Review time!! Which one of the two is going to win the toss up: The Ben Nye Banana Powder or brand-new Sasha Buttercup Setting powder. I am going to offer my thoughts and opinions and you be the judge. For women who have actually not yet heard around the Buttercup Setting Powder, it is the newest establishing powder from Sasha Cosmetics line. Due to the fact that of the raving reviews about it, I of course had to try it out.

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SASHA BUTTERCUP SETTING POWDERThe Sasha cosmetic Buttercup powder is quickly winning hearts of makeup gurus and also plain people alike. Formulated particularly for exotic skin tones, this powder has properties that have actually gained makeup gurus raving around it. The powder is fine milled, super soft, and feels velvety; it literally glides on your skin, sof10s the appearance of pores and fine lines, blends quickly, can be offered as a setup powder after structure or concealer and also does not look cavital. It is for everyday makeup wearers, it blends so well that you could also desire to rearea various other establishing powders through Buttercup. It is perfect for establishing medium to dark toned under-eye, or use liberally anywhere the challenge, and stops the oil from coming through in the time of the day. Buttercup is totally flash friendly, reduces shine, absorbs oil and also keeps your challenge matte for hours.

BEN NYE BANANA POWDERBen Nye Banana Powder is on the chalkier side, but is no doubt a beautiful powder. Ben Nye is even more of a phase makeup, suitable for those that are specialists at blending. Moreover it looks much better in imperiods therefore the powder is much better for photography purpose. It has a tendency to look cacrucial or ashier once not blfinished effectively, but it is excellent for under eye brightening as it sets the concealer without creasing.

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MY VERDICTOverall i think Buttercup has actually a softer touch and also is even more user friendly. The ideal part is that you won’t have to break the bank to purchase it. Ben Nye had been my favorite till I found Butter cup which absolutely stole Ben Nyes place. The greatest plus is exactly how beauticompletely it settles on my skin giving a flawmuch less natural end up instead of the harsh yellow cast that Banana powder did. The negative component about Ben Nye was that it offered to dry out my skin. My under eye area is fairly dry via tiny creases, which I must set properly. What I have actually noticed with Ben Nye is that the even more I use it the drier the area looked. So I extremely recommend Sasha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder as an day-to-day usage makeup accessory that makes your skin look super smooth and also super glowy!

Until next time!

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