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EXT. DAY. UNNAMED FRENCH VILLAGE. The THREE BLONDE TRIPLETS and also GASTON are all sitting on the edge of the fountain Belle was analysis at during the “Bonjour” number. The BLONDES look as major as feasible, for them. 

TRIPLET #1: So I have actually a question.

GASTON: Sorry, what are your names?

TRIPLET #1: That’s not crucial.

TRIPLET #2 <simultaneously>: We don’t know, honestly.

TRIPLET #1: It’s really not vital. What is important is that we are – and also I think you have to agree? – objectively hot. Like, attrenergetic, certain, pretty, yes, but also simply generally hot. Right?

GASTON: I…yes.

TRIPLET #3: Like, simply absolute babes.

GASTON: Incredibly and undeniably, yes.

TRIPLET #2: So just out of, I guess, super and also full curiousness, have the right to I ask why it is that having actually 3 absolute foxes fawn over you was entirely meaningmuch less to you throughout the whole movie?

TRIPLET #3: Because you can make the argument that Belle is more challenging or whatever because she’s not interested in you, I guess, yet you need to acknowledge that we are easily as warm as she is.

TRIPLET #1: Like, stupidly quickly. I feel prefer they provided the precise same confront template for all four of us, actually; there’s not even a substantive difference in our appearances, other than we’re probably a small little bustier than she is?

TRIPLET #2: But no, it’s basically the same confront via the hair switched out. And a little more makeup. And dressed more…wenchily, I guess.


TRIPLET #1: But the allude is that it does not make any kind of sense that a male choose you, that is super hung up on appearances, would certainly turn dvery own 3 complete babes who are throwing themselves at you for a similar-looking babe whose dad everyone hates.

TRIPLET #3: I guess it’s the challenge? Right? She doesn’t want to have actually sex through you on optimal of a pelt or whatever before, so that makes it more interesting for you?

TRIPLET #2: But, to be honest, you do not seem like the type of male who desires a difficulty. You seem choose the sort of guy who wants an adoring audience, 100% of the time.

TRIPLET #3: At all. Like, no offense, yet you are plainly the kind of man who loses interemainder in a womale who doesn’t seem constantly fascinated by him, not the kind of guy who’s figured out to marry the broke offspring of the tvery own pariah because she likes analysis Perrault.

TRIPLET #1: Not to obtain as well far afield right here, however I also don’t check out you marrying the kind of woman who doesn’t desire to hear around your hunting stats or antler jerkoff parties or whatever before. Maybe trying to bed her once and then leave her in humiliation, yet you’re the man that marries someone who refsupplies to view his negative features and then cheats on her all the moment.

GASTON: Sorry, am I just…not dead in this timeline? Like, is this conversation happening before I attempt to marry Belle, and also I’m going to be dead shortly, or is the truth that I’m considering getting in addition to one or more of you a sign that we’re in an alternate variation of fact and I haven’t been defenestrated?

TRIPLET #1: Don’t concern about it.

TRIPLET #2: I guess what’s just frustrating about this case is that you literally said “In this tvery own there’s just she/who’s as beautiful as me,” which argues that you are not interested in the chase qua chase, simply in her great looks, yet we look a billion percent the very same as her. And tbelow are three of us. And we are blonde. And like, simply, suppler, in basic.

TRIPLET #1: Not to knock Belle’s appearance, obviously! We’re not interested in tearing her down to make ourselves look or feel much better. Just…whoever drew us plainly provided the precise exact same facial referral, and also yet everyone roughly us acts choose we’re 3, I don’t know, stacks of chinchillas wearing a trench coat pretending to be adult woguys.

TRIPLET #3: It’s kind of weird that all you ever before desire to carry out to us is overhead press the bench we’re sitting on before charging after our slightly even more flat-chested doppelgänger.

GASTON: I…fine. So, okay. Let’s say I agree that you’re about as good-looking, if not better-looking, than Belle herself, and that I have little bit to no interemainder in womales who aren’t impressed through me. What is it, precisely, besides that you’re looking to gain out of this interaction?

TRIPLET #2: Oiled-up four-method.

GASTON: Are…are the 3 of you related? Like, is this a sister thing? Because I don’t think I’m into that.

TRIPLET #3: Honestly, I have no concept. It would be weird if we weren’t associated, right? Due to the fact that we look so a lot alike.

TRIPLET: #2: In fairness, a lot of of the female characters in town look achoose.

TRIPLET #3: Female women. We’re not characters to, choose, ourselves.

TRIPLET #2: Right, best.

TRIPLET #3: Okay, so simply to remain on the safe side, we’ll all take transforms on the oiled-up four-way, so it’s just among us through Gaston appropriate after the other, so this doesn’t get creepy.

TRIPLET #1: Well. Creepier

TRIPLET #2: We’re separating hairs at this point, I think. The essential thing to remember is that we owe it to one another to have actually wild and uninhibited sex, bereason of just how good-looking we all are.

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TRIPLET #3: Due to the fact that we all are tremendously good-looking. Just to clear that up.