Fans cheer in the time of Saturday afternoon concerts at Boston Calling in City Hall Plaza last May. This year, the festival is relocating to greener pastures in Allston. (Jesse Costa/ write-up is even more than 4 years old.Looking over Boston Calling’s bill, it’s simple to view why Billboard dubbed it a "festival lineup dreams are made of." The fest, now in its fifth year (and also eighth iteration — until 2016, it arisen twice annually), has constantly managed to store its finger firmly on the pop music zeitgeist while additionally expressing a clear aesthetic of its own.

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This year’s dizzying lineup was no doubt assisted by the festival’s move from Boston City Hall Plaza to the bigger Harvard Athletics Complex, permitting for an increased regime. But the stacked bill, which was co-curated by talent buyer Trevor Solomon and also The National’s Aaron Dessner, feels prefer even more of a instance of "stacks on stacks on stacks," through a headlining cohort that includes Chance the Rapper, Bon Iver, Sigur Rós, Mumford and Sons and also — in what is arguably Boston Calling’s best coup — significant alt-steel band also Tool, which you can just capture at one various other festival this summer. (Update: Solange was reput through Migos for the Friday night lineup.) A comedy phase, hastily arranged after a film festival curated by Natalie Portmale fell through, manperiods to impush all the even more offered the situations, through headliners Tig Notaro, Hannibal Buress and Pete Holmes.

It’s therefore a little pointmuch less to draw up a list of "bests," since tbelow is no question that a lot of of the headliners are deserving of attention. When it concerns the marquee names, it’s really simply a issue of taste — are you even more of a Chance the Rapper enthusiast or a Sigur Rós fan? (Because you’re going to have to choose in between their dueling time slots.) Yet Boston Calling has actually always impressed for its much less-touted repertoire of sustaining acts, thanks to a knack for identifying hot up-and-comers of note; you get the feeling that Solomon and Dessner recognize the difference in between true talent and mere buzz.

So, if you’re wondering just how to occupy your time until Chance takes the stage, are afraid not — tbelow are plenty of acts worth learning, from niche art-rockers to indie rock poets to absurdist standup comedians. Here are just a few:

Francis and also the Lights | Friday, May 26

Francis Farewell Starlite, the man behind Francis and also the Lights, may be ideal known for his collaborations with bigger names, from Kanye to Chance the Rapper to Bon Iver. But he has plenty of his own things to say, and also some extremely whimsical dance moves to boot.

Lucy Dacus | Friday, May 26

In the promptly expanding pantheon of wry, incisive indie rockers, Lucy Dacus is among the finest, balancing wit and wistfulness apeak soaring melodies.

Vundabar | Friday, May 26

The members of Boston’s very own Vundabar are the purveyors of some of the catchiest garage pop approximately.

Xylouris White | Friday, May 26

Xylouris White is the many surprising artist on the Boston Calling lineup, and also therefore a challenger for my favorite. Though drummer Jim White is renowned for his job-related via Australian instrumental rock trio Dirty Three, it’s still striking to see a middle-aged avant-jazz-people duo consisted of of drums and also Greek laouto at a event that reliably skews young and also mainstream.

Moses Sumney | Saturday, May 27

Add Moses Sumney’s music to the ever-widening list of delectable, open-hearted electro-soul. The LA musician has actually yet to release a full-length album, yet he has already shown he can carry out a lot through a small — a guitar, loop pedal and his exquisite falsetto is really all he requirements.

The Hotelier | Sunday, May 28

Worcester band The Hotelier is earcolony, dark and really, really catchy. In other words, "emo" — and unabashedly so.

Nick Chambers (Comedy) | Sunday, May 28

Lots of comics are self-deprecating, but Boston’s Nick Chambers has actually a specifically endearing method around him; even his many trenchant observations are buoyed by a gleeful feeling of absurdity.

Mitski | Sunday, May 28

Not as well many type of songwriters actually achieve poeattempt in their music, but Mitski is just one of them, corresponding piquant wordplay with bittersweet melodies.

Kate Berlant and also John Early (Comedy) | Sunday, May 28

After years of YouTube semi-fame, the suractual, self-skewering, impossible-to-define comedy of Kate Berlant and John Early is ultimately obtaining its due. In their act, the professional character actors square off in an affectionate-yet-ruthmuch less challenge to view that have the right to a lot of properly parody all the performative, self-serving means that world in relationships prop up and also threaten each various other.

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Josh Johnson (Comedy) | Sunday, May 28

Josh Johnson is disarming, delightfully weird and also — without offering also a lot ameans — someexactly how manages to make sound effects fresh and also hilarious.