Yikes! Poor Hillary Clinton had to stand by while her bitter opponent Donald Trump was named President of the United States instead of her on Jan. 20, and to add insult to injury she also allegedly caught her husband Bill ogling Ivanka Trump! See for yourself, here.

Looks like Slick Willy might be up to his old tricks! Twitter went into a frenzy on Jan. 20, when cameras allegedly caught Bill Clinton, 70, staring at Ivanka Trump, 35 at the presidential inauguration! That’s not the worst of it. In the clip, Hillary Clinton, 69, catches her notoriously philandering husband staring at what fans believe to be Ivanka, and she does NOT look pleased!

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In the crazy video, Bill stares off-screen (allegedly at Ivanka) for a long time while biting his lip, as Hillary laughs along with Michelle Obama, 53. When she glances back at him she realizes he’s staring, and being grilling him. After a while, he tilts his head towards her a little bit to acknowledge his wife, but just keeps on staring. Ick!

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It;s hard to blame him since Ivanka looked absolutely stunning at her father’s inauguration wearing a classic classic with crisp white trousers and a billowing white wool jacket. However, if Bill truly is staring at another woman, that’s pretty cold. Today must be really hard on Hillary, since she clearly expected to be the one sworn into office on Jan. 20, 2017. Fans definitely didn’t miss the opportunity to poke fun at the former President.

“Keep Ivanka away from Bill,” tweeted one user, while another joked “Bill Clinton stands there like ‘Hey Ivanka, if you need a tour of the White House call me.

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I know all hall closets."” However, most fans simply laughed. “Bill Clinton looking at Ivanka and getting caught by Hillary is the best


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