Reno Omokri is of the opinion that being nice doesn't get civilization almost everywhere. According to him, being nice leads to "uselessness."

He proclaimed this in a write-up common on his IG page.

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Being a nice perkid gets you nowbelow.* Be a wise person* Be a well-off person* Be a effective person* Be a purposeful person* Be a principled personBe anything, however don’t be nice. Niceness leads to uselessness! Think of one nice perchild you respect. You can’t. Why? Because no one respects nice people!. If you desire to be respected, you should stand for something. And as soon as you stand also for something, you are no longer nice!" He wrote



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You have the right to be nice and stand for somepoint. Reno is mixing it up. I guess he's trying to say let their be limit to you been nice. There's a tiny line between been nice and been a complete pusfloat, walkover and been as well passive to the allude it becomes detrimental to you. But there's nothing wrong been nice as soon as you actually can, if you have the right to go out of your means or you can do it effortlessly, there's no crime. Just don't let world take you for granted. It takes a wise perboy to understand been nice and also been overtly passive.

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True talk... nice human being never stand for anything... they always desire to please all sides... tbelow is NEVER a time that all sides will certainly be ideal... nice civilization never before take a firm stand... in the end they shed everyone's respect and also are frequently regarded as foolish... "it is much better to be respected than to be liked"...

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True, yet you acquire to learn as you prosper older that you need a details level of tranquility of mind to have the ability to plan and also make correct decisions. To have actually peace of mind you have to learn to be true and also honest to yourself (even if you lying to others). You can NEVER have peace of mind if you are trying to be someone that you are naturally not. If you are normally a nice perchild, then accept it and don't fight it. Being nice does not intend that you can't be additionally well-off, successful, purposeful or principled. Same way being a horribly suppose perchild doesn't expect that you can't be also affluent, effective, purposeful or principled. They are not mutually exclusive. Please Mr Reno you have an audience so do not mislead or mess up the resides of the youths that follow you.