Somepoint appears to take over your body eexceptionally time a Panic! At The Disco song comes on. It reasons eexceptionally nerve in our body to come alive as we scream about closing a damn door. So once the timemuch less P!ATD jam came on at Halsey reacted just favor the remainder of us would certainly.

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Our little bit emo hearts are so full.

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Last night noted an additional iconic Halsey Presents yearly Halloween party, an invite-only event that has actually fans on the edge of their seats waiting for Halsey to unveil her always-on-allude costumes. This year’s design template was “Villains of Gotham City”—and the night did NOT disappoint.

Time for my annual Halloween bashhhh. We carry out a template annually based roughly my fav movies. This year is Villains of Gotham City. So many type of cool installations and also surpincrease performances happening this time approximately. You men are gonna flip once u view my costume ???? Can’t wait for Friday. I LOVE HALLOWEEN. ????????????????

A short article shared by halsey (

Donning an significant Poikid Ivy costume, our Queen reproduced the iconic pink gorilla entrance to the botanical garden party percreated by the villainess in the Batguy and Robin movie.

And of course, she nailed it.

halsey recreated poiboy ivy’s entrance at the botanical party what a legend ugh

— ruby ???????? (

fav costume of all time ever. Also can’t believe we pulled off the gorilla / poiboy ivy dance from Batguy and also Robin. Oh yeah….we went there…. ???? ????:

The remarkable Alison Wonderland also did a collection at the party, and also once she dropped Panic’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” Halsey THRIVED.

awonderland also for perdeveloping and making the 3rd year legendary. Tonight is all about and also giving back so thank you everyone for your donations! Happy Halloween ????

— h (
halsey) October 27, 2018

Our girl didn’t stop tbelow either. Check out her performance of her latest track “Without Me” below!

We love legends sustaining legends, and this isn’t the initially Halsey/Panic! At The Disco minute that has actually wequipped our little bit emo hearts.

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From Brendon Urie gushing over percreating through her at Coachella to Halsey asking Brendon to describe a well known Panic! lyric, we’re LIVING for this friendship.

So when are we obtaining that collab?

Would you love to view this duo team up in the future? Sound off in the comments below!

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