I saw that Serration, Split Chamber, and Heavy Caliber are crucial for primary rifles. I have actually serration and also have actually been trying to farm Split Chamber in defense and survivals but have had no luck. The wiki states that Leekter has actually a 20% possibility of dropping it yet I don’t watch which mission to find him. In enhancement, just how does one obtain Heavy Caliber? It says in the Orokin Vault however have had actually no luck there either. Do you guys know which specific mission I have to do to obtain both?



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You shouldn"t have any type of trouble buying any type of of those for 10P. Better to farm a bunch of prime stuff offer it off and then buy these. Probably conserve you more time as well.

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I have serration and also have actually been trying to farm Split Chamber in defense and survivals but have actually had actually no luck.

Excavation is much better then survival simply because they are faster via the same drop table. In 15 minutes you can gain one rotation B reward in the survival or 3 in excavation. The drop opportunity is as well low in defense to bother through.

Also, make certain you are playing difficult goals as only they drop split chamber. These planets: Uranus, Neptune, Sedna, Eris, Pluto, Lua, and also Kuva Fortress.

The official drop prices indevelopment is here:


As far as buying the mod goes, you must farm boat tons of cryotic regardmuch less for crafting a couple of the tools in the game. You can also farm it and also the mods and also relics at the very same time on excavation.

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Posted August 23, 2017


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Posted August 23, 2017

So I traded for Split Chamber and then I acquire it instantly in my initially excavation lol. Just require Heavy Caliber currently. 

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How to farm Split Chamber and also Heavy Caliber?
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