Vincent, no matter what.

Heather Chandler meets up with Kyle. She tells him that she’s decided to move in with him and apologizes for how crazy her life is. He tells her that her life isn’t going to be crazy anymore. When she asks what he means, he explains that he reported Cat and Vincent. Heather storms away, telling Kyle that he has no idea what he’s done.

Vincent and Cat go to the airport, hoping to flee under new identities. But the police surround them and arrest them.

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