Taylor Anderson’s enthralling New York Times bestoffering alternative history series proceeds as game-altering revelations upfinish the Grand Alliance in a possibly cataclysmic war.

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Reddy and also his crew have actually offered their all to protect the oppressed Lemurians. But through Walker in despeprice need of repairs just as the Grik’s First General is poised to strike, Reddy is desperate.With more enemies than ever prior to arrayed versus them, the crew of Walker requirements new allies. That implies combing the lethal wilds of Madagascar to discover the Lemurians’ fabled ancestors, and the enigmatic dwellers east of the Pass of Fire. But what Reddy’s crew unearths are explorations so wrecking they can tilt the balance of the war in either direction.  But Reddy’s best devil is from his past: a madmale called Kurokawa whose single-minded mission of revenge will certainly shake the Alliance to its core and raise the stakes to the many individual and also terrifying levels Reddy has actually ever before challenged....

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Taylor Anderson
is the New York Times bestmarketing writer of the Destroyerguys series, consisting of Blood in the Water, Straits of Hell, and Deadly Shores. A gunmaker and forensic ballistic archaeologist, Taylor has been a technical and dialogue consultant for movies and also documentaries and also is an award-winning member of the United States Field Artillery Association and of the National Historical Honor Society. He has a master’s level in history and also has taught that topic at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. He resides in surrounding Granbury via his household.

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Editorial Reviews

Prayer for the Destroyermen series   “Taylor Anderson... steamed to the forefront of different history.”—E. E. Knight, nationwide bestoffering writer   “A brand-new, genuinely different ‘alternative Earth’ story.”—David Weber, New York Times bestoffering author   “Gripping and riveting.…I look forward to the unfolding of this series and also his succeeding work.”—S. M. Stirling, New York Times bestoffering writer   “Pick up the Destroyermales series and also kick earlier and also reap.”—SFRevu   “Action sci-fi doesn’t obtain substantially better than this.”—Booklist   “Simply put, this is excellent stuff.”—Fresh Fiction