Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s penultimate episode featured a touching vow regeneration, complied with by the promise of seismic readjust in the stays of Jake, Amy and Capt. Holt.

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After Holt and Kevin rejoined in the rain, gaining the complete Nancy Meyers treatment as they kissed and also consisted of, the NBC comedy jumped ahead a number of months, to after Jake’s suspension had ended. Holt and also Kevin were collection to renew their vows, and Holt had made a decision to retire from the NYPD in order to totally commit himself to his marriage. But Jake wasn’t prepared for Holt to revolve in his badge — not prior to they worked one last cool situation together.

That instance came in the develop of a last-minute undercover op to intercept O’Sullivan’s lapheight from his male cave. The union head had fudged the COMPstat numbers to tank Holt and also Amy’s NYPD recreate proposal, and Jake and Holt essential to gain their hands on O’Sullivan’s lappeak in order to correct the numbers before the proposal was presented to optimal brass — all on the afternoon of the vow renewal. It was a multi-pronged mission that hit a number of snags along the way:

Amy nearly blew Terry’s cover as a Billy Joel roadie as soon as he met through O’Sullivan, after Terry let slip to Amy that Holt was planning to retire; Jake and Holt discovered themselves locked in O’Sullivan’s basement, after Ma realized that Jake and Holt weren’t actually gas-firm employees; and Rosa’s determicountry to prove her dominance over Cheddar led the corgi to reason a scene and also reveal to Kevin that Holt and also entire squad had actually been deceiving him. But it was Kevin who ultimately conserved the day, posing alongside Rosa as a unicreated officer in order to retrieve Holt and also Jake from O’Sullivan’s basement, so Ma wouldn’t suspect a thing.

Outside the O’Sullivan house, Holt revearesulted in Kevin that he planned to retire — and Kevin was against it. He never wanted Holt to give up his career, and putting their connection initially didn’t expect he couldn’t have anything else in his life. It just supposed prioritizing Kevin over stupid, little stuff, which this reform program was absolutely not. Kevin just wimelted that Holt had told him sooner, so he could’ve helped from the begin. But prior to Holt hightailed it to One Police Plaza to hand also in the corrected COMPstat numbers, the captain insisted that he and Kevin exreadjust their vows as planned, which they read aloud prior to the entire squad.

Two weeks later, Holt held a briefing to announce to the Nine-Nine that the commissioner had apshowed his and also Amy’s police redevelop regime and would certainly be implementing it citywide. What’s even more, the commissioner had actually appointed Holt deputy commissioner of police recreate. Not wanting work to consume his life, Holt asked Amy if she’d favor to be his No. 2. With it came a well-deoffered promovement to chief… and also cue Santiago’s signature, celebratory dork dance!


The last scene witnessed Jake and also Amy at house, stating Amy’s huge promovement and also just how it would make it tough for her to be an equal parent to Mac. Jake looked right into his partner’s eyes and assured her they’d number it out, signaling that he’d take even more responsibilities on at home — but will this undertaking eventually prove to be also a lot and convince Jake to reauthorize from the NYPD, as many a fan has predicted he could carry out by series’ end? We’ll find out whenBrooklyn Nine-Nine‘s one-hour series finale airs Thursday, Sept. 16.

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