Zelda Theory: Breath of The Wild 2 Is A Twilight Princess Sequel Breath of the Wild 2 hints at the opportunity that the title may have actually more direct connections to Twilight Princess than it does to BotW.

Legfinish of Zelda
The dark overtones of the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer has actually many type of fans illustration relationships in between the sequel and one of its precursors, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The eerie themes are not the just elements which are stirring up this concept, as the BotW 2"s trailer reveals a couple of other interesting details that might connect the game to the series" Child Timeline.

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Twilight Princess complies with the series" hero, Link, as he embarks on a search to conserve Hyascendancy from being damaged by an different measurement known as the Twilight Realm. Link should transcreate in between a wolf and Hylian form while being aided by a mysterious creature recognized as Midna. The protagonist must defeat Zant, the King of Twilight, prior to confronting Ganon and also eventually killing him. The aforementioned characters all seem to have cameos in the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer, which might mean that the upcoming title could have some parallel to Twilight Princess.

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One of the best points of comparison is the mummified corpse of what many speculate to be Ganon. The unrecognized body is wearing Geruperform style garments, which is crucial to Ganondorf"s background, as he is well-known for being the just male Gerudo to be born to the people in 100 years. Given that Ganon has actually handled a Geruperform develop in Twilight Princess, it can confidently be figured out that at the extremely least, the mummy is Ganon. In addition, the headpiece the body is wearing is virtually identical to that which Ganon is checked out via in Twilight Princess, with the the majority of significant function being the large yellow gem in the facility. The trailer likewise depicts a large gash over the mummy"s chest from which Malice cascades from. The wound is located in the precise same area that Link impaled Twilight Princess" Ganon at the finale of the game. Combining these details together renders the relations via Twilight Princess feel rather concrete.

Breath of the Wild
The trailer additionally clues at the rerevolve of the Twili, a race of beings which inhabit the Twilight Realm. The beam of blue-green power that if viewed throughout the trailer has actually really just been checked out in Twilight Princess, as the energy stems straight from the Twilight Realm. Twili are especially the just beings recognized to have actually the capacity to use this sort of magic. Given that the icons checked out in the power also carefully resemble the glyphs the Twili usage, it"s feasible the power is directly actors by someone from the Twilight Realm. Some are theorizing the individual in question might be Zant, one of the primary antagonists in Twilight Princess, specifically because the reverse synth music in the trailer resembles his original boss music. Given just how crucial the connection in between Ganon and Zant is, it"s feasible Zant plays a direct role in freeing the Demon King.

For Breath of the Wild 2 to have a connection to Twilight Princess, the 2 would have to exist in the same timeline. The Legfinish of Zelda is notorious for its facility chronology that is seemingly transforming eexceptionally few months. Nintencarry out originally declared that BotW exists at the end of all the timelines and also so it"s feasible for it to act as a convergent point. If that"s not the situation, evidence for Breath of the Wild 2 might place it somewhere along the Child Timeline, wright here it would have actually a straight lineage through Twilight Princess. Seeing as Zelda games are rarely released in chronological order, this could be a possibility.

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Given Legend of Zelda"s deeply-rooted and also complex in-game history, anything is possible, specifically considering that fans are still debating whether BotW have to exist at the end of the canon timelines. Breath of the Wild 2 may finish up leading to the creation of a fourth separate timeline altogether, through just how little we understand at this time. However before, there"s always a possibility that the upcoming sequel might relate even more to Twilight Princess than it does to the game that preyielded it.