We are 2,440 unique and gifted people, schosen for skills and suffer, embraced for ideas and also background and also influenced by our mission. Even as we have actually been compelled apart, we have presented just how we proceed to be united in our mission, in our common experiences, in our drive to do great, and also in our must create and preserve relationships, not simply via each various other, yet via our customers. And we are blessed to have the sources and assistance to proceed to job-related, continue to flourish and also proceed to stay healthy and balanced and safe also when the unimaginable happens.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health and wellness and also lives of Louisianians.


Our Vision

We want to serve as the statewide leader in offering access to affordable healthcare by boosting quality, value and customer endure.


Our Goals

We strive to produce a healthy and balanced Louisiana, make healthtreatment affordable for members, provide the cutting-edge endure our customers suppose, and also keep our firm solid.

Community Involvement

In a offered year, our employees donate more than 35k hrs of their time and, via Blue Cross, give $1.5M to assistance our communities, getting to 2.7M world with 200+ nonprofits. Blue Cross has been named to the Civic 50 by Points of Light two years in a row, honoring us as one of the 50 many community-minded providers in the nation.


Catherine Thornton

Director of Talent Acquisition and also Workforce Development

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Courtney Klack

Manager, Talent AcquisitionFocus: Executive Positions

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Megan Smith

Talent Acquisition PartnerFocus: Customer Service and also Business Operations

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Depending upon the position, you might be asked to attfinish a selection of interviews consisting of phone display screens, video interviews, and also panel interviews through team members and/or other leaders within the organization. At this time, we are conducting interviews virtually to save everyone safe.



Upon formally accepting employment with steustatiushistory.org, there will certainly be a collection of pre-employment screenings completed. This may encompass, yet is not restricted to a criminal background investigation, drug display screen and also verification of education and employment.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana is committed to ensuring people that have disabilities and/or disability get involved in the workforce and are afforded equal opportunity to apply and also contend for work. If you require assistance in using for a position, please call us at recruiting
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