Wash and go’s, twist outs, buns and also twists. Those are my go-to organic hairstyles. I perform the occasional roller set however that’s a rarity. Yet, I find that blow extending fine hair like mine helps in so many ways.

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A year back after I acquired my initially deva cut, I vowed to no longer enable the specialists to perform constant trims on my fine organic hair. There constantly seems to be way more cutting than I prefer.

Of course, I will trim ameans knots and tangles as I enrespond to them on my own yet for the the majority of part I’m just letting my hair flourish the means it desires.

When I’m all set for a shaping, I’ll allow a expert stylist that specializes in herbal hair to execute so (simply not a deva cut).

As my hair gets much longer, it’s acquiring progressively even more tough to keep tangling at bay.

There’s just one surefire means to proccasion tangling in natural hair – stretch it.

Of course you have the right to opt to straighten your hair but that will reason damage over time. Stretching is a a lot safer practice.

Ways to Stretch Natural Hair

There’s many means to stretch natural hair and also those include:

ThreadingBandingRoller settingTwist/PinningPlaitingUsing satin stripsFlat ironing and…Blow drying

Benefits of Blow Stretching Fine Hair

Blow drying or blow stretching your natural hair is an individual option. It’s not to be taken lightly and it needs to be done cautiously.

Any time you apply warmth to hair, specifically fine natural hair – there’s a threat of breakage. So, constantly proceed via caution.

The benefits however, deserve to outweigh the risks. Here are some of the benefits of blow drying your hair:

Shortens your wash dayPreps the hair for more elongated hair stylesAllows you to view even more of your hair’s true lengthCuts dvery own on styling time and the majority of importantly….Keeps tangles at bay

Key Reaboy I’m Blow Stretching My Fine Natural Hair

The main reason I’ve preferred to blow stretch my fine hair is to save tangling dvery own to a bare minimum while likewise cutting dvery own the time to carry out so.

The other approaches that stretch the hair are reliable yet need a little more time – a deluxe I don’t seem to have lately.

Stretching hair through a blow dryer does not eliminate all tangles but it helps to considerably reduced them dvery own, unprefer as soon as doing even more curly layouts like the wash and also go.

Wash and Go Regimales – Video

In the adhering to video I show the hair dryer I use and the settings I use it on.

I go right into a little even more information around my factors for choosing to blow “stretch” my fine herbal hair and also also talk about just how my hair goals have actually changed…a little.

Notice my hair is not directly. It’s stretched. The goal is only to remove my herbal curl pattern and elongate my hair. If I had used this hair dryer on the high establishing, the results would have been that of a flat ironing – not the goal.

Products Used to Blow Dry (Stretch) Natural Hair

One point I didn’t point out in the video are the commodities I use to acquire the task done. Here’s what I supplied (via a connect to each product):

Don’t get me wrong. I still prefer to see and also experience my fine organic hair in it’s God created state so the wash and go will constantly be a style I perform on my hair. However, minimizing the frequency by which I style in this manner helps via size retention.

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Blow extending fine hair can be a basic means to proccasion the risk of breakage by various other implies of styling.