Tright here are so many type of cool tools in Far Cry 4 that you’ll have trouble figuring out which handgun, attack rifle and launcher to bring on your journey through Kyrat. Naturally this counts on the situation and also mission at hand. There have to be a various loadout for a big game hunt versus storming a radio tower, for example.

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Of course, not all weapons are created equal. Each one includes ratings spread across the following 5 categories: Accuracy, Damage, Range, Fire Rate and also Handling. Take them all right into account, however for this post, we specifically concentrated on Damage for maximum stopping power. It’s a 10-suggest range where one is the weakest, so we decided tools via seven and also better.

On that note, right here are the coolest death dealing tools in Far Cry 4. Unleash hell via confidence.

.44 Magnum (Damage: 7)

Make your day via this American-built hand also cannon. You can just put six rounds right into it, but it’ll carry out major damage to virtually anyone up close.

D50 (Damage: 9)

If the Magnum doesn’t fill you with happiness, upgrade to this slow-firing handgun that rips via armor and also flesh like nobody’s business. Not just is it more effective than the Magnum, it fires eight bulallows instead of 6.

Cannon (Damage: 8)

You can’t go wrong through anypoint named Cannon. This gun comes through 6 bulallows that give you 6 chances to put holes in human being. Attach a prolonged barrel and also optics and you have a close to perfect companion.

M133 (Damage: 8)

You go with the M133 bereason you need to destroy negative guys up close. Excellent for cshed quarters combat despite having a pitifully slow-moving fire price, however qualified of laying out a lot of of the game’s baddies through a solitary blast.

D2 (Damage: 9)

The ideal thing around the D2 is the fact that it fits nicely into your sidearm slot. The bad news? You only have actually 2 rounds to work-related via, but at 9 damage, you stand an excellent possibility killing whatever gets in your way.

1887 (Damage: 8)

We don’t recontact anypoint vital from the year 1887, however we execute know this is a high quality shotgun that’s decent from range thanks to its extended barrel. That sassist, this isn’t the finest weapon to use when you must acquire up cshed and also personal.

SPAS-12 (Damage: 8)

Unprefer a lot of shotguns in Far Cry 4, you’re able to unpack rounds in quick fashion. Mash the trigger switch and also watch the barrel vomit explosive fatality upon your foes.

87 (Damage: 10)

Take the 1887, observed off the barrel and you have this monster. Ideally, you desire to equip this beast while behind the wheel of a truck or ATV, particularly if there’s an angry rhino ahead.

Bull (Damage: 10)

This is a tricked out version of the M133, finish through an extended barrel and reflex sights. Point it at things and also human being you desire to make dead.

.700 Nitro (Damage: 9)

A semi-automatic boom stick via ammo that rips via the biggest pets in the game, including elephants and rhinos.

Tip: Unlock the Elephant Riding skill to make the pachyderms your friends.

A52 (Damage: 8)

An attack rifle via crazy recoil, so we strongly advise firing in brief bursts. You have 30 rounds to spare per clip and there are rather a couple of customization alternatives, consisting of a red dot sight, extended MAG and optical sight.

Elephant Gun (Damage: 10)

As its name suggests, this weapon puts elephants down for good. Considering they are the biggest pets in Far Cry 4, you’ll have little trouble slaughtering various other creates of wildlife. Using it on a snake, however, is overkill.

MKG (Damage: 7)

If you want as many bulallows as possible, light machine weapons are the means to go, and also the MKG definitely does a fine project whittling ameans a person’s health and wellness bar. You have actually 80 rounds at your disposal and plenty of attachments.

MG42 (Damage: 7)

While it does the exact same amount of damage as the MKG, the MG42 lets you fire 100 consecutive rounds without reloading. It’s older, think World War 2, yet they don’t contact it the buzzexperienced for nopoint. This point quickly cuts through soldiers.

Buzzexperienced (Damage: 9)

Throw that MG42 into the trash and pick up the upraded version, complete through a mag size of 400! Yes, 400. Nopoint will surive that.

Ripper (Damage: 9)

The cooler a weapon’s name, the more efficient it is. The Ripper comes through 200 rounds to mess with, so you deserve to store your finger firmly pressed on the create. This is one heck of a gun to lug right into battle, thanks to its lessened recoil and also superb accuracy.

Driller (Damage: 9)

As the name implies, the Driller comes through penetrating bullets that puncture the toughest armor.

SVD (Damage: 7)

A semi-automatic sniper rifle with 5 bullets per clip. Not the the majority of powerful gun by any means, but it will let you pull off headshots through ease.

M-700 (Damage: 7)

Slow rate of fire, however this sniper rifle has actually crazy variety and accuracy.

Z93 (Damage: 9)

We dig the Z93 because of the bolt activity. There’s somepoint cool around cocking it ago after each fired round.

SA-50 (Damage: 9)

Your typical .50 caliber sniper rifle that deserve to pierce wall surfaces. Tag the adversary and send him to the afterlife.

Predator (Damage: 8)

We love the tiger stripes style, but you don’t pick the Predator bereason of its appearance. You go for the suppressed gunshots and also slick optics.

AMR (Damage: 10)

Slap an extensive magazine, explosive rounds and optics to this baby and also you have the finest sniper rifle in Far Cry 4. We don’t recognize why you’d execute such a point, yet you have the right to kill an elephant with a single headswarm.

RPG-7 (Damage: 10)

Your typical rocket launcher that has showed up in we don’t know just how many video games. Enemies bring them, and you get one round per trigger squeeze.

M-79 (Damage: 10)

You must lug the M-79 at some point in the game as a sidearm, mostly because Ajay can usage it while driving or flying. A single shot weapon, yes, but one round will blow up a typical size vehicle and also send soldiers flying.

GL-94 (Damage: 10)

Takes means also long to pack, but through four rounds obtainable, you’ll create plenty of destruction.

GL-A87 (Damage: 10)

Automatic grenade launcher with an eight round capacity. Nothing more needs to be sassist.

Lk-1018 (Damage: 10)

The Lk-108 is a rather unwieldy beastern, but has one major advantage over the competition: you have the right to overview its rounds, and also switch to cluster missiles with the L-CAM upgrade.

Hunter Bow (Damage: 7)

Perhaps the crudest weapon in the game. You deserve to score several kills through the Hunter Bow, particularly via explosive and fire arrows, yet tbelow are much better alternatives available.

Recurve Bow (Damage: 8)

Soptimal messing approximately with that silly wooden bow Ajay receives at the start of Far Cry 4 and upgrade to this contemporary weapon that deserve to fit a red dot sight for enhanced accuracy. Remember, you receive even more skin for clean pet kills.

Impaler (Damage: 10)

This single-shot weapon leaves targets in a people of hurt. Unfortunately it does not job-related underwater.

Flamethrower (Damage: 10)

The perfect weapon when you have to produce fire, and also lots of it. Engulf Ajay’s foes in flames and also watch the corpses burn, or collection plants ablaze. Total devastation.

Khukri Knife (Damage: 7)

Sometimes you must kill up cshed and individual, and this blade does instrumental damages to everyone it touches. Look for it in the arena and think about its 2 upgrades knives, the Japanase tanto and also Butcher.

C4 (Damage: 10)

Stick this explosive to a surchallenge, wait for someone to be in selection and then push the button to transdevelop him or her right into mush. Not as easy to use on pets bereason of the creatures’ unpredictable nature.

Mine (Damage: 10)

Set it and also forgain it! Place a mine in a doorway to cover Ajay’s ago while he searches for loot, and strategically drop them in a rhino’s course. You’ll say thanks to us later on.

Grenade (Damage: 8)

You have the right to forget about consistently chucking grenades and watching anarchy unfold. Enemies will regularly watch the grenade and run out of the way, and also the unoutstanding blast radius left us wanting a much bigger boom. Sneak up behind your adversaries and also roll one of these under a truck, then sneak ago right into hiding and also watch the fireworks.

Molotov (Damage: 8)

These serve a dual objective. First, a Molotov is great for lighting vehicles and also poor guys on fire, and thankfully Ajay has actually a rocket for a throwing arm. 2nd, usage a Molotov to burn down tough to reach Propaganda Posters; we hoard them for specifically this function.

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Throwing Knife (Damage: 8)

We usage the throwing knife whenever before there’s a stealth mission and also we can’t gain cshed sufficient for the melee strike. Plus it looks so cool when you hit a male in the throat from 20 feet away. Of course, you’ll still have to do this out of sight, and there’s an excellent possibility you’ll also must hide the body to stop detection.

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