Here’s yet an additional gem I found tucked within these pages at the The Band’s best fan site. Involvement from a Band member or two can’t guarantee a record’s gonna be a good one, yet a lot of of the time, you have the right to count on it.  Rictough Manuel and also Garth Hudkid both grace this course act recording credited respectively as “Dick Handle” and also “Campo Malaqua,” but they’re no show stealers alongside some hefty hitting session males, a fine collection of original tunes and Borderline’s down home, roaming feel.

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Sweet Dreams and Quiet Desires somehow manperiods to blfinish classical rock through the Bearsville sound, Nashville country, even as far as bluegrass – albeit more of a laid-ago and stoned grass-rock than that of the Dillards, Brummels or Goose Creek. Brothers David and Jon Gershen turn in 8 original numbers varying from swampy groovers favor David’s “Don’t Know Where I’m Going” to Jon’s strung-out, anthemic ballads “Please Help Me Forget” and also “Dragonfly.” Timeless numbers arranged by producer and also guitarist Jim Rooney (“Clinch Mountain,” “Good Womans Love,” and “Handsome Molly”) seamlessly circulation beside classical sounding nation numbers by David Gershen (“Marble Eyes,” Sweet Dreams”). In addition to the Band members, Band also producer John Simon appears on piano as well as Billy Mundi on drums and also Vassar Clements on fiddle.

Sadly, Sweet Dreams and also the ill-fated Second Album remain criminally unissued.  For now, acquire yer Borderline info/story below. This record certainly deserves as a lot acknowledgment as any kind of various other genre-forging classic nation rock record I’ve heard.

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Update:  Borderline is finally being issued, along with their never before prior to released 2nd Album, by Real Gone Music! The CD has new liners with a limited amount autographed by the band also. Scoop this edition up prior to it leaves us aacquire.

mp3: Don’t Kcurrently Wbelow I’m Goingmp3: Please Assistance Me Forget