If you want to know How to Transfer Borderlands 2 Saves From COMPUTER to PS4, you will be extended by Pre-Sequel, Gearbox.

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When you introduced Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Gearbox asserted that you’re going to carry your save records from Borderlands 2 and Borderlands versions of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and also PS Vita: The Pre-Sequel records right into the new-gen just arsenal.You will should upload a conserve for people with considerable savings, downpack it to the new consingle and also repeat the procedure for eincredibly remaining to save.

The Cross-Save use allows you to pass a conserve game in between Borderlands 2 versions of the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 and also vice versa.
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1)How to Transfer Borderlands 2 Saves From COMPUTER to PS4
2)How to Transfer Borderlands 2 Saves From PS4 To PC
3)What is Gibbed
5)FAQs – How to Transfer Borderlands 2 Saves From PC to PS4

How to Transfer Borderlands 2 Saves From PC to PS4

From the platcreate through the save file you now desire to transfer:In the Borderlands 2 main food selection, pick the character you desire to deliver.Select “Cross-Save” from the bottom of the menuChoose “Upload Current Character” when associated to the Sony Entertainment Network/PSN.Allow this procedure to complete, and also an indication will be presented in the middle left of the display screen, which will bconnect and check out “Upload” after your backup has been efficiently uploaded.Turn to the platform to relocate the save file to:

In the Borderlands 2 main menu, pick the alternative “Cross-Save.”Choose “Downfill Character” once linked to the Sony Entertainment Network/PSN.A notice should show up up that shows the conserve file that the cloud slot presently stores and also permits you to downfill the conserve file or discontinue the task. Choose “Download.”Select a slot in your system’s RAM to save your character (don’t relocation any type of existing conserve slots you desire to keep!).Allow conserving to be completed.You can currently use the transferred character on your platcreate. Repeat the process once you are prepared to relocate them earlier.

Notes: Only one cloud slot is available all at once. Either carry any type of existing data stored in the cloud to among your platforms or override it by uploading another file to empty your cloud slot.Without buying and installing this stuff on both platdevelops, you might not have actually accessibility to DLC inventory posts or various other downloadable content in between systems. Read Also: How to Disable HDCP on PS4? Simple GuideIf a character possesses DLC-related items and is saved to a DLC map, it will certainly be loaded in Windshear Waste, through DLC items concealed and also unreachable on any platcreate without that content. Once this function is represented to a mounted content platdevelop, maps and items are re-obtainable.

How to Transfer Borderlands 2 Saves From PS4 To PC


It would certainly help if you had a COMPUTER, Brutepressure mod tool, USB, Gibbed, and also PS4 flash disc.Insert your USB flash in your PS4 to start through. Make sure that it is formatted with FAT.Go to Settings > Data Management > System Storage Saved Data > Copy to USB Storage Device. You have to watch saves for all your games. Look for and duplicate the one belonging to the boundaries.Make certain you have Brute pressure via the appropriate dependencies installed. Once you are prepared to copy, plug the USB flash drive into your COMPUTER.Then launch Bruteforce on the height left of the display, pick three points. Navigate to the area of the save. Your USB flash drive should be located in this scenario unless you have actually copied it to one more place. Once you uncover it, hit the “OK” switch.Wait for the Brutepressure to conserve the file from loading. Click on the same file to gain a blue bar selection and also then click “Decrypt PFD” > “Decrypt All Files” and then push “Yes.” If the blue bar does not highlight the save file, nopoint happens.Now that you decrypt your save file, open Gibbed and choose “Open.” Navigate to the directory via the decrypted save file (same area as above), and also pick the file. Make certain “PS4” is preferred in the drop-down list with file forms prior to you push open.You can now make your alters. Once you have actually finished making file adjustments, hit “Save” at the optimal.Select the very same file to replace and also overcompose the changes you have opened up. When requested to relocation the file, select “yes.”Go earlier to Bruteforce currently and also click “Update PFD” > “Upday PFD” and also pick “Yes” when requested.Next off, click “Verify PFD” to verify that the modifications have actually been percreated efficiently.Copy the readjusted save the file in your PS4 to the very same location.

What is Gibbed

Gibbed save editor is software that can conserve Borderlands 2 papers. Besides WillowTree, Gibbed is just one of the the majority of dependable saves editors in Borderlands 2. That implies you have the right to transform or enhance many type of parts of your character, such as level of character, points of suffer, head, skin, credits, weapon, and so on. You can use this editor to modify files stored on your COMPUTER, Xbox 360, and PS4 at Borderlands 2. In this write-up, I’m going to present you just how to download Gibbed on your COMPUTER and some important hints on modifying Borderlands 2 to store your papers on these 3 platcreates.Note: Save records will be edited for Xbox and also PS4 on a COMPUTER still need to be exported and imported.

The Gibbed conserve editor mod selections are rather straightforward to master as lengthy as you play the game. When editing, you should be mindful not to make also many type of changes at once that have the right to impact your savings. Make bit adjustments at a time, preferably.Read Also: How to Connect PS4 to TV Without HDMI?Tip: If you have actually one character, developing 2 personalities would certainly be careful so that you might apply mods to a character and have a genuine character at the very same time. Always make a backup of your conserves prior to making any kind of changes.


Here are the main mod selections on Gibbed to enhance your character:


You have 2 sections in the General tab – save and also import. You have to save overview, conserve slot, and platdevelop under save. You have 4 choices under import – importing abilities, importing goals, importing people, and also importing statistics. These settings are fairly straightforward and allow you to import anypoint from other saved records. In the general tab, what is considerable is “Platdevelop.” Adjust this to your platcreate to edit the save documents, but it does so instantly in most instances. Select Xbox from the list below if it is for Xbox. In enhancement to PC, 360, and PS4, PSvita and NVIDIA SHIELD are sustained in the present variation of the Gibbed editor.


Two components – General and also Customization – are contained under the Character tab. In basic, you will certainly discover course, suffer level, points of endure, overpower level, general points of skill, and also specialty skills. 

Under this part, the the majority of effective alternatives to highlight are class, experience, and also points of experience. You deserve to truly readjust your character with class while maintaining the same aspects, yet I’d recommfinish leaving them as they are. Experience level is wbelow you enter your character’s wanted level (1 – 72). By clicking “sync,” you are assigned experiential points depending on the experiential level you have actually picked. Do not encompass commas once entering mod values.You will find name, head, and skin under customization. The options I would certainly recommfinish to experiment about are skin and head. Expand also the drop-downs to gain the entire list of selectable things.


Two alternatives are obtainable for each area to modify skins for a rider, technological bandit, hovercraft, and also fan watercraft in the auto tab. Expand the drop-down to watch the different items you have the right to choose. Keep in mind that you will apply modest adjustments at a time under this tab.


Under the quick take a trip tab, you have 2 sections – the latest teleporter visited, and teleporters saw. You will be given a list of teleporters under-saw teleporters. Everyone you checked out in the game has actually a checknote. You just should click on the checkbox if you want additional teleporters. If you all desire them, click at the bottom of the “Check all” alternative. Read Also: How to Turn Off Passive Mode in GTA 5 PS4?As for the last teleporter went to, this just mirrors the teleporter that was last went to in the game. For this alternative, you have the right to just pick one teleporter. Extend the download list to choose the last teleporter checked out.


As you understand, the borderland 2 financial institution permits personalities to stow and recoup equipment so that the personal inventory deserve to not be jammed and also you can shed certain stuff. Bank room complements your backfill area essentially. Under the financial institution tab, you’ll see all the write-ups and equipment in your financial institution. The conserve editor Gibbed lets you choose to stuff in the financial institution and then tweak them as you would certainly through items in your rucksack. You have the right to likewise construct a brand-new weapon or anything you desire and save it immediately in your bank. Eextremely mod option available in the backfill is also accessible under bank just if your backpack alters are stored, and adjustments made under financial institution are saved in your financial institution.

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Under the Raw tab, you have numerous choices classed as diverse that are not essential. However before, to highlight a pair, you have MaxBankSlots, ChallengeList, and also BlackMarketUpgrades. Many of them include data around points and characteristics relating to your character, which shows up to reflect no changes in your game – at least according to what I have actually skilled. It’s preferable to leave all under the raw tab.