Happy New Year! I hope every one of you are safe, well, and happy on this initially day of the brand-new year. Tom and I are in Missouri, and also bereason we are intended to have icy rain for the next 24 hrs, we made a decision to stay put and also watch the Rose Parade and also footsphere games. We allowed plenty of time to obtain to The golden state, so we have the right to take a trip as soon as the weather is great.

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Charles Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon was a British preacher in the 1800’s, and also is thshould be one of the greatest preachers of all time. His nickname was “The Prince of Preachers.” His sermons are great reading – really! – and he also created many books. One of them, “All of Grace” includes among my favorite quotes and also it seems particularly correct for New Year’s Day: “Begin as you expect to go on, and go on as you started, and also let the Lord be all in all to you.”

Begin as you intend to go on. Some of us make resolutions for the New Year. We are enthusiastic in making them and intend to store them. Very few of them are still in effect at the beginning of February. If reoptions were straightforward to save, we would already be doing them! So begin today as you expect to go on. Treat each perkid you fulfill in the exceptionally ideal means you deserve to. Eat in methods that are healthy and balanced. Give your body a opportunity to move. Take time to pray and also read somepoint that inspires you. Do it this particular day – and also don’t concern about tomorrow. When tomorrow is today, you have the right to try it aget.

Go on as you began. We start out through such enthusiasm for a job or a way of life. We are eager to grow up, get a task, very own a house, gain married, have actually kids. Then the day to day living wears out dvery own and also wears us out. Recontact that first enthusiasm. Why did you autumn in love via your spouse? What is your favorite thing around you children? Name your blessings and watch how God is poignant your life.

Let the Lord be all in all to you. God first – and also then whatever else will certainly autumn into area. When we honor God as the the majority of important thing in our lives, we remember just how we are loved and also deserve to share that love through others. When we look to God for direction and also interpretation, we deserve to live out his function in our stays. We are blessed, and joyous, and filled via his love.

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I hope you have actually a wonderful New Year’s day – the first day to a wonderful year. Tom and I have actually only made one resolution: to take a trip even more (I think in making reremedies I deserve to keep). Thank you for sharing in those travels as you check out the blog and for being my friends. We are blessed by one an additional and by God.