Bomb hazards or suspicious items should constantly be taken seriously. How quickly and safely you react to a bomb hazard could save resides, including your very own. What should you do?

The guidance and sources detailed listed below outline detailed actions for either bomb hazards or suspicious items and also will help you prepare and also react accordingly in the time of these events.

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If You Receive a Bomb Threat

Bomb threats are many typically got by means of phone, however are likewise made in person, via email, created note, or other indicates. Eextremely bomb danger is distinctive and should be handled in the context of the facility or setting in which it occurs. Facility supervisors and also legislation enforcement will be in the ideal position to identify the credibility of the threat. Follow these procedures:

Reprimary calm.Notify authorities immediately:Notify your facility supervisor, such as a manager, operator, or administrator, or follow your facility"s traditional operating procedure. (See below for assistance through occurring a arrangement for your facility or place.)Call 9-1-1 or your regional regulation enforcement if no facility supervisor is easily accessible.For dangers made using phone:Keep the caller on the line as long as possible. Be polite and also present interest to store them talking.DO NOT HANG UP, even if the caller does.If possible, signal or pass a note to various other staff to listen and also assist educate authorities.Write down as much indevelopment as possible—caller ID number, exact wording of threat, form of voice or behavior, etc.—that will aid investigators.Record the speak to, if possible.Be accessible for interviews through facility supervisors and/or law enforcement.Follow authorities’ instructions. Facility supervisors and/or regulation enforcement will certainly assess the case and carry out guidance concerning facility lock-dvery own, search, and/or evacuation.

Watch the Bomb Threat Training Video below and refer to the DHS-DOJ Bomb Threat Guidance for even more information.

If You Find a Suspicious Item

For more indevelopment on recognizing suspicious items, reference the Unattfinished vs. Suspicious Postcard and also Poster, and also watch the video "What to Do: Suspicious or Unattended Item."

NOTE: Not all items are suspicious. An unattended item is an object (e.g., bag, package, auto, and so on.) of unwell-known origin and content wbelow there are no obvious signs of being suspicious (see above). Facility search, lock-dvery own, or evacuation is not important unmuch less the item is identified to be suspicious.

You might enrespond to a suspicious item all of a sudden or while conducting a search as part of your facility"s or employer’s Bomb Threat Response Plan. If it appears to be a suspicious item, follow these procedures:

Reprimary calm.Do NOT touch, tamper with, or relocate the package, bag, or item.Notify authorities immediately: Notify your facility supervisor, such as a manager, operator, or administrator, or follow your facility"s standard operating procedure. (See listed below for assistance through emerging a plan for your facility or area.)Call 9-1-1 or your neighborhood law enforcement if no facility supervisor is obtainable.Explain why it appears suspicious.Follow instructions. Facility supervisors and/or law enforcement will certainly assess the instance and also provide guidance regarding shelter-in-place or evacuation.If no guidance is gave and also you feel you are in instant peril, calmly evacuate the location. Distance and protective cover are the ideal ways to mitigate injury from a bomb.Be conscious. Tright here can be other risks or suspicious items.

Eexceptionally situation is unique and also have to be handled in the conmessage of the facility or environment in which it occurs. Facility supervisors and also legislation enforcement will certainly be in the finest place to identify if a actual danger is posed and also exactly how to respond. Refer to the DHS-DOJ Bomb Threat Guidance for even more information.

Have a Plan - Guidance for Facility Owners, Operators, and also Managers

Having a setup in advancement renders the response to bomb hazards, unattfinished items, or suspicious items as orderly and managed as possible, reducing hazard and also the impact of false alarms on regular tasks. Facility supervisors—such as school, office, or building supervisors responsible for the facility—should:

Train employees, tenants, and/or visitors to take correct actions in the event of a bomb danger and/or identification of an unattfinished or suspicious item.

Developed in partnership via the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-Department of Justice (DOJ) Bomb Threat Guidance is a quick recommendation overview that offers facility supervisors via details on pre-threat preparation, risk assessment, staff response guidelines, and also evacuation and shelter-in-location considerations. Downpack the DHS-DOJ Bomb Threat Guidance for more information.

School-particular bomb threat guidance have the right to additionally be discovered at and the Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Technical Assistant Center.

Bomb Threat Checklist

Whether the bomb hazard is made via phone, handwritten note, email, or various other implies, the DHS Bomb Threat Checklist provides instructions on just how to respond to a bomb hazard and also an extensive list of indevelopment that will certainly assist law enforcement in a bomb hazard investigation.

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Bomb Threat Training Videos

It"s crucial to know what measures every day citizens deserve to and need to take in the event of a bomb hazard. This video, developed by the College of Central Florida, in conjunction through the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and also the Office for Bombing Prevention within the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency"s Infraframework Security Division, teaches viewers how to respond in the occasion they get a bomb hazard.